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December 04, 2023

Why Modular Beds are the Perfect Choice for Newlywed Couples


A  modular bed  is an ideal option to take the first step towards establishing a stress-free, magical sanctuary where you begin a new journey of togetherness. This blog post explores  custom bed frames —the best option for newlyweds. Moreover, you will find out what makes them special, including their adaptable designs, storage options, visual appeal, ease of upkeep, and longevity. The blog also delves into choosing the ideal foundation, headboard, colour, and size for a peaceful start to a lifetime of happiness. You are sure to enter a world where your  custom bed furniture  accommodates your different tastes as a married couple, organises small areas comfortably, and showcases your common style—a peaceful start to a lifetime of happiness. 




Every couple dreams of decorating their room after marriage, reflecting the love between them—a cosy space that alleviates stress no matter how hectic the day. The creation of a dream room begins with a comfortable bed, but the challenge lies in finding the right custom bed that caters to both partners' preferences. The solution is here—a  modular bed.  Now, you might be wondering what a modular bed is. Let us explore the key features of a modular bed, why it is the right choice for couples and more.

What are Modular Beds?

Modular beds are pieces of  customised furniture  that let you get a custom-made bed as per your preferences and tastes. From the headboard to the storage, you can select every piece of the  modular bed  as per your taste and get a bed that is uniquely yours.


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Why Modular Bed is the Right Choice?

Here are some prominent reasons that make modular beds the right choice for newlywed couples. 

Versatile Design


Life and marriage are full of surprises. Furthermore, it is common for newlyweds to have to adjust to new habits, tastes, and even living arrangements. A  modern bed  easily adapts to changes in the decor and size of the room. Also, given its modular design, which makes customisation simple, a  modular bed  like the  Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed with Semi Hydraulic Storage (White)  will be able to adapt to your changing needs after marriage.

Storage Options

Making a peaceful retreat in small areas is a common part of starting a life together. For couples struggling with the difficulties of small bedrooms, modular beds, like the  Nilkamal Noir Premier Bed With Hydraulic Storage (Walnut),  are a blessing. Furthermore, the  custom bed frames  assist in organising the area and free up space for the necessities thanks to their built-in storage features, which include drawers and compartments. The result? A peaceful and well-organised bedroom that promotes love and companionship.


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Aesthetic Appeal

Every couple hopes to have a bedroom that captures their own aesthetic and common goals. You may choose from a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes for modular beds to create the ideal look for your decor. The  modern bed  with modular designs may be used as a blank canvas to reflect your shared style and create a room that feels like home, whether it's with traditional elegance or sleek modern design.

Ease of Maintenance

Amongst juggling the post-marriage rituals and other things, the last thing you both want is to clean your bed, right? Modular beds are very easy to clean, which means that you will not need to spend an eternity to clean them. With little maintenance, you can maintain the pristine appearance of your bed and ensure that your bed is cosy as well as hygienic. 


A bed is something that is bought once in many years. A  modular bed  is made up of premium materials that make sure that you do not need to replace your  modern bed  even after many years of your marriage.


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How to Choose the Right Bed

Below are some factors to consider when choosing the right bed for your room. 

Choose the Base

Your ideal bed selection starts with selecting a modular base. Nilkamal provides four modular base options in two colours, walnut and white, that effortlessly blend elegance and utility. The brand also offers options for complete hydraulic storage, semi-hydraulic storage, box storage, and no storage at all.

Box Storage

The  modern bed  contains four roomy compartments for box storage. They are large enough to hold your clothing, blankets, and other items. 

No Storage

Nilkamal's no-storage  custom bed furniture  designs need a built-in storage space. Rather, the  modular bed frame  features sturdy metal legs that are chrome-plated and attached to the footboard. 

Semi-Hydraulic Storage

Three roomy compartments with ¾ hydraulic storage are featured in modular beds with semi-hydraulic storage. For instance, a  Nilkamal Plush Max Bed With Box Storage (Walnut)  with compartments for extra storage space helps keep your items close at hand as the box is located at the rear of the modular bed.

Complete Hydraulic Storage

Two roomy sections beneath the hydraulic panel, like the  Nilkamal Maple Prime Bed With Semi Hydraulic Storage (White),  include two pull-out drawers for convenient extra storage at the foot of the bed. 

Select the Headboard

The main feature of the design of your custom bed is the headboard. These headboards come in various trendy styles, all made with high-quality components. Some of them also include LED lights for added convenience. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the headboards offer useful storage options.

Choose the Colour

Nilkamal provides two classic base colours, walnut and white, to make sure your  modular bed  complements the design of your bedroom. These timeless hues give your resting haven a dash of refinement and adaptability.

Choose the Size

Nilkamal modular beds are available in two sizes. Measure the dimensions of your space and choose a  modular bed frame  that can fit perfectly in your space and make you both sleep comfortably. Choosing the right size makes sure that both partners get ample space in the bed without any discomfort.


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Wrapping Up

A  modular bed  can be an ideal option for recently married couples starting their life together. It covers the preferences of both partners with its adaptable design, plenty of storage possibilities, visual attractiveness, low maintenance, and longevity. A piece of  customised furniture  is ensured by selecting the ideal modular base, headboard type, colour, and size. A bedroom may remain peaceful and well-organised by using a bed with modular functions as the canvas on which to express common style. 

Check out the collection of modular beds from  Nilkamal Furniture Now. Also, make your space cosier with other pieces like  wardrobes,  bedside tables,  dressing tables,  mattresses,  and more.

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