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November 16, 2023

Wooden Bed Design: Bring Home A Stylish Wooden Bed From The Festival Sale

This article will help you choose the right wooden bed design for your bedroom. The article discusses the top bed designs available in the market, ranging from box beds to bunk beds. You will learn about the various bed styles to choose the type of bed you want. There are effective tips in the article to understand what factors to consider when buying a bed. Using these tips, you can decide what you want in your bed. The article also talks about the popular bed models from Nilkamal Furniture. You know about trendy bed designs. This helps you choose a trendy wooden bed.




Your  bedroom furniture  greatly impacts the aesthetics and comfort of your sleeping abode. In all your  bedroom furniture,  your  bed furniture  holds the supreme importance. A good  bed furniture  design can transform your bedroom into a restful and relaxing space for optimal sleeping comfort. An elegant  wooden bed design  adds the right amount of style to your bedroom while ensuring no compromise on comfort. Therefore, this festival is the right time to bring home a stylish  wooden bed.  You can explore an ideal  wooden bed  big festival sale on  bedroom furniture  to  buy bed online.  You will get to choose a  wooden bed design  from the extensive catalogue of stylish and sturdybed furniture. But, with so many choices in  wooden bed design,  which  wooden bed  to choose? Read ahead for the guide on stylish  wooden bed  designs and pro tips to choose the right  wooden bed design.


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Top Wooden Bed Designs

Wooden beds  come in various styles and designs. The various  wooden bed frame  designs are perfect to give your bedroom a stylish and comfy feel. Let’s explore the top  wooden bed  designs:


a) Box Bed Design

A box bed is the most popular type of  bedroom furniture.  This design of  bed for bedroom  is the perfect combination of utility and elegance. A box  bed for bedroom  adds to the bed décor and offers optimal storage space. The storage space can vary, ranging from simple box storage to hydraulic storage. A box  bed for bedroom  is perfect for compact spaces where it maximises the limited space by providing enough storage space. It is the most popular design when people think to  buy bed online  as it comes in various sizes and styles.


b) Upholstered Bed Design

An upholstered  wooden bed frame  is perfect to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom. The elegant bed frames are crafted with superior upholstery on the bed headboard. So, it not only elevates your bedroom aesthetics but also the comfort level of your bed.


c) Bunk Bed Design

A bunk bed is most suited for your children’s room. It is simply a two-bed structure, placed one atop the other in a single  wooden bed frame.  As there are two beds in one, the contemporary bunk bed design saves floor space.


d) Traditional Bed Design

 A traditional  wooden bed  is the epitome of elegance. The stylish design, crafted to perfection, captures the eternal traditional feel with vintage appeal. A traditional bed comes with intricately carved designs on the headboard.


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Popular Wooden Bed Designs By Nilkamal

The popular wooden bed designs by Nilkamal are:

  • Mozart Bed

This stylish bed comes with box storage, enhancing the functionality of your bedroom. Made with quality wood, the  Mozart bed  with storage has six spacious under-bed compartments to keep everything from bed linens to clothes. It also has shelves on the headboard to keep your everyday belongings for handy access.


  • Willy Bed

This stylish wooden bed with storage is perfect for creating a relaxing and cosy bedroom. The curved headboard of  Willy bed  in dual-tone adds a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Spacious under-bed storage provides adequate storage for keeping your belongings.


  • Asta Bed

The  Asta bed  comes with various storage options. You can choose the storage type as per your preference, from box to hydraulic or to a no-storage option. This sturdy bed, with its elegant and clean design, adds understated sophistication to your bedroom.


  • Dexter Solid Wood Bed

This solid wood bed is sure to add a traditional feel to your bedroom. The  Dexter solid wood bed  comes with a padded headboard for enhanced comfort. With an open under-bed space, this bed gives an airy feel to the space.


  • Dom Bunk Bed

Stylish and elegant, this bunk bed is perfect for your kids' bedroom. The sturdy construction and enhanced functionality make the  Dom bunk bed  comfortable and supportive.


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Pro Tips To Choose A Premium Wooden Bed Design

When you plan to  buy bed online,  you need to pay attention to certain things to choose the best  wooden bed design.  Here are the best tips for choosing the perfect  wooden bed design:


1). Bed Size

The first thing to decide when you  buy bed online  is the bed size. If you don’t get the right bed size in the design you have selected, then everything goes to waste. The bed should fit into your bedroom without cramping your space and providing enough space for you to sleep comfortably. Typically, a  double size bed  is perfect for couples or average size bedrooms. Even in compact bedrooms, a  double size bed  with storage works well. For your kid’s room or for the guest room, a  single size bed  is ideal. When you have two kids, you can choose a bunk bed instead of a  single size bed  for both of them. It will save space and add style to their bedroom.


2). Storage Functionality

Modern  wooden bed design  comes with optimal and versatile storage. With evolved storage options, you get to choose the type of storage you want for optimal functionality. You can choose from a no-storage  wooden bed design  to a fully hydraulic storage or traditional box storage. The storage you choose decides the functionality of your bedroom. The extra storage offered by your bed can be very useful in creating a neat and clutter-free bedroom space. However, when you have adequate storage and don’t need extra storage in your bed, go for a bed design with no storage.


3). Design & Style

Ultimately, after deciding the size and functionality, choose the design of the bed. The design and style should be harmonised with your bedroom aesthetics and other furniture.  Choose a wooden bed design that matches your bedroom décor. For instance, when your bedroom décor is traditional, opt for a traditional wooden bed and for a modern bedroom décor, choose a contemporary box bed.


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Your bedroom is your rejuvenating abode. It's your calm oasis, where you retreat and relax after the daylong hustle and bustle. And your bed is the centre of your abode, enhancing your comfort and the aesthetics of your bedroom. Therefore, choosing the right bed is necessary to create a relaxing sleeping space. To  buy bed online,  Nilkamal Furniture  is the best choice. The extensive collection of wooden bed designs of various styles and functionalities offers you ample choice. A stylish  wooden bed design  from Nilkamal Furniture will be the right choice to add comfort and elegance to your bedroom.

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