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February 17, 2023

Amazing Ways to Give a New Look To Your Old Dining Chairs 

Timeworn furniture ruins the look of any home. It is especially true for  dining chairs.  Dining Old  dining room chairs  with faded, chipped surfaces, scratches and worn-off paint spoil the look of even the most stylish dining room. The once intricate and elaborate  dining chairs designs  lose their charm with the passing years. The only thought that crosses your mind is to do away with old  dining room chairs  and get new ones. But sometimes you have great memories and sentiments attached to your furniture. You probably purchased them to mark a notable landmark of your life. Or they are family heirlooms or someone extremely close to you gifted them. 

Whatever the reason, at times, it isn’t easy to part with certain furniture pieces, however old and worn-out they are, because they hold exceptional value for us. But you can’t even use them in their faded glory. There seems to be no respite from this dilemma. We have a perfect solution to solve your problem. You can bring back the life and charm to your old chairs with a little revamping. Don’t fret. With a bit of effort and care, your old  dining chair decor  will be good as new. Also, you won’t have to part with your precious furniture pieces and the sentiments attached. After you  revamp dining chairs,  you’ll be surprised by the newness of your dining aesthetics. Here are some inspirational ideas to  revamp dining chairs  to restore their lost glory. 

Ideas To Revamp Dining Chairs

Revamping your old dining table chairs is a cost-effective way to give them a new and fresh look. When you revamp your  dining chairs designs  are also upgraded. With fresh-looking dining table chairs, the overall appeal of your dining room elevates. It creates an illusion that you bought new furniture pieces. There are many ways to revamp your  dining chair decor.  You can choose whichever idea appeals to you the most. Here are some helpful revamping ideas for your perusal:


You can give a new appearance to your old  dining chairs  by reupholstering them. However, it can be done when your chairs have a cushioned seat or a fabric seat and backrest. You can go as creative as you want with new upholstery. Do the back and seat in contrasting yet complementing fabrics, or go for quirky prints, materials, or textures that enhance the style manifold. With new upholstery, your old chairs will perk up immediately, and your  dining set  will start looking newly bought. 


Wooden chairs, with passing years, get fade or lose their natural finish. The best way to give a dramatic makeover to your old chairs is refinishing. But ensure before your furniture is refinished, it is cleaned, the old finish stripped off, and all the scratches and chips are repaired. 

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One of the easiest ways to make your old dining table chairs look new is to paint them. You can revamp your old chairs’ appearance by coating them in a new colour. To get a flawless new look, ensure your chairs are cleaned and repaired for a smooth surface. 

Opt to milk paint your old chairs to give them a vintage appearance. Milk paint gives a chippy, distressed look, and milk paint will transform your old dining table chairs into elegant vintage chairs within minutes. 

Furniture Transfers & Decals

You can use furniture transfers or decals to give a colourful and vibrant look to your old chairs. You will have numerous options for designs, patterns and colours. With them, you can change the appearance of your old chairs easily. 

Change The legs

To make your old chairs look stylish, why not change their legs? You can either replace the old legs with some fancy or elaborate legs. You can even shorten or heighten your chairs by cutting the legs or adding longer legs. 

Clear Wax

When you want to keep your old chairs looking natural, strip off their old paint and apply coats of clear wax. The wax will protect the wood and display its natural colour.

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Additional Ways To Revamp Your Dining Room Décor

Sometimes one or a couple of your  dining table and chairs  need to be more robust or damaged for revamping. Or even after you update your chairs, you feel something is missing. Then you can make additional changes to your  dining table and chairs  for new décor. Here are a few ideas:

  • Accent Chairs

You can change the décor of your dining set and make it look luxurious by adding a stylish accent chair. Accent chairs are elegant, decorative and comfortable. So, when you swap your old dining chair with an accent chair, you instantly make your dining set look glamorous and stylish.

  • Dining Bench

Dining benches  are the latest trend in dining furniture. They are versatile, comfortable, space-saving and cost-effective. Replace a few old chairs with a sophisticated bench and enjoy the new look. 

  • New Dining Chair

Give a stylish mix-and-match look to your dining set with a few new dining table chairs. Revamp your old chairs and replace a few with contemporary chairs in complementing designs to make your dining set look unique and trendy.

  • Dining Table

Change your  dining table  to revamp your dining room décor. A new, stylish dining table with a trendy design will uplift your dining room décor and give it a unique appearance. 


You can revamp your old dining chairs using one or more of the abovementioned ideas. With these tips, your dining chairs will have a new appearance. Add a few new furniture pieces, such as a bench or new dining chairs, to your old dining set, for a stylish look with a more comfortable and contemporary dining set. Explore the exhaustive collection of  Nilkamal Furniture  to purchase trendy and durable  dining room furniture  at a competitive price.
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