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June 25, 2022

Whenever we think of bed, we think of comfort. Since it's such an important part of our life, it's important to understand the varieties of beds available in the market and select the best according to your needs. Each bed type has its unique benefits that can fit according to your requirements. 

It's common to be confused while choosing the best type of bed for your home. The most common bed type is the  single bed appropriate for smaller places. But did you know many more types of beds are available in the market?  Explore  @Nilkamal furniture  to witness various beds online.

Different Types Of Beds

Below are a variety of beds available in the modern market.

1. Beds With Storage

This can be considered an important investment for your bedroom, as it provides an extra storage space that can help in keeping quilts, pillowcases, blankets, different sheets, mattresses, etc. This is an entertaining and creative option for keeping certain household objects safely hidden. A  king-size bed with storage  is an amazing choice for a larger bedroom. However, for limited space, a dual bed or asingle bed with storage will be a great choice. 

In this way, you will be saving more money and be organized at the same time.

2. Beds Without Storage

Beds without storage offer a clean, open space and fresh look to your bedroom. Space underneath your bed gives you the option to keep the area cleansed and well conserved. Often a lot of dust gets collected under the bed, and with a  bed without storage,  it can avoid this by offering you a clean place. You could still efficiently use extra available space according to your needs. There are a lot of designs available for this as well.   

3. Double Bed

A  double bed  is a much more comfortable option than asingle bed. It's affordable and fits well in small spaces yet feels much more spacious than a twin bed. A double bed is a magnificent piece of furniture work as it makes it easy to lie down comfortably and relax with ease. It's a perfect option for young adults or growing teenagers. There are stylish bed designs available for double beds, and you can  check out  @Nilkamal furniture  to see various collections. 

4. King Size Bed

 A king-size bed is an attention-grabbing and charmable bed. A  king-size bed  will be an ideal investment if you have a big family. A normal king-size bed dimension of 72 inches X 78 inches is perfect for a large bedroom, and it comes with varieties of colours and designs. Choose your perfect king-size bed and make your bedroom vigorous and warm. 

5. Queen Size Bed

A queen-size bed is slightly smaller than a king-size bed, but it offers enough space for more than two people. It's a perfect choice for smaller families and young couples. A standard  queen-size bed  dimension is roughly around 60 inches X 78 Inches. You can check the measurements and select according to your requirement. 

6. Single Bed

A single bed is essential for a lot of homes. Especially for people with shared apartments or small apartments, a single bed would be great. A  single bed  is the only size that can be used for multi-purposes and is good for functional smart space designs. There are different measures available for this, and wide options to choose from. 

7. Hydraulic Beds

Hydraulic beds  are made with two or three sets of gas springs fixed on metal lifting frames and installed under the bed boards. The main objective ofa hydraulic bed king size is the storage space underneath the bed. It is designed in such a unique way that you can store your household items in an organized way, and whenever you need them, you can lift the bed along with a mattress. Thehydraulic bed king size comes in various designs, including side tables, lamps, etc. 

8. Upholstered Bed

 An upholstered bed typically consists of a layer of padding covered by a soft luxurious textile.  Upholstered beds  are designed flawlessly with a tall headboard to provide cushioned support and a cosy feeling in your bedroom. You can place colourful cushions and aesthetic pillowcases to make your bedroom look more glamorous and welcoming. 

9. Four Poster Bed

A  four-poster bed  is luxurious, with four vertical columns or posts supporting a rectangular panel. Since it's a heavy structure, it may be hard to move around. However, the frame provides enough space to work around your creative ideas. You can experiment with a range of beautiful curtains, different fabrics, and décor of the bed with furniture accessories and silk fabrics that will make your bed look more elegant as well as enhance the beauty of the four-poster bed.

10. Trundle Bed 

 A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that you store under the bed frame of the main bed. You can hide the extra mattress underneath the bed frame during the day, but pull it out when it's in use. It's perfect for people who need another bed but don't have enough space to add another bed to the room. A trundle bed is great for kid's sleepover parties as it creates enough space for kids to sleep comfortably. There are various designs available, and you choose according to your preference. 

11. Bunk Bed

A  bunk bed  is smartly designed. It's like a double-decor bed usually structured for kids, but adult bunk is also gaining popularity since it's a smart way to structure a room, creating enough space in the room.

12. Futon

Japan invented futons, but nowadays, these come in the latest designs and are easy to carry. It also gives your bedroom an elegant look and doesn't take a lot of space. For a living room, a  futon sofa  bed provides a dual befit of a sofa and a bed, which is also comfortable.


There are varieties of bed designs to choose from according to your choice, taste, style, comfort, and need.  Buy  the various types available in  Nilkamal furniture  for up-to-date designs and to make your bedroom beautiful. 

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