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September 22, 2023

Why This September Is a Good Time To Upgrade Your Dining Furniture


The dining room is where family and friends meet over great food and drinks on special occasions such as parties and seasonal festivals. The importance of a well-furnished dining space cannot be overstated, as it not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your house but also contributes to the comfort and enjoyment of your dining experiences. The  dining furniture  is central to this, playing the most crucial functional role. While many focus on upgrading their living rooms or bedrooms, the dining area must be noticed. However, September is a great time to consider upgrading your  dining furniture  for various compelling reasons we will discuss in this article. 


Before you  buy dining furniture online,  check out some of the top reasons why you should order in September.


To Beat the Seasonal Gloom

While the monsoon is a pleasant time for some, it can get quite gloomy and dull for others, especially those who love sunshine and clear skies. This is a good time for a long-pending  dining furniture  upgrade to lift your spirits. An upgrade does not necessarily mean tossing the existing  dining furniture  and buying a brand-new set. Upgrades can mean investing in new  dining chairs,  storage tables,  dining table,  or even a bench. We cannot underestimate the positive effect of changing something in our environment to beat gloomy days. For instance, the  dining chairs  are getting shaky and uncomfortable while thedining table is still usable. Buying  dining chairs  that match the table can be a good upgrade. For a complete makeover, you can always go for a brand new  dining table 6 seater  and get a fresh start. 


Upgrade for the Upcoming Festival

September is a great time to upgrade your furniture, as the festival season is approaching. Now is the perfect time to look for festival sales and discounts to pick new  dining furniture  that will match the occasion. If you already have a good  dining table,  consider investing in more furniture, as the table has space for your family. However, when the house gets crowded during festivals, you can always use more seats for the additional guests if you’re managing with a  dining table 4 seater.  More people might want to sit in the dining room for the snack so they won’t miss out on the conversation or choose to have their food with their group. 


A  dining bench  would be a perfect addition to the  dining table  for such a circumstance. The benches offer more room than  dining chairs  and even squeeze in an extra person who doesn’t want to miss out. For instance, the  Nilkamal Hulk Dining Bench  has a robust solid wood construction and can easily accommodate 3 more people at the table. If you already have a matching  wooden dining table,  this bench can be a much-needed upgrade. 


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Upgrade to a Bigger Dining Table

The  dining table 4 seater  has been the standard for small Indian nuclear families. However, as time passes, you would have guests or friends frequently visiting or maybe even a family member who stays for a while. It’s never a bad idea to have extra room at the table for the occasional guest, so upgrading to a  dining table 6 seater  is the way to go. The  classic 6 seater table  made of solid wood fits homes of different decor. Purchase a  dining bench  to complement the set and expand the space to accommodate more people. If you’d like to take a more modern route with your  dining furniture,  you can choose an  engineered wood 6-seater dining table.  


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Upgrade To Keep Up With the Season

September is the peak time of the monsoon season when the humidity is at an all-time high. A  wooden dining table  made up of solid wood tends to absorb moisture and expand, especially in humid coastal areas. While it’s a natural process, the wood’s expansion and contraction can lead to cracks over time, so it becomes essential to maintain the  dining furniture  by waxing or oiling. Engineered wood  dining table  and chairs with metal frames can withstand weather conditions without expanding or warping. Models such as the  Nilkamal Union 6-Seater Dining Set,  with its minimalistic design, can suit all decor and hold up well under humid weather. 


The balcony or patio in your house can always do well with an upgrade during the monsoon. Replace your precious wooden furniture with stylish, durable plastic designs like the  Nilkamal Orchid Captain.  The waterproof materials hold well under all weather, so you won’t have to bring your furniture back inside whenever it rains. 


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Upgrade To Match the New Decor

If you decide to change the décor of your dining room for the season or the festivals around the corner, the right  dining furniture  can make all the difference. When there’s ample space in the dining room, it’s a great idea to upgrade to  dining storage  for a touch of elegance. If you expect more guests to visit, a  wooden dining table  with a bench and extra  dining chairs  can make all the difference. The  Nilkamal Venice 6 seater dining set  with bench is a fine example ofdining furniturethat exudes class and goes well with the rest of your décor.  


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To conclude, there are many more reasons to  buy dining furniture online  in September other than the ones discussed in this post. However, the main reasons include festivals and the monsoon weather. Come to think of it; furniture can always be upgraded any time of the year to give your home a fresh new look.

Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  today for more designs and ideas for your  dining furniture  upgrade!

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