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April 23, 2022

Ultimate Guide of Comparision Between a King vs Queen Bed

Often in a world full of competition, there is a constant yearning for pleasure & comfort. In such a competitive environment, a comfortable bed as a companion is a blessing in disguise. It is rightly said, "There is only one thing people like that is good for them, a good night's sleep". On this note, a best-suited mattress is all we need. 

Types of beds

Did you know there are at least seven different bed sizes and various bed types? So picking up the right bed is more challenging than we thought it might be for a good night's sleep. But it's all worth it for that undisturbed comfortable & sound sleep.  Explore now the different types of beds differentiated based on their sizes from  Nilkamal

  1. Single bed- This is the smallest one designed especially for toddlers and smaller children.
  2. Twin Bed – It is similar to a single bed with just slightly larger.
  3. Twin XL Bed- It is slightly longer than the twin model and is mostly used in dorms.
  4. Double Bed- As the name suggest it is two single beds joint together and used for grown-up children or adult. It is the most popular choice among all segments.
  5. Queen Bed- With a specific size range, larger than a double bed, it is a suitable choice for a couple, and the  queen mattress needs to be splendid. 
  6. King Bed- For most populations, if you are looking for a couple-bed, it is the most likely choice along with the  king mattress, depending on the size of the room. With a slightly larger size than previous options, it is the king in all options available in the market.
  7. California King – It is mostly the largest bed size suitable for the master bedroom, and it is usually preferred for couples who expect a baby for additional space. 


From all the categories mentioned above, the Queen V/s,  King mattress is often the topic of discussion and the most preferred choice for people. As the name symbolizes the royalty in its category, so is the feel from its use. Let's elaborate more on the features of the two-bed types:

  • Queen Size Mattress- A Queen Size mattress can accommodate multiple individuals comfortably and is a reasonable choice, especially when you have a sleeping partner next to you. It is suitable for normal room sizes and provides a good storage option for your bedroom. Storing items like bedsheets, curtains, and occasionally used items in such bed types is an idle choice. The Standard size of a Queen Size mattress is approximately 60 inches X 78 Inches which roughly translates to 5 ft X 6.5 ft in measurement for dimensions in feet.  
  • King Size mattress-A king size mattress is the king of all bed types. Being a large & spacious bedroom, it is an idle match for a large area master bedroom that can accommodate multiple individuals at a time, including a couple who share a bed with their children or pets & that too comfortably. The storage space can be an additional benefit for such users. The mattress's standard size is approximately 76 inches X 80 inches, which translates to 7 ft X 7 ft. Due to its large size, it can provide great décor options and beautiful upholstery. 


Dimension: The size difference between a Queen & a King mattress is the main component separating the two options. A Standard king size is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long with a surface area of 6080 square inches. At the same time, a Queen size is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long with a surface area of 4800 square inches. Since both sizes are almost equal in length, a king-size bed is 16 inches larger in width. 

Price:  In terms of the price range, a king-size bed is more expensive than a  queen mattress and is also available in many designs and patterns.

Room Size: A  King mattress is suitable for larger rooms, while a queen size is more suitable for comparative smaller rooms. A standard room of 10 inches X 10 inches will accommodate a queen size mattress compared to the larger room of at least 12 inches X 12 inches will accommodate a king-size mattress. 

Movability:  Also, due to its size, the king-size bed is not easily movable compared to a queen-size bed. Although most bed size fits into the staircases and door frames, it is always best to take note of the dimension before initiating shifting.

Individual Preference:  In addition to the above comparison, individual preference is also a major deciding factor between a King Size and a Queen Size. A couple who prefers larger sleeping space will be more inclined towards king-size mattresses than a couple who prefer a smaller sleeping space.


  1. Does the couple need king size mattress?

The best bed size for couples depends on their personal preference, but a king-size bed is more spacious by certain inches than a queen-size bed. 

  1. Which is bed size is more easily transferable?

A king-size bed with a larger dimension can be an issue in terms of transferability than a queen-sized bed with comparatively smaller dimensions. 

  1. What is the standard height for such bed size?

As mentioned above, the length of both bed sizes is almost similar that is 80 inches long or 6 ft. There is a difference only in width. 


As per the Queen Size & King Size bed features mentioned above, both are the most suitable options available, subject to individual preferences. Let us  check out  a wide variety of Queen size &  King Size mattresses on the Nilkamal website in different ranges and patterns available at reasonable costs and good discounts.

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