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September 21, 2021

Smart Ways to Arrange Your Furniture No One Ever Told You About

Whether you have an empty living room to arrange or one that you want to rearrange, how to arrange living room furniture is a factor that’s more important than the furniture itself. Everyone knows they need a sofa, center table, chairs, side tables, etc. But few know how to arrange them in a manner that enhances their living room. So here are tips for your to arrange your furniture in the most stylish way.

Find that key focal point in the room

It always helps to have a focal point in your living room. What’s that? In simple terms, it’s the spot around which activity will revolve in your living room. This means your furniture arrangement will be around this point. This focal point could be your center table around which you could arrange your sofa and chairs.

How does it help to have a focal point? It answers your questions about how to arrange a room. It will help you bring balance in the room. Your focal point doesn’t have to be at the center of the room, it can be one side of the room, too.


Key features:

  • Made of kiln dried solid wood frame.
  • Fabric upholstery on back and seat.
  • Elastic webbing and S springs on back frame and in seat base for comfort.

Avoid placing furniture against walls

When you’re looking for wooden furniture designs for the living room, look for pieces that don’t compulsorily have to be placed against the wall. For example, keep some breathing space between the wall and the sofa depending on the size of the room. This will make your room look larger.

If you’re buying a console table or a bookshelf, look for designs that can be placed independently and do not have to lean on walls. This also gives you the opportunity to keep your furniture arrangement dynamic -- one you can keep changing.

Create separate areas for different activities

Here, an area for conversation, there, a cozy spot to watch television, there, a spot for reading. If you have space, create different areas for different activities. Your sofa and center table can be a conservation area when guests visit. The book shelf and a chair next to it can be your reading spot. Similarly, a couch in front of the television can be the place where you watch television and only do that. This is a key factor for living room furniture arrangement.

Balance out the living room furniture arrangement

Imagine if you scattered your furniture pieces all over the room? There won’t be any breathing space. It will look cluttered. And most importantly, it will not look neat. There are many factors that you have to take into consideration when you think of balance.

From furniture designs for the living room to the color of the furniture to the size and style. Try to club furniture of the same style, and color theme together. Avoid arranging all your large furniture pieces together. Punctuate heavy pieces with smaller additions.

Enhance the floor of the living room

Don’t put all your focus on the walls and the furniture. Think about the floor as well. We mean choose the right kind of rug. The right kind of rug would be of the right size and the right pattern, color, style. For example, if you have the latest home furniture designs, don’t try to club it with an antique rug. Instead, look for a stylish, modern rug that goes with the look and feel of the furniture.

Arrange the table close to the seating area

Make sure your center table, coffee table and side tables are at an arm’s length away. It’s pointless if your tables are placed far away and you have to get up every time you want to have finger food or to grab your cup of tea.

Avoid arranging your tables in such a way that it forces people to move around and creates unnecessary traffic. There’s another key point -- the height and size of your tables should match your seating arrangement so that it’s comfortable and easy.


Key features:

  • Made of 15 mm thick particleboard with PU finish.
  • 3 shelf available
  • Can be used in homes, offices etc.

Light up your space according to your furniture arrangement

One element that is forgotten by most people is the lighting of your living room. Make sure you choose the right kind of light and a variety of brightness so that you can use them as and when needed. For example, have yellow warm lights, but also at least one white light.

The placement of lights should be in areas where your activities are taking place. Such as the reading spot, the conversation area, the television spot, etc. If you fix lights randomly without any purpose, it can ruin the vibe of your living room

Arrange tables of the right size

When you’re looking for different tables for your living room arrangement, one big center table is a must. But again, this depends on the designs you choose and how you arrange the living room furniture. A big table is easy to access from around it as well as can be used to place more things.

However, never underestimate the use of small tables. Make sure you have a small table next to wherever there’s a chair or a sofa. Since they’re small, they’re portable and can be placed in different spots whenever you need them.

Wrap up

The way you arrange furniture in your living room can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of your living room. The next time you’re buying new furniture or rearranging your living room, keep these tips in mind.

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