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August 24, 2021

Thinking of Furniture Replacement? Here’s Your Guide.

It’s quite common to have to replace your furniture every couple of years. With wear and tear and damage caused by regular use, it’s a must to exchange or replace your old furniture.

But when should you replace your furniture? What’s the best month to buy furniture at good prices? And how can you get good deals on furniture? These are some of the questions that we’ll try to answer in this blog.

Replacing your dining room furniture

In most homes, the dining room furniture gets used the most -- even more than the living room furniture. Hence, it might experience wear and tear faster and need to be replaced from time to time.

Now, most good quality dining tables and dining chairs should last for many years -- say at least 8 to 10 years. If taken care of, then it could easily last you 15 to 20 years.

Solid wood dining tables and chairs will last much longer than tables and chairs made from engineered wood or MDF. At times, you might just have to change the table top, glass, or upholstery of the chairs. You could either buy new furniture or look for furniture exchange offers.

Look for these signs to know if you’re thinking of furniture replacement:

Key features:

● If the table top is broken or cracked or chipped badly.

● If the table top has warped due to moisture.

● If the chairs have become wobbly.

● If the legs of the chairs have become uneven.

● If the backrest of the chairs has become loose or wobbly.

● If there is evident damage that is dangerous.


Key features:

● Table top and legs made of solid rubber wood with melamine finish.

● Chair legs made of solid rubber wood with design on the back.

● Chair cushion made of PU foam with designer fabric upholstery.

Changing your living room furniture

The living room is often the central part of the home where your family and friends gather. It is also a space where you’d be inviting guests and hence you want it to look the best and up to date. And so, you might want to replace or exchange your old living room furniture more often.

Most well-made sofas, accent chairs, centre tables and coffee tables would last you a couple of years. Chances are they’d go out of style before they are worn out and you’d want to replace the furniture.

Look for these signs to know when to replace your living room furniture:

● If the sofa cover is worn and torn to the extent that it harms your living room’s aesthetics.

● If the sofa seat is sinking or has flattened out so much that it’s uncomfortable to sit on it.

● Chairs and benches that have broken legs or are wobbly.

● When your furniture is making creaking sounds and feels shaky and dangerous.


Key features:

● Made of kiln dried solid wood frame. Fabric upholstery on back and seat.

● Elastic Webbing and S Springs on back frame and in seat base for comfort. Left hand & right hand lounger possible in the same sofa.

● This is possible as the sofa consists of a 3 seater and a pouf (which can be placed on either arm side of the 3 seater) which forms a lounger.

Replacing and exchanging your bedroom furniture

The bedroom is another space that we end up using every single day. Beds require to be made well and comfortable so that the health of your back is taken care of. Or else, you might face serious health issues.

Most bedrooms also have a dresser, wardrobes, and smaller furniture such as chairs and night stands. All these pieces of furniture also need to be changed from time to time. They either go out of trend or get damaged with regular usage.

For the bedroom, you might find a lot of furniture exchange offers online. If your bed is around 10 to 15 years old and feels creaky, you should definitely go for a furniture exchange offer on your bed, if you find one. Most times, these furniture offers are around festivals.

Here’s what you should look for when you’re thinking of bedroom furniture replacement:

● If the bed is bent from the centre, it makes a creaking sound or if you notice any visible damage that might hurt your back.

● If the frame of your bed is broken, cracked or become loose.

● If your wardrobes seem to be wrapped.

● If the alignment of the doors of your wardrobe has changed and you aren't able to close it.

● If your dressing table mirror looks grainy and not clear.

● If your side tables have chipped or look broken.

● If you don’t have enough storage space in your existing bedroom furniture.


Key features:

● Bed made of a combination of MDF

● Has hydraulic storage

● Weight Bearing Capacity: 350 Kg

Changing your home office furniture

Now more than ever, we need proper work from home furniture. If you have a home office set up or are looking to set up a home office, you should make sure you have the most comfortable work table and chair.

● If the wheels of your ergonomic chair are broken.

● If the back rest of your work chair is shaky or broken.

● If your work desk is too small for your requirements.

● If your work table doesn’t have enough storage space.

● If your home office furniture is shaky, creaky and uncomfortable.

● If you are experiencing back and neck pain due to your current work desk and chair, it’s time to say goodbye to them.


Key features:

● Made of MDF with melamine finish

● Spacious table top

● One full height storage (with shelf) lock and key on the left

● 3 pull out drawers with lock and key on the right

● One drawer in the centre with lock and key

Over to you

By now, you must’ve examined your home furniture to know if it’s the right time for furniture replacement in your house. You should look up all the available options on online furniture stores such as Nilkamal to make your best choices.

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