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June 20, 2022

The sudden upsurge of the global pandemic forced us to confine ourselves indoors, facilitating work from home. Although the situation seems to be in control, companies and businesses are still anxious about restarting the in-office career and focusing on remote work facilities. Since you have to regularly operate from home, sitting in front of the laptop for hours might degrade your productivity and quality of work. Therefore you must have the right office set up and ambience at home to ensure uninterrupted quality work. This article will help you find the ideal  WFH furniture  that will be comfortable and the right fit for you. You can  explore  @Nilkamal furniture  to get other furniture.

Why Should You Invest in Work From Home Furniture?

Working from home comes in with its unique pros and cons. You save a lot of time as you don't spend your precious hours commuting. You can also work on your schedule. But the main pitfall of working from home is no specific time boundation between the office and duty hours, leading to further physical and mental burnout. Studies show the working hours have increased by 3 hours in the remote work arrangement.

Physical exhaustion is caused by these longer work hours in front of the computer in improper posture without necessary neck and back support. You can avoid further physical burnout, and investing in high-quality  work from home office chairs  and other furniture is advisable. We can work efficiently only when we are comfortable and happy. Find yourself the perfect  work-from-home furniture  that will provide enough support to your spine and back while ensuring comfort for long hours.

There are a few reasons why WFH furniture is necessary-

  • Work from home furniture is customisable and adjustable according to an individual's height and weight.
  • Work from home tables, chairs and other furniture are available in adjustable height, backrest, upholstery, armrest, seat size and head support.
  • Ergonomic furniture mitigates health issues relating to improper posture by providing necessary support for the spine.

These features are useful to make your WFH experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Work From Home Furniture

Follow these guidelines while investing in the perfectly functional furniture-

  1. Your Furniture Should Match up to the Nature of Your Work: Make a list of your daily activities and duties and identify what you spend most of your time doing. Suppose you are heavily investing in dealing with paperwork. In that case, you should consider having adjustable desks that offer huge  storage space  and cabinets along with drawers and shelves that will help you perfectly organise your essentials.

  2. Decide On The Area Of Your Workspace: Before choosing a piece of furniture, you should decide the dimensions of your furniture according to the space availability. For example, if you are turning your bedroom into a workspace, you will have the advantage of space and multiple options to decorate your workspace. However, turning a small space into your workspace might have to settle for a small adjustable  table  and foldable chair. It will be best to invest in wall-mounted storage space and tables in case of space constraints.

  3. Invest In Your Comfort: While buying chairs, ensure the chair comes with a tilted backrest, adjustable height, neck support and armrests. Upholstered  WFH office chairs  have a cushioned layer for long sitting hours. It will ensure that you do not end up with serious physical injuries on your neck, shoulders and spine while working from home for an extensive duration.

  4. Stick To Your Budget: If you are starting from scratch, it will be best to spend your allocated funds on ergonomic chairs, tables and desks. Do not overspend on your first attempt. Get used to the new atmosphere and decide upon the necessary things such as storage, organisation and decor of the workspace.  Buy  from several affordable quality pieces of furniture available on  Nilkamal.

  5. Focus On Lighting: Give your home office the perfect ambience with aesthetically pleasing lighting to complement the main lighting. It will uplift your mood and increase your productivity.

  6. Never Compromise With Quality: Choosing quality material is important to ensure lifelong comfort. Choose  WFH chairs  or tables which are durable. Invest in sturdy  wooden furniture  which can stand yearlong wear and tear. Do not choose heat absorbent flashy fabrics; go for muted tones and soft, breathable, cosy materials.

  7. Decorate According To Your Styling Preferences: Choose to focus on the vibe that best represents your style. You can give your workspace a minimalist approach by choosing streamlined forms and geometric shapes. If you are fond of vintage styles, go for  wooden furniture  band elegant lamps. You can satisfy your contemporary vibe with furniture representing both vintage and modern styles. Go for marble top tables, polished metals or glass furniture to give your workspace a classy contemporary look.

The ergonomically designed furniture for the office boosts productivity while providing necessary arm and back support to reduce strain. The perfect  WFH office chairs  control the long-term effects on physical health due to imperfect postures. A comfy executive office chair with a backrest can save you from backaches. You can pair them with office tables with a storage facility and an organising  drawer from Nilkamal.  You can choose to buy a steel almirah if you have enough space to decorate your workspace at home. You can also select wheeled chairs to move around and multitask. 


As with technological advancements, people work on computers for longer, so adjustable chairs have become necessary to manage your physical health. Although reducing screen time might not be possible, you can enjoy your working hours with added comfort and ease.  Check out  all  WFH furniture by Nilkamal  to find the perfect match for you!

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