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April 06, 2023

Create a Comfortable and Stylish Living Room for Eid with Chairs

Eid is the festival that marks the end of Ramadan when all Muslims break their fasts. It is the festival that celebrates togetherness. All Muslims express their gratitude for all the blessings they have received. The day is celebrated with full pomp and show, and families come together to break their fast and celebrate the festival. 

If you are organising the Eid party at your house, you might be worried about arranging the  chairs  and décor to create a styling and inviting space for guests, and you can celebrate the festival with joy and excitement. Here is a guide that will answer all your questions and help you create the perfect living room to celebrate this auspicious festival.


You must have a wide range of options, from simple and  small balcony chairs  to stylish  recliner chairs  for the living room, and it is very excited to help you create your living room look for the Eid party. 


Guide to Decorating Living Room for Eid


Decide the Numbers

First, consider the number of guests attending the party before styling your living room. The number of  chairs  should be equal, and you should be able to accommodate all the guests comfortably for the party.


Consider the Celebration

When deciding how many chairs you need for the party, keep in mind the activities and celebrations that will be taking place. If you are playing games that require  gaming chairs,  consider the number required before ordering the chairs.


Consider Your Style

The living room décor should reflect your style and preference, and while deciding how you will be styling the living room with chairs for the Eid party, go for the ones that reflect your tastes the best.


Wall Décor

The way you style your  living room  should also complement the décor of your living room. Choose the colours and textures that blend perfectly with the decorations of your living room and add a different vibe of excitement and attractiveness to them.


Complementary Furniture

Apart from chairs, you will also need complementary furniture like  tables,ottomans  and many more pieces to make the living room comfortable and stylish. Give your living room a dash of style and class with complementary pieces of furniture.


Add Lights

Lighting can add a unique and comfortable vibe to the living room. So, add some lights to your living room for a comfortable and classy finish.


Touch of Nature

Natural elements like indoor plants add some colours to the whole décor elevating it to the best of style. So, what about adding some pretty indoor plants at different tables and creating a cohesive look using the colours of nature?


Keep Comfort in Mind

The guests will sit on the chairs for a long time for the Eid party. So, remember that the chairs you order are comfortable and do not result in any backache or other issues with seating for a long time.


Add Cushions for Extra Comfort

Adding cushions that blend with the colours and textures of the décor will add that extra effect of style and class to the whole look and give the guests a comfortable seating experience.


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Mixing and Matching

Do you love to experiment? If yes, then you can also experiment with different colours and textures to create a sophisticated yet unique look and make everyone complement your skills for decorating such a stylish living room.



Chairs are bought sparingly, so when purchasing chairs for your Eid party, consider chairs that are durable and made of high-quality material.



Eid is the celebration of happiness; therefore, you need not break the bank to organise the party. Decide your budget range and buy the remaining chairs in your budget range. 



Consider the maintenance required to keep the chairs as good as new. If you need more time to clean and maintain chairs, you should go for those that require less maintenance.


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Size of Your Living Room

While selecting  chairs for living room,  keep in mind that you consider the size of your room. If you have a living room of a smaller size, buy smaller chairs so that the living room does not look stuffed.


Play with Colours

Using different colours, you can also give your living room a stylish look. Try experimenting with colours that complement each other and arrange them in a classy fashion to complete the look.



Consider picking seats that are simple to access if you anticipate having visitors with mobility issues during your Eid celebration. In addition to making it simpler for visitors to sit and stand up, chairs with arms and higher seat heights can make it simpler for visitors to move around the room.


Easy Movement

While arranging  chairs for living room,  consider that there is enough space for guests to move around. A cluster of chairs will make the movement challenging, so design an arrangement that makes it easy to move from one corner to the other.


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Final Words

Organising the party for Eid is challenging, but with the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can style your living room classily. Follow the tips above and then pat your back for creating such an inviting living room. The living room will act as the first impression for your guests, and you want to make that impression go well. Right? Therefore,  Nilkamal Furniture  has a marvellous collection of living room furniture that will help you create the look you have dreamt of for the Eid party. Visit the website now and order your favourite  lounge chairs,plastic chair,  and other furniture for the exciting and fun Eid party.

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