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July 20, 2021

Want To Give A Makeover To Your Bedroom? Here’s Your Ultimate Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

After a long day at work, what do you most long for? Let us guess - a good dinner, relaxing on your rocking chair, or a good night’s sleep in your bedroom. Speaking of bedrooms, if you’re looking to give a makeover to your bedroom, there are a lot of factors to consider. Let’s look at some tips and ways in which you can make sure you have a perfect bedroom for your sleep needs.

Wondering how you can make your dining room look better? Or how you could decorate your dining room table? We’ll tell you all that so you can dine in style right at home!

Plan your bedroom set up

If you’re looking to buy new furniture for your bedroom or to change your bedroom furniture, you should first plan the set up of your bedroom. Imagine what all you want and need in your bedroom. You definitely need a bed. But you need to decide whether you need a single bed, a double bed, a king size bed or a queen size bed.

Next, you’ll need a dresser and wardrobes. Do you need a small study table or a rocking chair inside your bedroom? How about a night stand in your bedroom? You can make a note of bedroom furniture ideas that you like depending on the size of your bedroom and the space available.

However, the one aspect to keep in mind is the bedroom furniture price list. If you are on a budget, you’d better plan how much you’re going to spend on which furniture piece.

Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut)



Key features:

● Made of Particle Board

● Box storage in the bed.

● Headboard storage for keeping small things

Choose your bed

Once you’re done with your bedroom furniture ideas, get started with the bed - a key element in every bedroom. You have to make sure you make a good choice. Now, you’ll find many options online - single bed, double bed, queen size, king size bed, corner sofa bed, etc.

Size: The right size will depend on two things - your space needs and your bedroom size. Do you want to spread out or do you have kids and pets that’ll sleep on the same bed? If yes, go for a king size bed or a queen size bed depending on the space in your room. If not, go for a single bed. If it’s a kids’ room - a bunk bed would be perfect.

Material:You’ll find beds made of different materials - MDF, steel, engineered wood, solid wood, etc. If you’re wondering what type of materials are best for the bedroom - you’ll have to look at your existing bedroom decor. Which material and style do you think would mingle well with it?

Storage :A key aspect that you must think about is the storage. If you need extra space to store things, look for a storage box bed. It can also help make your bedroom look decluttered and neat.

Design: Your bedroom bed design will depend on your personal choice and the overall theme of your bedroom furniture. You can consider modern, contemporary, mid-century, among other bed designs. If you want more bedroom furniture ideas, run an online search for bed design 2021 and you’ll find hundreds of articles and ideas from which you can select a bed design.

Structure: Beds come in various structures - from low platform beds, to storage box beds, to bunk beds to beds with different headboard styles. The structure and headrest or head board of the bed is a key element of its design. You can either for a bed that had display racks in the headboard or a simple one.

Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut)


Key features:

● Made from Combination of pre-laminated particle board.

● Mattress size- 78” X 36” inches.

● Ideal for kids’ room.

Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut)


Key features:

● Made of combination of pre laminated particle board

● Headboard made in checkerboard pattern with PU strips

● Bed has hydraulic storage on half footboard side and top lifting box storage (supported by hinges) in the balance half towards headboard

Add more bedroom furniture

Once you’re done selecting your bed, start looking for other bedroom furniture - mirrored furniture, night stand, wardrobes, chair, etc. The style of these furniture pieces will depend on the design of your bed. You can look for pieces that gel well with each other. Conversely, you could even look for bedroom furniture sets. The advantage of bedroom furniture sets is that all the pieces will be matching and you wouldn’t have to select each piece individually.

Now if you’re wondering what bedroom furniture is in style, run an online search for bedroom furniture design 2021 and you’ll find the latest designs and ideas. You can then narrow down on a style that best suits your needs and taste.

Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut)



Key features:

● Made of a combination of pre laminated particle boards

● Adjustable shelves in wardrobes

● High quality Ebco brand hardware used

Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut)



Key features:

● Made of pre-laminated particle board (Melamine finish - No fungus problems)

● 3 level cabinet with shutters doors

● Plastic bushes on the edges touching the floor

Spruce up your bedroom decor

When you think of bedroom decor, think beyond the bed and the wardrobes. The other elements in your bedroom such as wall art, clock, a rug on the floor, the bed cover, lampshade, curtains, decorative pieces such as a flower vase or an indoor plant, among others.

The sky's the limit when you think of bedroom decor ideas. You can spruce up the look and vibe of your bedroom the way you want to. Whatever you do, just make sure it matches your personality. You don’t want to end up in a bedroom that doesn’t make you feel comfortable at the end of a long day. Do you?

Final thoughts

Before you start dreaming of your new, revamped bedroom, we have some final thoughts to wrap up. When you’re looking for bedroom furniture, it’s best to look for something durable that will last you for ages or even generations. Moreover, you should look for material that is sturdy as well as looks good. We suggest you look up Nilkamal online furniture store to browse bedroom furniture.

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