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May 04, 2022

How Do You Plan a TV Cabinet for Your Living Room?

For any home, the  living room  is the centre of everything. This is where you spend time with your family, read books, entertain guests, and at the end of the day, when you feel exhausted, you switch on the TV to enjoy some light-hearted shows. So, any homeowner would want their living room to look perfect, which would be impossible if you do not get yourself a  TV cabinet  that makes your home stand out. The living room is the first space in your home that your guests would see, so it does a lot in creating an impression, and you definitely do not want to mess it up. 

A TV cabinet is crucial not just to increase the aesthetic value of your home, but if planned correctly,  cabinets  could turn into storage space as well, helping you stay organised. Wires hanging from your TV are not an approachable sight, so to help you out, here are some benefits of having a TV cabinet, designing the perfect TV cabinet for your home, and some ideas that you can take inspiration from. Check out Nilkamal for some excellent TV cabinet inspiration and to enjoy quality products at unbelievable rates. 

The Benefits of TV Cabinets

  • Helps You Stay Organised: A quality and durable TV cabinet will give you enough space to position your TV perfectly, but it will also provide you with storage to keep your home organised. Whether it is storing the speakers, the karaoke system, or the DVD player, having everything nearby and managed, you can find them easily later on. The drawers will help you store things you do not want to show others, and the compartments help you showcase your splendid collections of showpieces, music, and book collections.  
  • Multipurpose Utility: Another benefit of going for a TV cabinet would be its multipurpose utility. A TV cabinet will help in improving the overall movie experience sitting at home. Still, it would be a great way to showcase your family album, hide the wires, and you could also decorate it in versatile ways. 
  • With TV Cabinets, Say Bye-Bye to Visible Cables and Wires: Wires and cables from your TV are the last things you want to see in your living room. The best way to hide them would be through a TV cabinet. If there are several devices that you plan on using alongside your television, TV cabinets are the perfect option.  
  • Imparts A New Look and Vibe to Your Living Room: Going for a sleek and chic TV cabinet is all you need to elevate the look of your living room, making it stand out. Turn your TV cabinet into a statement furniture piece. Wood is the most sought-after option because it offers both style and durability and can make any living room look elegant. 

What To Keep in Mind While Planning A TV Cabinet In The Living Room

  • Consider Storage and Position: Consider the size of your TV, the position you want it to be fitted, and the number of storage cabinets, compartments, or drawers that you would require. Do you want your TV at eye level or a little higher? Where do you want your DVD player or sound system? When designing or looking for the perfect  TV unit  furniture, all these things should be considered.  
  • The Hardware That Should Be Used: There are some latest trends that you could check out or explore Nilkamal for different  TV cabinet designs.  Do you want a shutter-like structure that you could pull down when not watching TV? Do you want glass doors for the compartments and cabinets for your TV unit? Installing hardware for your TV unit completely depends on your budget. The more complicated design you go for, the more money you have to spend. Consult an expert when trying to figure out the best way to approach designing your TV unit.  
  • What Is the Purpose of The TV Unit? You need to figure out how much you want to focus on looks and how much on the storage aspect while considering installing a TV cabinet. You could add a storage unit on either side or even both sides of the TV unit space. The internet will provide you with several designs to take inspiration from.    

Modern TV Unit Designs You Should Not Miss Out On 

  • White Cabinets Alongside Wooden Laminate: This is a minimal and elegant modern design. This TV unit has all the elements of becoming a statement piece in your living room. You could go for a backlit panel, making your home stand out.  
  • Use Your TV Unit As A Partition: You could turn your TV cabinet into a partition, especially if you have a large living area and wish to separate the living and the  dining area 
  • Neutral Contemporary TV Cabinet: If you want something clean and minimalist, then this is the design to go for. It offers a crisp look. You could mount your speakers beside the TV unit, giving off a theatre feel.  
  • Completely White: This is another popular TV unit design that modern homes are going crazy for. If you love white and want to incorporate white into your home while doing the interiors or remodelling, go for an all-white TV unit. You could team it up with different white furnishings or add some wooden accents. 
  • Floating TV Unit: Floating TV cabinet designs require very little space because of how compact they are. You could add glass shutters for the storage space, making the living room stand out. 
  • Wooden TV Unit: Wooden TV units will never go out of style, and their durability completely depends on the quality and type of wood used and how you maintain it. A chestnut unit right below your TV unit is the go-to option for many homeowners due to its functionality and the evergreen look.  


Hoping this guide will help you find the perfect TV unit that would meet all your requirements. Take time and do thorough research and check out  Nilkamal’s  excellent collection because it is not every day that you would be investing in something like this.

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