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January 22, 2022

A Guide To Buying A Bed: Things To Keep In Mind

Willy King Bed

The bed is the biggest element in any bedroom. And it’s one that has to be chosen carefully. Now, it’s not always that you’ll be able to consult an interior designer or a furniture expert when you want to buy a bed. You can easily buy a bed online on your own. And before you start your search, reach this guide that will help you buy the best bed for your home.

Factors to consider when you buy a bed online

What’s the right bed size for you?

King size bed

A king size bed is best suited for a couple or a couple and a kid or a pet. It’s a luxurious option for those who prefer to have a lot of space to sleep. King size beds are available in different sizes depending on the brand.

Queen size bed

A queen size bed is a double bed that is smaller than the king size. It is suitable for two people to sleep comfortably. Queen size beds are available in different sizes depending on the brand. Queen beds are suitable for people who are of short to medium height.

Single bed

A single bed is suitable for a single person. Moreover, if the size of the bedroom is small, a single bed is most suitable. It occupies less space compared to a double bed. It’s a good option in the kids’ room if required for one child.

Bunk bed

Most suitable for kids’ rooms, bunk beds help save space. These beds are also suitable for servants' rooms within the house. Having a bunk bed in a kids’ room can allow one to have other furniture such as wardrobes, a study table and chairs without making the room look crowded.


Buy this bunk bed for the kids room or for the servants quarter. Made with steel with powder coating, it’s the best solution to save space as well as accommodate two people.

How to choose the bed material?

The material of the bed is an important factor. Why? Because it is related to factors such as safety, durability, cleaning and maintenance, etc. So, before you start your search for a double or single bed online, understand how the material matters.


Hardwood beds are made of hard quality woods such as teak, rosewood, among others. These beds might be more expensive but they also promise longevity and durability. The intrinsic quality of the woods give these beds a rich look that can enhance the bedroom aesthetically.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood is man-made wood. It is cheaper than hardwood but it can be as durable as hardwood provided it is made well. Engineered wood is available of different thickness and grades and has a smoother and flatter surface. It is an eco-friendly wood and most suitable for the conscious consumer.


Another option when buying a bed is metal or more precisely, stainless steel. These beds come in many different designs, from sleek to ornamental. Steel beds are durable and can be used rough and touch. These are especially suitable to those people who move houses a lot and want beds that can be easily moved around.

Design and style

Want to give a cozy look and feel to your bedroom? That’s where the design aspects of your bed comes in. Whether you’re looking for a king size bed or storage beds online, you’ll find different styles and designs. But how should you make your selection?

  • Consider the existing decor style of your house.
  • Go by something that matches your bedroom furniture theme.
  • Pick one that is visually appealing and matches your taste.
  • Select a design that is evergreen and classic.
  • Will the bed be able to accommodate the type of mattress you want?


Buy this king size box bed made of particle board. The elegant headboard complements the minimal design, while the box storage keeps your things hidden underneath. The wenge/oak finish makes it perfect for all modern style bedrooms.

How easy is it to maintain and clean the bed?

Cleaning and maintenance of beds is easier said than done. For starters, it’s a large piece of furniture, which makes it difficult to move it for cleaning. Here are some factors that you must consider before you zero-in on a bed.

  • The weather of the place you live in. If the weather is damp and humid, it’s best to avoid materials such as cane and MDF.
  • The environment around your house. Too dusty and chances are your bed and mattress might collect dust in it. And so, it’s best to avoid a bed design that has intricate design details that allow dust to settle in. A simple but useful tip.
  • If you’re planning to clean the bed often, make sure you pick up a design and size that is easy for you to move, shift and clean. If it’s too heavy, you might not be able to clean it properly.

Storage and display rack options

Bed without storage

For those who do not require extra storage in beds, a bed without storage is perfect. This kind of a bed looks sleeker compared to the bulkiness of storage beds. It makes the room look more spacious because it allows you to see the floor below the bed.

Bed with storage

Beds with storage are those that offer space to store things in boxes in the bed. Both single beds and double beds can have storage space. These beds are suitable for those who have smaller houses and too many things to store.

Bed with display in headboard

While some beds have plain headboards, some have display options in the headboard. This display section can be used to showcase trinkets or keep everyday use items such as alarm clocks and books.


Checkout this storage bed. Made of particle board, this box storage bed dons a simple design with a display space in the headboard. A perfect addition to any bedroom that has space for a queen size bed.

To choose a bed, measure the room

Everyone wants a spacious room, but not all know how to make a bedroom spacious. So, when you plan to buy a bed, the first thing you must do is measure your bedroom.

Based on the measurement and dimensions of the room, decide the size of your bed and where you’re going to place it. You must also consider the other furniture pieces that you’ll have in your bedroom such as entertainment units, tables and chairs.

The idea is to first plan and then set out to look for the right kind of bed. Whether you narrow down on a king size bed or a queen size bed, if you’re buying one online, you should have a clear picture of how much space the bed will occupy in your room.

Ask these questions to yourself first:

  • What size of bed do I require? A double bed or a single bed?
  • Where will I place the bed in the room?
  • Does the room have enough space for the bed you chose?
  • Do you need extended storage in the bed?
  • Should you get a bed with or without a headboard?

The budget factor when buying a bed

The price of beds depends on various factors such as the design, the material, the brand, the size, etc. It can range from a few thousands to lakhs.

  • Those looking for a durable bed will have to shell out more. While if you’re looking for a bed that you can replace in a couple of years, it’s better to go for a cheaper option. A bed made of engineered wood and MDF would be cheaper compared to solid wood.
  • Among other important factors that affect the price of beds is storage. If you want a bed with box storage, it will cost you more than a simple bed without storage. Depending on how much storage space you require, you might choose a queen size bed or a single bed, and that will affect the price of the bed.
  • Another key factor is the design. Designer beds will cost you much more than your local carpenter or local brands. If you want a customized bed, you might have to pay a little more price, but it’ll be worth it because it’ll make you happy.
  • Another aspect to consider is from where you’re buying your bed. Whether it's a double bed or a storage bed, you can buy it online. Buy it from a store that offers free delivery, such as Nilkamal online store.

Final thoughts

The above is an ultimate guide that you could use when you want to buy a bed. If you’re ready to start your search, head to Nilkamal online furniture store. We promise you’ll find the bed of your dreams.

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