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March 31, 2022

Single Vs. Twin Bed: What's The Difference?

Mattresses come in so many different sizes and shapes, so it might not be easy to determine which right one is for you! If you are a single sleeper who loves your own space, you would want a single mattress. But if you ever went mattress shopping for a single mattress or looked for a single bed online, you must have come across "twin beds" and "single beds". Ever wondered what these terms were? If you are confused about the right option for you, read on to learn more about both these mattresses to figure out which is the perfect one for you!

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Single and Twin: The Difference

You might be surprised to learn that "single" and "twin" actually have the same bed dimensions. Single bed online and twin beds are 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. Though both these terms are mostly used interchangeably, the most popular way is to call it a twin bed. Here is how it got its name:

  • After the civil war, two-bed sizes were predominantly manufactured, namely the double (full) and the single (twin).
  • However, the term "twin" got into the picture when hotels used to combine two single beds to make one big double bed when required. You might have noticed this when looking for a double bed online.
  • However, the double bed is not two times wider than the single bed online; they are only 16 inches wider though this is a popular misconception.
  • Over time, people started using more logical terms like "full" and "twin". Here, single mattresses are called "twin" while "double" is referred to as full.


The dimension of a single mattress for a single bed online is 38 inches by 75 inches (2850 square inches). If you want something wider and a bit longer, you could always look for twin XL mattresses with dimensions 38 inches by 80 inches. You can put them together to form a standard king-size bed when you have two twin XL mattresses.

Who should have a single bed?

People usually shop for single bed online or in-store for placing them in the children's room. They are also used in hotels, especially in rooms made to accommodate three people. Moreover, single mattresses can be a great option for smaller guest rooms, where you do not have the space or the budget to include a larger bed.

Who should have a twin bed?

Twin beds are usually created as a pair, and the place where they are used the most is in hotels. Hotels use two twin beds to combine them into a double bed when required instead of a regular king-sized bed. This way, they have the flexibility to separate the beds to accommodate two single customers and combine them for customers that come as a couple. Twin mattresses can also be used at home in the children's bedroom shared by siblings.

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How to choose mattress sizes?

No matter where you plan on getting the mattress from, either a single bed online or a double bed in store, a few factors you need to consider before picking one are:

1. Your height

One of the first things you need to know before picking a single or a double bed online is to check whether your mattress length can accommodate your weight. Twin mattresses are only 75 inches long, meaning that tall sleepers would want to go for something with more length, like the Twin XL, since these are 5 inches longer. In general, twin mattresses are perfect for under 6 feet, while twin XL mattresses are usually perfect for most sleeper heights.

However, do not forget to consider the length of the pillow and where your head normally rests because, after all, you would not want your feet to hang off at the end after you purchase your single bed online.

2. Cost

If budget is one thing you are concerned about when picking a single or double bed online, you might want to go for single mattresses since these are one of the most affordable mattress options. Twin XL is also another affordable option, but these cost a bit more than the single mattress since they are longer.

3. Room size

If your room required to accommodate your bed has limited dimensions, you might want to go for a normal twin bed. These are usually perfect for rooms as small as 7 feet by 9 feet. These beds would also be the perfect option for other furniture rooms like desks, dressers, or a bedside table. However, remember that when you choose a single bed online, everything is relative because some people with smaller rooms still prefer larger double bed online that touches three walls. It all depends on your comfort, and you need to choose your cosiest option!

4. Thickness

Most single and double bed online range in thickness between 9 inches and 12 inches. Remember that having a very thick mattress might not always be the best option since you might struggle to find bed sheets that fit those dimensions.

5. Composition

Another important factor is the materials the mattress is made out of. If you require a softer feel, you should look for the memory foam mattress but if you want something firm, then choose the traditional innerspring single bed online!

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To Conclude

There is no difference between a single and a twin mattress, though both are used to serve different purposes. Therefore, pick a mattress that suits your purpose and find the perfect one now on Nilkamal!

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