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April 26, 2022

Clever Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Bed Frame

The bed is the most loved piece of furniture in the entire household. For most of us, it is our happy place. The bed is a place where we relax and rejuvenate and hope to get a good night’s sleep to get ready for the challenges the next day.  

However, if our bed is not comfortable, it can lead to all sorts of problems. First, we will be cranky all the time because of irregular sleep. Second, it may lead to health issues such as joint pain, back pain, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to make the right decisions when buying a  bed online

From the mattresses to the bed frame, everything is crucial. If you want to buy a bed frame that suits your room’s aesthetics while durable and comfortable, you must   visit Nilkamal. In this article, we will help you pick out the perfect bed frame so that you don’t have to compromise with your sleep.


Take note of the mattress size

If you have already settled on a  mattress, you must note its size before moving on to a bed frame. Mattress size is crucial because if the bed frame size mismatches, it can lead to some serious discomfort.  

If you have a regular king-size mattress, you are looking at a double-bed frame. Similarly, in the case of a queen-size mattress, you will require a slightly smaller bed frame. However, you must also note that there are different king-size and queen-size mattresses.  

Hence, you must be wary of the quirks in the measurement before you set out to  buy a  bed online. If you are buying the entire bed piece, take note of the floor space in your bedroom before settling on a bed frame. 


Measure your room size

The room size determines the  bed design for bedroom. A bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture occupying the maximum space. Therefore, if you have a small room, buying a king-size bed won’t help because it will suffocate the living area.  

Additionally, you would not want a cramped up room with very little space to move around. Therefore, you can buy a bed that is functional as well as comfortable.  

In the case of a small room, buying a metal frame can be useful because it will allow you to store boxes underneath. For a medium-sized room, a bed frame with drawers can add to the storage space and add to the room’s aesthetics.


Take note of the height and volume of the bed

If you want to be extravagant with your choices for a  bed design for bedroom, you may have to do some extra measurements. For example, if you are in the mood for a four-poster bed, you will need some extra ceiling height.  

Shorter rooms are not ideal for poster beds because they start looking cramped because of the extra height. Similarly, if you are a bibliophile, you may want a bulky bed with ample storage space near the headrest.  

Such beds are heavy and need to be assembled part by part. Therefore, take note of the door size of your bedroom and ensure that the bed you are looking at can be disassembled easily. For some latest and trendy bed designs, you can  explore Nilkamal now and compare different bed frame designs vis-a-vis your room.


Take note of your room’s interiors

As discussed earlier, a bed is the bulkiest piece of furniture, so it becomes the focal point of the room immediately. Every interior design will revolve around the bed design you choose. Therefore, you must be clear regarding the vibe you want for your room.  

If you want to give your room a warm appeal, you can go for a wooden frame. The wooden frame adds a certain antique look to the room and provides a cosy atmosphere. However, wood can be expensive, so keep your budget in mind at all times.  

However, if you want a minimalistic design so you can toil around with the overall interior design, you can go for a light-coloured frame with subtle stripes. This is also a contemporary choice for bed design.  

Additionally, if you want to add a bit of spice to your room, you can opt for some unique designs like sleigh beds, upholstered beds, brass beds, etc. You may also visit some interior decor websites to get novel ideas on how to design your room using bed frames.


Ideas for kids’ room and guest bedrooms

Buying a bed frame for your kids’ room or guest bedrooms can be comparatively easier because you should be looking at functionality instead of aesthetics. For kids’ rooms, you can choose smaller frames to save space for the playing area. 

You may also go for bunk beds if you have more kids. This will allow you to add some storage space to the remaining area. Similarly, for guests, you can opt for foldable beds that can turn into a couch when not in use. Such beds will allow you to utilize the space for other activities when you are not hosting a guest. 


Buying a bed frame can be tedious, especially when taking care of several variables. However, the best trick here is to maintain a balance between design and functionality.  

Try to buy a bed design that complements your room and does not eat up a lot of free space. If you want to look at some revolutionary  furniture ideas, you can always  check out Nilkamal. They have a wide collection of designs and sizes to suit all your needs.

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