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August 17, 2022

Tips To Style Your Bedside Table

A  bedside table  is a necessary furniture in any bedroom, but its appearance is frequently disregarded. However, every piece of furniture contributes to the overall design of a space, so it's crucial to pick a bedside cabinet that enhances the bedroom's concept.

Read on to see how the pros style their bedside cabinets and how you can apply their techniques to your redesigns, whether you're looking for design inspiration or want to learn more about how top designers put the final touches on their work.

Styling Bedside Tables

  1. Expand your palette of colours

The  bedside cabinets  you select should, of course, match the design and colour scheme of the room, but don't stop there. Your chosen colour scheme should continue in the items you employ to decorate your table.

There's no denying that functionality plays a crucial role in table design, but versatility and usefulness don't have to sacrifice elegance. Choose a bedside lamp, for instance, that incorporates materials in other room elements if you want to illuminate the space. Similarly, pick colours represented in different pieces to create a tranquil, harmonious space. Add this type of table to your bedroom with colourful options to choose from. 

  1. Incorporate height

Instead of the flat and uninteresting appearance that a single height line delivers, using variable heights results in a dynamic and fascinating design. 

If you don't have enough room for multiple  bedside tables,  there are other methods you may use to change the proportions and maximise the impact of your  side table of bed  by using different heights. To include three distinct heights without overwhelming the room, try adding a tall, stylish bedside table lamp, a smaller vase, a little alarm clock, or a bedside tray.

  1. Include your style

The last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning can be your nightstand cabinet. Due to this, the items you put on your table at the side of the bed can encourage a good night's sleep and influence how you feel the next day. One way to ensure your bedside décor has a positive effect is to add a personal touch.

A mid-sized addition to your  side table of bed  can be suitable for cherished photos or pieces of art, while a valet tray is an appropriate spot to store favourite objects like jewellery or trinkets. Alternately, place a quality candle with your preferred smell on your nightstand or a vase filled with your favourite flowers. All these features can be improved by selecting frames, materials, and colours that go well with your interior design while giving your  bedroom décor  a distinctive and individual touch.

  1. Keep Things Basic

Less is more when it comes to dressing your nightstands. A bedside cabinet may entice you to over-style it, especially if you wish to make it more useful. But cramming the area can undermine your well-designed design.

Choose a cabinet that offers additional storage while keeping goods hidden and out of sight if you have a propensity for piling your bedside cabinet with books, phones, headphones, or other accessories. Doing this allows you to have the room and utility you require without sacrificing the aesthetic. You can prioritise beautiful items on the top of your  cabinet,  and the extra space you need is provided by hidden storage.

  1. Employ Modest Symmetry

Aiming for precise symmetry might be unrealistic, but styling two cabinets in the same manner and positioning them on either side of the bed might look stunning. Instead, while arranging bedside cabinets, pay attention to modest harmony. For instance, employing the same materials to enhance each cabinet assures that features complement one another and other items in the room while matching accents or colours accomplish a unified style.

  1. Add depth

It's unnecessary to place a bedside cabinet up against a wall, and moving it away from the wall and adding depth with extra features might make a striking impression. If you choose a  bedside table  without additional storage, you can make the room look larger by, for instance, placing paintings directly behind the  table.

A large piece that frames the table and its contents serves a dual purpose by enhancing the depth and height of your interior design. This can be a fantastic method to generate a custom design that is subtle but striking when the colour schemes are complementary.

Alternatively, pick pieces with various textures and finishes to add extra depth. Using different textures to provide deep and impact to the design, a metallic bowl placed next to a stone, or ceramic lamp produces a stunning appearance.

Read tips to choose the perfect dining table.

  1. Make the area softer

There are other variations besides square or rectangular bedside cabinets, which consumers frequently choose. Selecting a cabinet with curved legs or a round structure gives the room a unique depth and a softer feel. Although  bedroom furniture  is often angular, this is one space where it is simple to include various shapes and designs.


Your bedside cabinets can complete the appearance of your room with the proper styling, but you shouldn't ignore the difficulties this space may present. Bedside tables must blend form and function to effectively serve their purpose and improve your décor because they are frequently placed in tiny areas.

This means you should be as innovative and imaginative as you can while decorating your bedside cabinets. By doing this, you can ensure that your bedside tables are the room's focal point and add the bedroom's final design touches. Buying a piece of elegant furniture for your bedroom has never been easier, and you can now do it from the comfort of your home. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  and get access to an entire collection of all types of furniture at the tip of your fingers.
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