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June 25, 2022

Bookshelves are where one can get lost in the vast ocean of wisdom stored in paper and accessible right at one’s fingertips. Books, after all, are a man’s best friend. The excitement of scrolling or skimming through a bookshelf for book lovers is the same as a kid walking through a candy store. In every book, one possesses intelligence, personality, choices and demeanours. So just like every book tells a story,  bookshelf designs  speak volumes too. So if you are looking for  book rack designs for your bedroom,  you must explore  @Nilkamal furniture  options available in retail and online stores to get the best look.

Why Are Bookshelves Currently Hot In The Market For Décor Trend?

With the advent of Kindle and online reading technology, people thought paperbacks and hardbacks would become obsolete. However, the epilogue of books and bookshelf designs is yet to be written. With the pandemic forcing people to work from home and engage in video conferencing calls with a soothing background, bookrack designs for bedrooms started to see rising demand. Moreover, the pandemic saw people ditch their gadgets for books to take a break and revive lost passions and hobbies. Trendy modern bookshelf designs began to represent the personalities of who we are and the identity of our humble abode. Rightly so, why would one not want to celebrate their priceless collection of books with a bookshelf? You can design a bookshelf on the wall, under the stairs or in the corner of a room to make your home beautiful. Organised bookshelves don’t just add to the overall décor of the house but are an integral part of a family today that influences everyone living under the roof.  Bookshelf designs  are available in various beautiful designs that could be the foundation for cultivating a good habit of reading among family members. It is important to have a mental picture of the kind of bookshelves you need, and to know more about the creative and modern designs for a bookshelf at home,  check out  @ Nilkamal Furniture.  Learn more about some designs and look out for similar options online.

1. Stack Them Vertically Or Horizontally

Sometimes, simplicity is the best form of aesthetics. Straight and patterned shelves could be great for bedroom wall-mounted book rack designs. Stacking books on a sturdy flat surface have an elegant and simple look. This kind of style goes well with any layout and any room. An array of shelves by the  TV unit,  bedside or  wall corner  renders a soothing appeal to the entire room. All you need to know is the dimension and space in mind to create a bespoke bookshelf design that can help you keep your books in style.

2. Make It Part Of Your Bedside Table

For those who like to curl in  bed  with a book, a bedroom library just by the bedside could be a great idea. It also has the benefit of being able to grab a book without much effort when one is going to bed. Build a  cabinet  around your bed or arrange some shelves around your bedside to stack the books you love to read. Make sure to keep some space between the shelves, so the books don’t drop on your head. The best way to organise bedside bookshelf designs is to place them by the side and not directly over the bed. 

3. Incorporate Trendy Designs

If you like to have some spunk in your bedroom, then choose trendy  bookshelf  designs for your bedrooms. It is not difficult to create one; you need to have an idea in mind. Arranging shelves like a tree, branch, letter or boxed unit could be some options to add some trendy appeal to your bedroom. Placing shelves at an angle one beside each other is also a common trend that is very exciting. 

4. Open Shelves For A Modern Look

Open shelves  are also a great idea if you have a big bedroom or a spacious study. An open shelf attached to a wall or in the middle separating the room will give you unlimited access to your books. Apart from storing your readers, you can add some decorative accessories to the shelves to make them look visually appealing. Opt for a  bookshelf design  with glass doors if you like to experiment. 

5. De-clutter Or Decorate A Corner

Contrary to belief, corners are a great place to add to your home décor. A practical solution if you do not have a large bedroom or study. Find a sensible corner in your room, and see what kind of shelf will look good and also be able to hold your books. Arrange shelves in a zig-zag pattern or racks in an open V shape to make them look nice and functional.


The sky is the limit when it comes to home décor. If you are a bookworm who loves to hoard books and buy every new release, then a clever bookshelf design will help save space and organise books. Bookshelves are an affordable and easy way to design your bedroom and study and create a vibrant look. So if you are planning your bedroom or re-decorating and do not want to dispose of those piles of books that are precious to you,  buy  online or in a retail store at  Nilkamal furniture  for the best bookrack for your home. Books are a priced possession and deserve the best treatment in your home. A functional bookshelf could be the answer to your storage woes and the baby steps towards getting you and your family to engage in a fruitful hobby.

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