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February 16, 2023

Can Accent Chairs Be Used As Dining Table Chairs?

Accent chairs  are the epitome of luxury, comfort, and elegance. The beautiful chairs become the focal point of attraction in any room they are placed. They are generally used to beautify the aesthetics of living rooms, study rooms, lounges, and sometimes bedrooms.  Accent chairs  decorate any space with their presence, and no other decoration is needed. They can be used as comfortable seating to create a reading nook, for relaxation, or as an extra seating option. Due to their intrinsic property to glam up any space they are placed in, many people wonder whether an accent chair can be used as a  dining chair

People want to use an accent chair as a dining room chair for beautifying and adding a unique touch to their ding rooms. However, it can be challenging to incorporate any accent chair seamlessly into the  dining room chairs.  Read on to understand how you can use an accent chair as a  dining chair  and tips to buy the perfect accent chair for your dining table.

Accent Chairs vs Dining Chairs

The difference in the design of an accent chair and  dining room chairs  makes the use of an accent chair as a dining chair seem improbable. An accent chair is generally a lower height, closer to the ground, with a high back and a wide and plush cushioned seat for more seating comfort. It is typically used for comfortable seating in elegance. At the same time, dining chairs tend to have smaller seats, with medium-height backrests and a height good enough for a tall person’s feet touching the ground. They can be cushioned or have hard seats, with armrests and without.

The low height of an accent chair with its wider seat and bulky frame makes it a bit large to fit an average  dining table.  So, when you want to use an accent chair at your dining table, make sure it is of a design and style of a more petite build and average height. The smaller and skinnier the built of accent chair, the more easily it can fit under your dining table. 

Why Choose Accent Chairs

An accent chair at your dining table is not the obvious chair choice. After all, there are numerous options for every type of dining chair. Even a  plastic dining chair comes in multiple colours and styles to suit any dining table and dining room décor. So, why buy an accent chair when you can  buy dining chair  in any design, colour and style? Using an accent chair at your dining table gives your dining room décor a trendy and elegant uplift. And an accent chair is way more comfortable than dining chairs. In simple terms, adding an accent chair to your dining table is like adding an accent wall to your room. 

With a single accent  chair  in vibrant colour and decorative design, you can make even the dullest dining table stylish and make the everyday décor look special. Therefore, an accent chair is your best choice when you want a luxurious dining chair with excellent seating comfort. 

Tips To Buy an Accent Chair As Your Dining Chair

An accent chair is an unconventional yet exciting choice for a  dining set.  To ensure it suits your dining table perfectly, you must take care of a few things. Here are some tips to consider when buying an accent chair for your dining room:


The position where you want to place the accent chair is an important aspect to consider before buying an accent chair. The placement of the accent chair will impact the size and style of the accent chair you buy. When you want to place the accent chair at the head of the dining table or the ends, you can choose any style and design of accent chair. The head of the dining table has much more space than the sides, so the wide frame of accent frame will fit perfectly there. 

When placing an accent chair on the side of the dining table, you need to buy an accent chair with a more petite frame to fit in the limited space. However, if you have a large dining table, you can place an accent chair anywhere you wish and as many as you want. 

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An accent side chair with no arms is the perfect design to suit any placement on your dining table. You can use accent side chairs as your entire dining chair set as they can better fit under your dining table. The full-size accent armchairs may be challenging to push under the dining table, so it is better suited for large and high dining tables or head dining chairs. So, choose the design of an accent chair that can adjust properly under your dining table and complement your dining set design. 

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An accent chair is primarily meant to enhance the décor of the space. So, it has to fit well with the aesthetics of your dining room. For a cohesive décor, ensure your accent chair doesn’t clash with your other furniture pieces or the room colour. It shouldn’t be too big or too small compared to your other chairs. Also, if your dining room is compact, go for a single accent chair. Too many big chairs may make the dining room look stuffy. When you have a spacious  dining room,  you can easily opt for more large chairs in one or more designs. However, remember that their designs shouldn’t clash with each other. 


Accent chairs can be a pleasant and stylish addition to your dining set. However, choosing the right accent chair in a design and size best suited for your dining table, other dining chairs, and your overall décor is essential. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  complete catalogue to  buy dining chair  at the best price.
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