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April 11, 2022

How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home

Every home is incomplete without a dining table. Choosing the right dining table mostly depends on the aesthetic of your residence and the number of members living at the residence. The Dining Table set is a brilliant choice in all aspects because you get 4 or more dining chairs along with the dining table. You have numerous choices to choose from as well; explore the Dining Table Collection at Nilkamal Furniture.

By reading this article, you can easily decide on choosing the right dining table for your place. Dining tables differ based on comfort, design, material, and rate mostly. You can choose what’s best for you and which ticks all your priorities.

Why are dining rooms really important for every household? First and foremost, the dining room is where every family gets to speak their hearts out, laugh, and most importantly, bond. Dining tables make up the dining rooms. Dining tables serve a great function for eating meals, placing cutlery, and improving the house’s impression. Now let’s look into choosing the perfect dining table for you!

According to Space

Dining Table Sets must always be chosen based on how much space the dining table would occupy. It is advised to always measure the length of the space you allocated for your dining table and then choose a fancy dining table accordingly.

Always make sure that there is ample space between the dining chairs and dining table and also space for walking even when the chairs are pulled out.

According to Material

Choosing a dining table by the material is one of the most important factors as it tends to improve the look and comfort of the dining table. All Dining Furniture Sets bought from the same material would help to match the aesthetic. For a more durable, strong, and neat finish Dining Table, wood would be the best option. There are many finishes in wood for you to choose from, like walnut finish, honey finish, etc. Check out Wood Dining Tables at Nilkamal Furniture.

As for people who prefer looks more than anything else, clear glass tops are such a smart choice. For a vintage touch and rigid tables, marble top dining tables are the best. They are sure to match any home due to their classy looks and durability.

According to Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity should always be looked into keenly before purchasing a dining table. There are different types of Dining tables based on seaters, such as Dining Table 4 Seater or Dining Table 6 Seater. There are even Dining Table 2 Seater for small families and Dining Table 8 Seater for large families.

You can opt for the dining table based on the number of members in the household. We would recommend you to go for a slightly more seating capacity table for more space. As in if you’re looking for a 4-Seater, 6-Seater would be more spacious.

According to Shape

Bored of looking at only rectangular Dining Furniture Sets? No worries. These days dining table designs are not just rectangular but are available in various shapes. They come in square or round.

Square dining tables are an enjoyable solution for a few people in a household, as large rectangular dining tables may make the place seem cold.

Round dining tables can fit anywhere due to their symmetry and look modish. Since it’s round, it does not have any corners, making the place more spacious, and round dining tables encourage people to talk to each other better.

According to Color

It is always better to go for dining tables in contrast to the colour of your dining room to match your aesthetic. There is a wide range of colour options available for dining tables, but if you are looking for a dining table to match anywhere, we would recommend you to go for beige or brown.

Beige is a versatile neutral colour. It feels more modish and very inviting. Beige dining tables can work in any space and still match your aesthetic.

Brown is the perfect mid-colour of black and white. It’s neither too dark nor too light. Its natural hue is visually pleasing to the eye and would go with any neutral-coloured dining room.

According to Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are of chief importance when it comes to dining tables. They must be comfortable for anyone to sit and have a meal at the dining table. In short, without the comfort of dining chairs, the tables would be of no use or enjoyable.

Whenever you go for a dining set, make sure to check the comfort of the dining chairs that come along with it. For example, for a Dining Table 4-Seater, make sure all the 4 seaters that come along with the table are cosy and comfortable for you.


To conclude, dining tables are the key to a lively home, and you should purchase one for your residence. Different dining tables are available in the market to match your comfort, space, and shape, but in the end, all dining tables serve the same function of being the inanimate things that bring us joy by spending more intimate time with our loved ones. We hope we have helped you to choose the right dining table for you. You can always visit Nilkamal Furniture’s online platform to buy your desired type of dining table.

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