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June 21, 2022

Know Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress And Choose The Best One.

Although with emerging technologies, the popularity of  foam mattresses  has risen, many prefer spring mattresses over foam ones. Before the introduction of foam mattresses, the  spring mattress  is considered to provide the best support and bounce, catering to the need for a comfortable sleeping experience. But since memory foam mattresses are crafted with advanced technology, the popularity of traditional pocket spring mattresses has dipped a bit. Let us check out the differences between spring and foam mattresses to understand which one will be the best fit for you.

Qualities of Memory Foam Mattress

An ideal slumber heavily depends upon the quality of a mattress. A  foam mattress  moulds according to the position and shape of the body and ensures sufficient cushioning to the spine, neck and back.  Explore  a wide range of  foam mattresses by Nilkamal  according to your preference. You can find a variety of foam mattresses, including  double bed foam mattresses,  king-size memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, queen memory foam mattresses, medium soft foam mattresses, medium-firm foam mattresses and reversible foam mattresses. 

Memory foam mattresses eliminate joint aches and back pain. Whether a foam mattress, memory foam mattress or latex mattress, all are resilient and super comfy. Different properties of foam mattresses are:

  1. Body-hugging Comfort: Foam instantly reacts to the body weight or shape due to its sensitive and resilient nature. The body-conforming property sets it apart from other mattresses.
  2. Absorbs Impact: Foam mattresses absorb impact from each body movement, making tossing and turning easier. Moreover, if you share the bed with another partner, the other person's movement will not impact your sleep. 
  3. Heat Absorbent: Some foam mattresses come in a cooling layer which controls the temperature by absorbing heat around your body and provides a cooling effect for a restful sleep.
  4. Less Back Pain: The foam mattress provides a neutral spine alignment to support maintaining a comfortable position. In the long run, these mattresses can reduce chronic neck pain and back pain. 
  5. Allergy Resistant: Polyurethane foam is allergy resistant as it repels moulds, mildew, pet dander and dust mites. 
  6. Good Pressure Relief : Since memory foam mattresses are designed to disperse body weight uniformly, there is no chance of feeling pressure on knees, shoulders, hips and back pressure points.

Check out  the wide range of  memory foam mattresses  available  @Nilkamal Furniture  to find the right fit for you. 

Qualities Of Spring Mattress

Spring mattress  provides great support as they evenly distribute body weight and the open construction of the spring allows air circulation. The multiple layers of plush material ensure quality comfort. Spring mattresses can vary from  double bed spring mattresses,  pocket spring mattresses, Bonnell spring mattresses, and soft spring mattresses to reversible mattresses, spring mattresses king size and spring mattresses queen size. Following are some specific benefits of a Spring mattress.

  1. Budget-friendly: Spring mattresses are cost-effective and budget-friendly. You can be assured of comfort even if you have a small budget.
  2. Improved Circulation: Due to sufficient spacing between coils, Spring mattresses allow needful ventilation providing you with a cooling effect.
  3. Bouncy: Spring mattresses are comfortably bouncy and ensure restful sleep.
  4. Consumer-friendly: Spring mattresses are more familiar to consumers for their market presence, and therefore many consumers prefer to choose spring mattresses over any new technology.
  5. Durability : Spring mattresses are more durable than any other mattresses due to their metal construction, providing the same quality of comfort for years.

Check out  the wide variety of  Spring mattresses  from the house of Nilkamal before zeroing in on any particular bed.

Pocket Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress

This comparison will give you an understanding of why memory foam mattresses are replacing traditional spring mattresses.

The material used in both mattresses is quite different. Memory foam is constructed from synthetic material using polyurethane. The viscoelastic property makes it possible to mould according to body weight and shape, ensuring pressure relief features. The foam utilizes the body temperature and distributes it to provide a cooling effect. This nature also softens the foam and evenly distributes body weight on the surface. The foam alleviates pressure points such as the neck, spine, knees and shoulders by conforming to the shape of the consumer. Memory foam mattresses provide lumbar support and support in natural spine alignment.

The foundation of Spring mattresses is metal coils and springs to provide support. The bed is supported by foam surrounding the metal coils acting as a support layer. There is another bedding layer, so the sleeper does not feel the spring underneath. The comfort level depends upon the layered bedding, the mattress's structure, and how it is placed and connected with the coils.

Choosing between  spring mattresses  and  foam mattresses  is customer-specific. If you have serious physical health problems regarding backache or neck pains, or knee injuries, you should go for an orthopaedic memory foam mattress. Orthopaedic mattresses have advanced support technology, making your shoulders sink in while the hips are elevated. Thus there will be no unnatural bend if you lie down. It comes in smart technology to provide softer support in the upper body and firm support around the lumbar region, providing a solution to back pain. If you prefer a firm and plush mattress, go for normal memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are made of latex, providing better air circulation and absorbing heat while enhancing the cooling effect. Since latex mattresses adapt to various weights, they almost offer high-quality customized comfort while sleeping. If you are fond of comfort with bounce, you should definitely try spring mattresses. It will give you a luxurious sleeping experience and life-long durability without any squeaky discomfort.


The spring mattress vs foam mattress debate is customer-specific. The comfort level heavily depends upon the weight and height of the sleeper, the type of sleeping, if the customer prefers softness or firmness and so on. No matter what you choose,  buy  Nilkamal mattresses  that will always provide you with the best support and longevity.

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