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April 04, 2022

Vastu Furniture Tips for Peaceful Home

We are abided by science from the food we eat to the way we lead our life. All our basic necessities, as well as luxuries, are formed by following the rules of science. The house you live in should not be left out. After all, your safety and security are concerned with the architecture of your residence. It can be as simple as installing your sofa furniture or as complicated as the construction of your house. You should be well aware of the science surrounding architecture to be content with a home that exceeds every criterion of living.

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What are some Vastu Furniture tips?

Upholding the science of architecture while setting up the furniture in your room is not only important but should be considered a necessity. The purpose of each room is different. You utilize the dining room furniture to make your food, while a bedroom fulfills the purpose of sleeping. Since the function of every room is different, it is important to have a customized set of rules for each one based on the ideals of Vastu Shastra.

For the living room

The living room can be considered the principal area in your house, and that is because it is a place where you do most of the living. In other words, a family spends their primary time within the confines of a living room. They can engage in fun activities or even do their homework or any official work. Since it is the primary room in the house, it is important that the area where you sit in a living room remains bright. Thus, your seating arrangement should be well taken care of.

The sofa furniture should preferably face the east direction, which is the source of the maximum amount of natural light.

Further, if there is any entertainment unit in the room, such as a television box, or screen, then it should be kept in the southeast section of the room.

For the bedroom

A bedroom must ensure good rest and guarantee peaceful sleep. In that case, you must make sure to follow the rules of Vastu. It never occurred to us why we should sleep with our feet in the direction of North or East, but Vastu clarifies that they are the best sleeping positions. It is very normal to have some furniture in the bedroom, but if they are heavily built, they must be kept in the South, South-west, or West corner of the room.

If you have bought lounge chairs online, they must be kept in an area in the room so that they do not hinder your usual pace around the room. Heavy furniture also includes your bed that can provide the best comfort and peace if it is positioned in the South or West direction.

The furniture in the bedroom should preferably be wooden because metal ones often create negative energy, which is obviously harmful.

People often mistake the placement of the dressing table for which the ideal place is a side that does not reflect your area of sleeping. Buy the best quality of furniture that is appropriate for any room of your house from Nilkamal Furniture, and be sure to be blown away.

For your kitchen space

Having a kitchen that is stained with spills is not only very unattractive to the eye but is also very unhygienic. It is impossible to get your food from a source that is so filthy and not well maintained. In that case, it is extremely important to keep your kitchen spick and span.

Moreover, it will be convenient for you to operate in your kitchen if it is spacious. This can be ensured by choosing a modular design for its construction. This results in sections that enable the accommodation of a wider quantity of materials leaving free space for you.

It is necessary that the furniture does not block the source of light because natural light will ensure that the kitchen remains hygienic and germ-free. Vastu also states that the furniture of the kitchen should be installed on or along the South or West wall. Thus, the construction of a window should be on a different wall.

For the dining room

The room has not been named as such without serving its actual purpose. You must not face any inconvenience, nor should your guests while eating in a dining room. Thus, you must set up the dining room furniture in such a way so that you get the best results and never have to compromise on your comfort. The dining table should be placed against a wall in such a way that you eat your food while facing the East or North direction.

Moreover, an entertainment unit should be avoided in a dining area because it will take away your attention from the food. You can buy some lounge chairs online for your dining space in case you are visited by more guests than usual.


Vastu Shastra does not guarantee the best results even after following all the above-mentioned tips. That is because gaining positive energy lies in your way of living, which needs to be disciplined, organized, and neat and tidy.

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