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September 09, 2022

7 Superb TV Unit ideas for living room this Diwali

Entertainment Units make up the essential part of a living room. TV sets are no longer limited only to entertainment. They are now related to style and have covered a long way to become an essential part of home decor. 

Most  TV unit for living room  can accommodate TV sets and other accessories like speakers and set-top boxes. They also ship with storage spaces which are helpful when storing small items like remotes, charging bricks and chords. 

Things to remember while buying a TV Units

While everyone has their own opinions and choices regarding home decor and styling, before you buy any  TV unit,  you need to keep a few things in mind - 

  1. Theme of your house

While choosing a  TV cabinet,  you should ensure that it matches well with the theme of your home. Before purchasing anything, you should determine whether you need floating cabinets or shelves for your design or retro-style  wooden cabinets  to support your televisions. 

  1. Size of your TV

Any  TV cabinet  is useless if it can't fit in your television. So, ensure you get the correct measurements before entering the market.

  1. Requirement of storage space

You should ensure that whether you require additional storage spaces in your TV unit or want a  TV unit  to enhance the looks of your living room or bedroom. 

  1. Material

Different materials provide a different look to the TV unit. Ensure to you choose suitable materials that appeal to your eyes and suit well on your house interiors. If you don't like the finishing of the material, laminates are also good options.

Amazing TV units designs

  1. Wall-mounted TV unit designs

Wall-mounted TV units or floating TV units are in trend these days. They offer a minimalistic and sleek design to your living room. This kind of  TV unit design for living room  allows you to add floating cabinets or shelves, making them more space effective. These  shelves  can be used as a showcase for your family memories, your personal achievements, etc. With the help of shelves or storage cabinets, you can better use your empty wall to give an appealing look.

These designs are ideal for people who want to binge TV shows, even while working in the kitchen or dining room.  You can also have  living room easy chairs for comfort.

  1. Wood-based TV unit designs

For many years, wooden textures have been the most trendy and reliable for any furniture. You can put this wooden touch in your  TV unit  as well. You can also add wooden drawers to the unit to get you some quick storage space to put in minor stuff like magazines and newspapers, making your living room more organised.

You can check out  Nilkamal's entertainment unit range,  where you can find numerous wood-based TV units which are long-lasting and trusted by many customers.

  1. TV unit designs for compact rooms

With the decreasing size of homes, this is the category to which most house owners in India would relate, especially people from metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. TV units with floating shelves or grounded  drawers  cabinets become the ultimate choice in flats with a lot of space constraints. Even you can go with open racks to add an artistic touch to your entertainment zone.

You can opt for many designs like retro-themed wooden racks or shelves or modern-day glass shelves for your TV sets which are comparatively less space-consuming than some other TV cabinets. These designs give a bright look to your room while being functional. 

  1. Glass designs for TV units

If you want a luxurious touch to your living room, glass is your way to go. Glass provides a radiant and glossy look to your living room. Glass-based decor items might be expensive, but they offer a refreshing look to your living room for a long time. Glass and wood are the perfect combos for any fancy furniture, be they center tables or TV units. You can add some wooden cabinets, which will help keep the area around your TV neat and junk free. To fit in with the glass theme, you can get some glass-based showcase items to create a more elegant look.

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  1. TV units with LED lighting

You can get TVs with built-in LED lights, highlighting the unit's design. Adding LED lights in your entertainment hub can change the entire look of your living room. Dim LED lights can help you transform your living room's ambiance, especially at night. These units can draw anyone's attention quite quickly. Regardless of the TV unit design, adding LED lights can make any living room more appealing and help you enhance the looks of your living room. You can mix and match LED lights with wood, glass, laminates, etc., to get a unique design for your living room. 


  1. Low Lying TV units or racks

Low-lying racks are in fashion these days. They support TV sets while being an essential part of your living room. TV sets on low shelves give a minimal look to your living room. They are more than just TV units; they can work as smart storage solutions for your living room, making it feel more spacious. These TV units can even be used in the bedroom to give your bedroom a sleek look. The shelves on these low-lying racks can be used for CDs, DVDs, or showcasing purposes. 

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  1. Modern TV cabinet units

Modern TV sets use a good amount of space. Keeping this in mind, modern-day TV cabinets are built quite large to accommodate all the stuff like sound bars and gaming accessories. They provide large display areas and ship with additional storage spaces to fit in the rest of small sized items. You can design a  bookshelf  around your TV to create a unique look and show off your taste in literature. 


Apart from TV units, you can fit in some nice  living room easy chairs  and sofas in your living room that blend with your home interior, making your home Diwali ready. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture,  where you can get all kinds of affordable or luxurious furniture.
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