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July 21, 2022

Wholesome Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Ganesh Chaturthi is a ten-day-long celebration of Ganpati Utsav. It is a famous Hindu festival also referred to as Vinayak Chaturthi in South India and celebrated worldwide by all devotees as the birthday of the Hindu Lord Ganesha. 

This ten-day celebration witnessed extensive pandals and luxurious pooja room decorations. With various decorating ideas, flowers, light, and glitters, choosing a particular decorating theme for the perfect pooja ambience in your home can be challenging. Therefore in this article, we will walk you through some perfect  Ganesh Chaturthi decoration  ideas for your home for a grand welcome of your guests.  Check out  all of your favourite decorating items only at  Nilkamal furniture.

Decoration Ideas

Mandap decoration with fruits and flowers

Pooja is incomplete without flowers and fruits. Not only in rituals, but flowers are essential for enhancing the beauty of any pooja mandap. The right colour and placement of floral decorations and fruits can instantly beautify the overall decoration. Add a traditional yellow hue to the pooja decoration to stay in line with traditional decoration. You can switch to white and pink floral decorations and choose pastel shades for the whole mandap to add a sophisticated contemporary vibe to the decor. 

Decoration with origami

If you are fond of art and crafts, you can go for origami decoration, the Japanese art of paper folding creatively. With origami, you can create simple yet captivating designs like butterflies, birds, swans, umbrellas, and other popular items with origami. You can use similar techniques to bring a sense of symmetry to the decor. Paste these designs on the wall or attach them to a string or a piece of cloth. Choose subtle colours to maintain a classy pooja look which can be differentiated from school art projects.

Decoration with LED lights

Simple illumination can make your decoration stand out to guests. There are several LED lights in the market to choose from, and it is better to choose bright colours for mandap decoration. LED lights are bright and soft yet can light up the entire room.

Pick a Decoration Theme For Mandap

Setting a theme for every occasion has become a trend. So, choose your theme for this year's  Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration.  You can pick up an eco-friendly theme and decorate your room with natural items such as terracotta flower vases, bowls, hanging lampshades etc. You can also ensure that you use paper-made decorations. Instead of artificial flowers to decorate the mandap, you can choose fresh flowers and leaves to abide by the theme. Ensure to pick a piece that can easily be arranged at your home.

Simple Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home

Suppose you want to indulge in your creativity. In that case, you can install tiny mandap structured pandals made of thermocol sheets, which can be further decorated with LED lights, flowers, lace, artificial decorative glass stones and glitters. Seek help from a professional to ensure that the mandap decor is perfect. This mandap can become an excellent backdrop for your Lord Ganesha idol. Ensure that the backdrop is dark yet vibrant, such as maroon, green, etc., to make the decoration and the idol stand out. Accessories like lanterns, fairy lights, and spotlights can add to the glamour of your home. 

A grand decor

You can choose an elaborate decoration with lights, plants, mandaps and other embellishments. For the base, you can select some indoor floral plants swirled around by fairy lights on both sides of the mandap. Ensure that you place them in artistic pots to add to the theme. A glass, pearls and stone embellished roof can be custom-made from which floral and pearl embellished chains and curtains can hang down. To make this decor look great, use gold foil or cloth in the background with flower garlands. Lord Ganapati's decoration should also match this theme and choose silk or Banarasi dhoti to start with.

A royal decor

Place your metal Ganesha idol on a royal Silver or Copper Singhasan, a royalchair. Ensure that the background has a violet Banarasi piece of cloth illuminated with stones and fairy lights. Subtle silver Banarasi curtains can be hung from the roof. To add to the grandeur, add a grand chandelier above the Ganapati idol, which will be elegant and perfectly aesthetic. Some gold zari curtains can be tied on both sides of this mandap base. Use copper utensils for the offerings and a vase to place flowers on both sides of the idol. Place two metallic lamps o both sides of the royal chair. This decor will certainly give off a unique regal vibe.

A minimal decor

If you are too busy to chalk out a decor plan, this theme might save you. Create a beautifulswing seat for your idol and decorate it with money plants and red rose garlands. Add embellished see-through gold curtains at both sides of the swing and hang fairy lights from it. This decor will give oomph up the look and vibe of your room.  Explore  furniture only at  Nilkamal furniture.

Some Practices To be Followed

Before setting up the whole decoration, here are a few decoration guidelines that you can follow-

  • Try placing the Ganesha idol at the northeast corner of the house.
  • Ensure that your home is cleaned correctly before hosting the festival.
  • Add banana leaves and a toran at the door to ensure good luck.
  • Keep laddoos and modaks ready.
  • Try to choose an environment-friendly clay idol.


So, what are your decoration plans this year? If you want more items to amp up the  Ganesh Chaturti decoration at home,buy  from  Nikamal furniture  to discover various things that will match your taste and style.

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