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December 06, 2021

How to create a cozy bedroom - 6 simple ways!

Looking for ways to create a cozy bedroom? Well, getting the bedroom decor right is easier said than done. We often tend to over stuff it or under do it. At times we might mess up with the color theme, or the lighting might turn up to be flat and boring.

However, making the bedroom look cozy is not rocket science, and with a little bit of planning and know-how, you can easily make your bedroom the most beautiful place in the world. Follow these easy breezy tips.

1. Choose neutral colors

Choosing the right colors for the bedroom can make all the difference to its vibe and mood. Experts suggest light to mid tones such as grey, beige, white, brown and light blue -- create a peaceful vibe. So, when you’re choosing your bedroom furniture, curtains, and linen, keep these colors in mind. It is better to stick to a color theme than go all out, especially for the bedroom.

2. Get the right size bed

If you choose too big or bulky a bed for a small room, your bedroom will end up looking space-crunched. Conversely, if you go for a small bed for a large room, it might disturb the balance of the room. Hence, it’s important to get the right size of bed. Whether you prefer a king size bed or a queen size bed, make sure the size makes the room look cozy.


Take a look at this queen bed - minimalist design, simple lines, a designer headboard with simple carving, box storage and sturdy engineered wood - it ticks off all the essentials that can make a bedroom look and feel cozy.

3. Use the right kind of mattress

Not just the bed, the mattress plays a huge role in making a room look cozy. A thick, soft-looking, fluffy mattress will make a room look cozy compared to thin and hard mattresses. When you’re buying a mattress online, make sure you try to imagine how it might look on your bed.

4. Have a designer dressing table

One of the most ignored furniture pieces in any bedroom is the dresser. It’s always an afterthought, the last one in the list. Isn’t it? But think about it. The dresser is one of the most attractive pieces of furniture in any room because of its mirror. Who has ever been able to not look into the mirror. Go for a stylish dressing table instead of a simple one. Think round wall glass with a console table, or a large vertical mirror with a table.


Checkout this glam-looking dressing table in dark brown finish. With the full-length mirror, it can add a dramatic effect to any room. Made of MDF, it provides multiple drawers and shelves for storage as well.

5. Create the right balance of light

To create a cozy feel in the bedroom, pay extra attention to the lighting. If you have too much bright, white light in the room, do away with it. Then, add warm yellow lights. Make sure there’s a play of might and shade. Avoid flat lights. Let the warm lights create drama. You can get as creative as you want with the kinds of lights that you want in your bedroom - from fairy lights to spotlights to floor lamps to wall lamps - you’ll find a lot of options.

6. Find your special nook, then spruce it up

It’s advisable to have a special corner in the bedroom. Find yours and do it up in the way you want to. If you’re into reading, bring a reading lounge chair, a lampshade and a small bookshelf. If you love listening to music, bring a rocking chair or a recliner chair and a small coffee table by its side. You’ll find all kinds of designer bedroom furniture to do up your corner.

Over to you

Now you’re all set to re-do your bedroom to give it a cozy feel. If you’re looking to buy the right kind of bedroom furniture, queen size bed, king size bed, or a mattress online, head over to Nilkmal online furniture store

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