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November 21, 2021

5 Awesome Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Spacious

After a long day at work, all we want to do is to hit the bed. Now imagine if your bedroom is cramped, cluttered, and gives you no vibe of relaxation. Did you know a well-done bedroom has positive effects on our mind, body, and overall health?

But having a clean and spacious bedroom is easier said than done. So, in this blog, we’ve put together the most amazing ways to make your bedroom spacious. And these tips work!

Have a bed with storage

Yes, we need to have clean and spacious bedrooms, but we also need to store a lot of things. Think of your everyday clothes, woolen clothes, going-out clothes, extra linen, bedcovers, etc. Where should you store these? Hide them in beds with storage.

Whether your bedroom has a single bed or king size bed, having the bed with storage will give you ample space to store all or at least most of your extra clothes and home linen. You can buy beds with compartmentalized storage space to organize your things further.


Here’s a queen size bed with compartmentalized hydraulic storage space that keeps household things concealed so that your bedroom can keep looking decluttered.

Invest in a spacious wardrobe

After the bed, a key element of the bedroom is the wardrobe, because this is also the place where you get dressed up and ready for your day. To make your bedroom spacious, you must buy your wardrobe wisely. Here are some tips to choose a good wardrobe:

  • Buy a vertical wardrobe, not a horizontal one.
  • You can go for a wardrobe from floor to ceiling to maximize the use of space.
  • Buy a wardrobe with multiple compartments and storage facilities.
  • The wardrobe must also have drawers and lockers.

Bring in multi-purpose furniture

You might be using your bedroom for different purposes, for example, for reading a book. For that you might require a chair and a bookshelf. But keeping a permanent chair in the bedroom and a bookshelf might not be feasible for everyone, as some people might have small bedrooms. So, how about you get furniture that’s multi-purpose. For example, get a display unit that can also play the role of a bookshelf. When you want to read, pull a lounge chair from your living room to the bedroom. Or get a folding table that you can tuck away in one corner of the house.

Get a compact dressing table

Your bedroom will also require a dressing table. But a bulky dressing table might fill up your bedroom. Instead, a sleek, thin, minimal dressing table can leave more space in the room. Choose a dressing table that can be placed against the wall. Another idea is to attach the mirror to the wall and just have a simple drawer below the mirror.


Here’s a classic, minimal dressing table that fits neatly against the wall. With drawers for storage, it also provides space for your accessories and knick-knacks. Moreover, the full length mirror will make your room look more spacious.

Use walls generously

Most bedrooms get occupied with double beds, wardrobes, dressers, and study tables. A smart way to make it spacious is by utilizing the wall space in the room. Do you want to add a bookshelf, a TV unit, or a display unit to your bedroom furniture? Choose designs that you can attach to the walls.

Have a monochromatic tone

Another way to make any space look larger and more spacious is by going with a monochromatic color theme. How does that work? When there are lesser colors in the room, there’s less visual distraction, and hence, your room will look more spacious. Moreover, decorating and choosing furniture and upholstery for your bedroom will become much easier when you know exactly what colors you’re looking for.

Everyone wants a spacious bedroom

Lastly, let’s go over the benefits of having a spacious-looking room. Spacious bedrooms can have a profound effect on your mind and health. You’ll feel more relaxed, calm, and experience clarity. This has a positive effect on your mood and body. And now you have some amazing tips to make your room look spacious. All you need to do is choose the right kind of furniture. Begin your search at Nilkamal online furniture store.

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