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September 02, 2021

5 Awesome Ways To Revamp Your Home For Ganpati Bappa’s Arrival

You’re expecting a guest. Not just any guest. It’s Ganapati Bappa. You want to create the best atmosphere and festive vibe in your homes during Ganesh Chaturthi. Should you buy new furniture for your living room or a new sofa for your office? How about redecorating or rearranging your living room?

There are a lot of ways in which you can enhance your home decor for the festive season.

An auspicious time to bring home new furniture

Festivals are auspicious occasions to buy large items for the house. Many people prefer to buy large and expensive items such as electronics, gold and furniture during festivals such as Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. So, while you’re planning your Ganpati decoration ideas for 2021, why not take the opportunity to give an uplift to your home furniture as well?

If you’re looking to buy a new sofa, lounge chairs, center tables, dining table sets, or any other furniture for living room, now is a good time. Diwali is just around the corner, too, and you might as well get new furniture before Diwali. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some furniture sales, as it is a festive time.

Add bright, festive colors to your home

Most people prefer to go with neutral colors for home decor. For example, grey or brown sofa, basic chairs and simple center tables. But the mood in the air is festive, so why not add some traditional colors to your homes in the spirit of Ganpati 2021?

A good place to start is your living room linens - sofa covers, curtains, cushions, etc. Instead of neutral shades, go for red, orange, yellow, gold, etc., bright shades. The colors yellow and red are considered auspicious and you’ll find Ganesha idols draped in these colors. While yellow signifies purity and peace, red symbolizes auspiciousness.

Now, you need not buy a new sofa or other furniture for your home just for the sake of color, but you can give a makeover to your existing one. How? Here are some ideas:

● Change the sofa upholstery only

● Add bright colored cushions to your sofa

● Get warm colored rugs and mats

● Bring a new set of curtains

● Add a new set of bright bedsheet and bedcover

Decorate your home with flowers

Keep it naturally bright and beautiful with fresh flowers. Flowers are a key part of any festival, especially Ganesh Chaturthi. While you’re planning garlands and flowers for the puja and your home Ganesh decoration, give a thought to other spots of your home, as well.

Here are some ideas:

● Apart from flowers that are a part of your Ganpati decoration idea, add some vases in different rooms in your house.

● Use flowers to make rangoli and other decorations in your house during Ganpati.

● Think hibiscus, marigolds, mogra and other such traditional flowers.

● Hang a toran made of flowers at your home entrance door to welcome Lord Ganesha.

● You could even place some flowers in bowls on top of your living room table, coffee table or dining table.

● Place vases and flowers on the book shelves.

Keep it bright with lights

Festivals are all about brightness and lights. Soon, it’s going to be Diwali time and now is a good time to upgrade the lights and lamps in your home. But the right kind of lighting is easier said than done.

Too bright and it might make your home look gaudy; too dull and it might not serve its purpose. When you’re planning to re-do the lighting in your living room and your home, it’s important to do it well. Here are some home lighting tips for your Ganpati decoration ideas 2021:

● Choose the right kind of lights with a variety of brightness so that you can use them as per different requirements. For example, have yellow warm lights, but also at least one white light.

● The placement of lights should be in areas where your activities are taking place. Such as the reading spot, above the sofa, etc. If you fix lights randomly without any purpose, it can ruin the vibe of your living room.

● Since it’s Ganesha festival, make sure you have special lights for your Ganesh decoration. If you’re going to buy new lights, think about the upcoming festivals such as Diwali, Christmas and New Year. If you buy the lights smartly, the same lights could be useful in all festivals.

Enhance your (home) office as well

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of new beginnings and so, you can’t forget about your office and home office. Here are some ways to bring in the Ganpati 2021 mood into your workspace as well:

● Add festive trinkets to your work desk or study table such as diyas, Ganesh idols, a small bowl of fresh flowers, etc.

● If you were thinking of buying new furniture for your office such as office chairs, office desk, etc, Ganapati is an auspicious occasion to make these purchases.

● Just like your home, you could decorate your office with flowers and lights as well.

● Add festive colors such as gold, red and yellow to your office and home office decor. For example, add some colorful cushions or a colorful rug for the festive season.

Is your home ready for Ganpati 2021?

There! We’ve shared five awesome and easy ideas for you to give a makeover to your home for Ganapati. If you’re looking to buy new furniture, you’re in luck with the wide range of choices on Nilkamal furniture online store and discounts for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. So how you welcoming Bappa to your home?

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