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April 06, 2023

Best and Trendy Modular Beds To Modernise Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are unique places, aren't they? Our bedrooms are significant in our homes since we spend one-third of our lives there. An ultra-comfortable bed and a clean, cosy bedroom are all you need after working all day. In addition, your bed should be a comfortable and fashionable piece of furniture as it is where you begin and end every day. More than just luxury, having proper  modular bedroom furniture  is a necessity. You should also consider your room's beauty and comfort when you purchase a bed.


Take your pick from this collection of trendy  modular bed design  that ranges from rustic to luxurious!


Why Do You Need a Modular Type Bed?

  • If you do not have enough space to store blankets, pillows, duvet covers, etc., then go for a modern storage bed
  • In terms of looks, it also gets full marks. Customise it according to your space needs.


You can find a wide range of comfortable, stylish  modular bedroom furniture  at Nilkamal.


Trendy Bed Collections from Nilkamal Furniture

Below is the  modular bed  collection:


  1. Box Storage Type

Luxury comes as  box storage beds  in your bedroom. A  modular bed with storage  are opulent and luxurious. The wooden box bed is the perfect combination of form and function. An elegant addition to any bedroom, its solid lines and ample storage space accommodate your home's organisation needs. Many shoppers avoid box beds due to the idea that they are expensive. When you shop for a  modular bed with storage  at Nilkamal, you can rest assured that you get the best price. It does not require you to leave your house to do all this!


  1. Bed without Storage

Make your bedroom look beautiful with the  Nilkamal Galaxy Meta Bed Without Storage.  With its stunning marble design and striking routing panel, the Galaxy headboard adds an aesthetic appeal to your modern décor. Additionally, it adds brightness to your interiors with the LED light in the centre. Solid and stylish engineered MDF wood construction adds strength to your setup.

Using heavy-duty particle board, the Meta Base offers a convenient storage-free design. It has a chrome-plated metal footboard that ensures even weight distribution and sturdy support. You can facilitate easy cleaning by creating a personalised storage space beneath the base. This bed comes in two elegant shades: warm white or a classy walnut finish. Choose the one that matches your bedroom interior colour.


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  1. Modular Hydraulic Beds with Storage

Hydraulic beds feature hydraulic technology, which makes them convenient to use. Beds with hydraulic storage are available in various designs for your bedroom. Multiple shapes, sizes, and designs are available in Nilkamal's  modular hydraulic bed.  Despite their internal fitting systems, hydraulic beds do not require extra force when lifting them for storage or reshaping them to meet your lumbar and working needs.

The two types of  modular hydraulic bed  offered by the store are:


Semi Hydraulic Type

Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed with semi-hydraulic storage  will enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. Below are the features of this bed:

  • An elegant  modular bed design  and striking routing panel make the galaxy headboard the ideal complement to any modern décor.
  • A sturdy MDF construction provides strength and a touch of flair to this semi-hydraulic storage setup.
  • You can also brighten up your interiors with its LED light in the centre.
  • A robust mattress panel holds the mattress in place.
  • With three-fourths hydraulic cylinder capacity, this bed is an attractive and sturdy storage unit.
  • It has three large compartments for storing apparel, bedding, and kid's toys.
  • You can keep any other quick-access accessories behind the base in two boxes.
  • White or walnut are the two colour options available.


Full Hydraulic Type

Adding a touch of class to your bedroom is easy with the  Nilkamal Galaxy Premier full-hydraulic bed.  This bed provides the following features:

  • An eye-catching routing panel at the headboard adds aesthetic appeal to your modern decor.
  • It features a gorgeous marble design. A LED light at its centre illuminates your interiors like the semi-hydraulic type mentioned above.
  • Designed from engineered wood, which provides durability and strength.
  • Metal mattress panels support you while you sleep. A solid particle board constructs this complete hydraulic storage unit.
  • This bed has a whole hydraulic storage system, two compartments, and two drawers.
  • A hydraulic panel allows you to access two spacious compartments for clothing and bedding, while two easy-pull drawers in the front make essentials accessible.
  • A classic walnut finish and an attractive white shade are also available. Choose one that complements your bedroom decor.


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How to Choose a Modular Bed?

When choosing a new bedroom bed design, consider the following factors.



Choosing a  modular bed  with the right size is essential. It should be comfortable to sleep on as long as it does not take up the entire bedroom space. A twin-size bed is typically the best option for smaller bedrooms since it is excellent for a single occupant. Consider a  queen size bed  if you share a room with your partner.



 Modular beds have significantly evolved. You can choose a bed that meets those requirements per your needs. A hydraulic lift bed, for instance, makes it easier to access storage.



Furniture's design and aesthetics are essential, especially if it is going into your  bedroom  or  living room.  Consider a bed style that matches the aesthetics and theme of your bedroom. For example, a wooden bed design is a good option for a more traditional theme.



Before purchasing the frame, make sure you measure your  mattress.  This measurement will ensure that mattresses sit perfectly on beds. You must also match your bed's size with your bedroom's size.



Choosing a bed with optimal storage will allow you to maximise its use. You can display artefacts on a headboard with drawers or shelves you can access from the bed.



Refreshing your bedroom requires considering current trends, size, and, most importantly, budget.  Nilkamal Furniture  offers a wide range of bed types at an affordable prices. Choose the one that best suits your bedroom's décor and needs.

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