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November 11, 2022

Tips to Choose the Perfect Mattress This Winter Season

Another name for winter is the "sleepy season," when nobody wants to work. Winters are all about eating hot, freshly prepared meals and getting sun on those bright afternoons. But have you ever questioned why you have such fatigue in the winter? This is because shorter days resulted in reduced solar exposure and increased melatonin release, which makes your brain drowsy and sleepy.

However, the  best mattress for winter is necessary for toasty, comfortable sleep that is both stress-free and enjoyable. Winter has arrived, which means more time to be lazy and sleep. You want nothing more than lay down on your cosy  winter mattress and sleep all day and all night.

Purchase a Top-Rated Mattress for Winter

For all of its customers, Nilkamal strives to create the nicest and most comfortable  mattresses so that you will long to return to that bed whenever you have spare time. The ideal sleeping surface has always been memory foam, particularly in the winter.

Smart Profile Foam Mattress

It is among the best solutions for a cosy wintertime nap. After a hard day of labour,  spinal health technology of these mattress provides you with complete comfort and soothes your body. Make use of the following advantages while resting in this modest residence.

Temperature Control: The mattress is suitable for both summer and winter because it offers a temperature control option. The side of the mattress made of smart profile foam keeps the mattress warm in the winter and enables restful sleep without wearing too much clothing.

A good night's sleep comes with a toasty bottom.

Pressure Point Relief: Since you'll be in bed most of the day, the foam and mattress must relieve pressure points and keep your body at ease.

Hypoallergenic: Given the weather outside, there is a high risk of contracting COVID-19 and pollution-related illnesses. This is why it's so important that there are no microbes in your bedroom. A  winter mattressthat would prevent respiratory problems would be the greatest choice, as you can easily catch a cold or cough.

Premium Quality Foam: Because the fabric and foam are chemical-free, there won't be any problems with the mattress off-gassing, which would make it uneven and unsuitable for sleep.

Premium Quality Foam: Because the fabric and foam are chemical-free, there won't be any problems with the mattress off-gassing, which would make it uneven and unsuitable for sleep.

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Mattress Made of Orthopaedic Memory Foam

An  orthopaedic mattressis one of the greatest and safest solutions for year-round comfort and to prevent spinal problems for your body. The following advantages of orthopaedic mattresses are sure to give you a restful and stress-free night's sleep:

Motion Isolation: You won't be bothered by your companion and may enjoy these long winter naps without being concerned about jerks and pushes. With your lover by your side, you can sleep soundly without being bothered by his tossing and turning.

Perfect alignment of the backbone: Together with the high-performance design, the imported HR foam offers powerful back and posture support. According to the proper spinal alignment, the foam adjusts. It provides the body with the best support and pushes for restful sleep.

Back Support: Ortho mattresses are designed to support your body from all angles at doctors' advice. You may now sleep in the position you choose without worrying about waking up in the morning with a physical ache that compels you to spend the entire day stretching those muscles. Orthopaedic mattresses are generally firmer than regular mattresses, and a firm mattress will better support your spine. Your midsection can sink into a soft mattress if the mattress isn't strong enough, which can cause your spine to hunch incorrectly. Back pain can frequently result from this circumstance.

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Maximum support:The orthopaedic mattress' hard surface will give your spine the best possible push-back for the most comfortable sleeping position. This will lessen the bothersome tossing and turning, and you'll feel rested when you wake up. An orthopaedic mattress of high quality distributes your body weight uniformly, preventing pressure points from developing, especially in your neck, hips, and back.

Furthermore, you may coordinate your orthopaedic  foam mattresswith your closets and other furniture thanks to the outstanding design possibilities for  queen size beds and  king size beds.

Explore our selection of orthopaedic mattresses online, which includes king size and queen size alternatives for you to pick from. In addition, you can choose an orthopaedic coir mattress, an orthopaedic  foam mattress, an orthopaedic medium-firm mattress, an orthopaedic reversible mattress, or an orthopaedic memory  foam mattress, depending on your needs. 

Your workday will be ruined if you sleep on a bad mattress, and you won't be able to enjoy the winter. Enjoy the season by shopping for the most excellent mattresses at Nilkamal.

If you're looking for the greatest  mattress for  winter, check out the many online  spring mattress and other mattresses options available here in  Nilkamal.


When you set your room's temperature to ambient, good mattresses like  spring mattress will also adjust to the temperature, so sleeping peacefully in a temperature-controlled setting should be easy enough. However, you require a mattress that does not increase the heat or cold in your room when you cannot manage the temperature.It could be challenging to fall asleep when facing too chilly cold at night. Your daily life may eventually be affected by your lack of sleep. Understanding how the materials mentioned above interact with your body will help you choose the  best mattress for winter and your body type.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy mattress online today.
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