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November 14, 2021

Unique Furniture Solutions To Decorate Small Apartments

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Living in a space-crunched city? Have a small house? And wonder what kind of furniture to get to maximize its use in a small space? We’ll help you out with tips that you no one ever gave you before.

Get furniture with hidden secrets

Here, a sofa that turns into a bed by the night. There, a coffee table that conceals stools under it. When you’re looking for furniture for small spaces, look for furniture that’s compact and yet multi-purpose. Some ideas:

  • Sofa cum bed
  • Bunk bed for the kids room
  • Bed with storage
  • Coffee table with stools underneath
  • Center tables with storage

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A smart way to create extra space is by choosing a bed with storage, like this one. It provides ample space in compartmentalized storage. And the best thing - it’s hidden.

Have wall furniture

If you have a small space, you might find it difficult to have a lot of furniture on the floor. But so what, you have walls! Some furniture ideas that can make good use of your bare walls:

  • A wall-mounted book shelves
  • Wall-mounted crockery shelf
  • Wall-mounted foldable work desk, computer table
  • Foldable dining table attached to the wall

Versatile, multi-purpose furniture

When you have less space to place furniture, think smartly. Can you buy furniture that is multi-purpose? Yes, you can. Here are ideas:

  • A dining table that can double up as work desk
  • A night stand that can be used as a coffee table in the living room
  • A book shelf that has closed cabinets that can be used for storage
  • Ottoman that can be used to both sit on and as a small table
  • A folding sofa cum bed
  • A recliner sofa that can open up as a relaxing chair

Folding furniture

There’s some furniture that we don’t use on a daily basis and use only for certain purposes. For example, extra chairs or benches are used only when we have guests over. If you have a small house and still want to buy extra furniture, it’s best to go for foldable furniture. Some ideas.

  • Foldable chairs
  • Foldable dining table
  • Foldable bench
  • Foldable bed

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A smart way to turn your study table versatile is by going for a folding table such as this folding metal table. Take it any place in the house when you need it.

Tips arrange furniture in small houses

Above, we discussed the different kinds of furniture that you should invest in for small houses. Now, let’s look at some smart tips to maximize the space you have.

Define separate spaces

This may seem ironic to you. You might be wondering - how can you create separate spaces in a place that’s already space-crunched? But you can. If you don’t, you might end up with a house that looks claustrophobic and messy.

Some ways to define spaces within a small space: Place a bookshelf in between your dining area and living room. If you have an open kitchen, place a display rack or crockery rack in between. Use plants and pots to delineate spaces.

Make use of unused spaces

There are many spaces in the house that don’t get used. For example, the back of the doors, the space under staircases, top of cupboards, etc. You can make use of these spaces in many ways. You can use it to store extra furniture such as storage cabinets. Create display units with glass doors in these spaces. Place small bookshelves or side tables like night stands. How you’ll make use of the unique unused spaces in your tiny house depends on your creativity and intelligence.

Go vertical

Having less space in the house means having less floor space. But you have your walls. So go vertical when planning your furniture. Instead of a broad, horizontal TV unit or bookshelf, go for one that’s vertical. That way it’ll occupy less space. Another way to make use of vertical space is to place one shelf over the other, and you have a vertical storage space.

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Here’s a small, compact, vertical bookshelf that can fit snugly into any small corner. Place one over the other to create extra display and storage space. It’s solid wood frame keeps it strong.

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