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September 14, 2021

How to Set Up a Truly Great Work from Home Space

Working from home has its pros and cons, and let’s admit it, it’s not as easy as it seems. You need to set up a proper work from home space to stay productive. Before setting up a home-office, you might have many questions. And that’s exactly what we’ll answer in this blog.

Where should I set up a home office?

While the ideal place to set up your home office and place your work space desk would be in your study/reading room, we understand that not everyone might have a spare reading room.

Even if you do have a study room, it’s possible that other family members also use that room for working or studying. So where else can you set up your work desk?

It completely depends on in which room there is enough space. Next, think about if that room is quiet or noisy. Will that room have a lot of people coming in and out?

You could set up your home office in your living room, dining space, bedroom, or loft. If you have a large enough balcony that has windows that can be shut, you could consider setting up your work space in the balcony, too.

How do I set up a home office in the bedroom?

A lot of experts say that one should always separate their work space from their bedroom. But we understand that for some, the bedroom is the only place where they can have a peaceful home office set up. So why not!

To set up a home office in your bedroom, you’ll need a work desk and a chair. Once you set up the perfect desk and chair, think of a table lamp because your bedroom could get dark at times and you’ll need enough light for those Zoom calls.

If you have a window in your bedroom, it’s always a good idea to place your work desk close to the window. If you want more work from home space design ideas, look up some images online of how other people have set up their offices at home. You’ll surely be bombarded with space ideas.


Key features:

  • Foam cushioned seat with crepe fabric
  • PP fixed arms
  • Push Back mechanism with 120 mm stroke class 4 BIFMA gas lift
  • Metal powder coated base & Twin wheel Nylon Castors

How do I set up a home office in the living room?

Before setting up your home office in the living room, be aware that you might experience a lot of disturbances - the doorbell ringing, your family members coming in, etc. If you’re okay with that, bring in your work table and chair in your living room. Find a good spot to place your desk.

Make sure there’s ample space for your work table and chair. You don’t want to work from a cramped space. If you need a more secluded and private space within your living room, you could go for a portable office cube and place it around your work table and chair.


Key features:

  • Table Top Material: pre-laminated MDF board.
  • Load bearing capacity: Upto 40 Kg
  • Workube Walls Laminated with sound absorbent PP Fabric
  • Pre Cut Hole for Cable Management
  • Available in Full Kube & Half Kube

What if I don’t have a dedicated space to set up a home office?

If you don’t have a dedicated space to set up your home office, don’t worry. Learn to make the most of the space you have. We’ll help you with some excellent work from home space ideas that will make your work enjoyable.

You could work from your dining table to begin with. When you need a change or a break, move to the balcony with a comfortable chair and desk. Heard of standing desks? Why not place a standing desk in your living room? You can get creative with using space to work from home and even enjoy working like that. It’ll keep you more energetic and productive.

What factors should I consider when setting up a home office?

There are many factors that you should consider when setting up your home office space. To begin with, choose a corner or spot that is quiet and has the least disturbances. A loud place might hinder your productivity.

Secondly, choose the right table and work chair that makes it comfortable for you to sit for long hours of work. It’s best to go with an ergonomic chair as it will ensure a good posture and back support. Get the right height for your table. Make sure you have enough plug points near your table so that you do not have to shift from your spot when you need to plug in a device.


Key features:

  • Made of MDF with Melamine paper lamination.
  • Keyboard tray & Shelves for CPU, Printer, UPS etc.
  • Spacious table top to accommodate Monitor, speakers, scanner etc.
  • Casters for moving the table.

How to set up a home office in a small house?

Not all houses are large enough. Some houses may have more family members compared to the others. So, what are the best ways to set up a home office in a small house?

While it may be difficult, you can easily create a good home office space and be on the top of your productivity. You could choose a secluded corner, place your work desk by the wall so that you do not face any other disturbances.

Another way to set up a work desk in a small house is to get a portable cube. Cover your table and chair from three sides with the cube so that you have your cubicle at home, just like in your office.

So, how are you going to set up your home office?

To set up your home office, you’ll have to make do with your space and circumstances. A key aspect is your work desk and chair, which you can buy. You’ll find many trendy work table and chair options on Nilkamal online furniture store.

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