King Size vs. Queen Size Bed: Busting the Confusion with Nilkamal Furniture's

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June 08, 2022

Busting The Confusion Between a King Size and a Queen Size Bed Once and For All

We spend a big chunk, i.e., one-third of our life sleeping. When it comes to sleeping, the first thing that comes to mind is a bed. There is an end number of choices when it comes to choosing a bed. A bed is that piece of furniture that helps you amp up your space, and set the tone of your bedroom. From different patterns and styles to different kinds of durable materials, beds are available in different sizes, commonly the single or twin bed, the double bed, the queen-size, and the king-size. Let us delve a little deeper into  King Size Bed and  Queen Size Bed,  and take a look at the differences between them. Let us help you  explore  the huge collection of beds available atNilkamal.   


A Quick Look at The Differences

First things first, how is a  king-size bed  different from a  queen-size bed?  A queen-size is smaller in width than a king-size. However, the length of both beds remains the same. Feel fresh waking up after a good night's sleep on a queen-size bed. The dimensions of a queen bed are 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches) in length by 60 inches (5 feet) in width. Have lots of space to flip and turn in a king bed. The dimensions of a  king-size bed  are 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches) in length by 76 inches (6 feet, 4 inches) in width. A  king-size bed  is wider than a  queen-size bed


Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Bed Wisely

Have you just moved into a new place, or are you getting your home renovated? When you are looking for a new bed, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Let us take a look at each below. 


Bedroom Size

The first step toward choosing a bed is to gauze the size of your room. It's always a good idea to take down the dimensions of your bedroom. It will help determine how small or big a bed can go into your space - whether it is fit for a  queen-size  or a  king size bed.  It is never a good idea to cramp a piece of furniture inside the room. You should make sure that once you have placed the bed in your room, there should be ample space to move about. 



When it comes to a good night's sleep, comfort is one of the main factors that is worth considering. A night of good quality sleep depends on how relaxed you feel all night. Here it becomes important to have enough space on the bed. If you are someone who loves to stretch out or love to let your pet curl up beside you, choosing a  king size bed  is a great idea. One thing you must make sure that your room space accommodates a king-size comfortably. 


Your Sleeping Position

Let's take a quick look at how your sleeping position can play a big role in deciding what size of bed you should choose. If you are someone who sleeps straight, the  queen size bed  is a good choice. In contrast, if you love to sleep with your arms and legs spread out, then maybe you need wider space and a  king size bed  would be the right pick. 


Easy Transportation

Wondering how you will shift your bed when you move to another house? Or maybe you want to move your bed to the next bedroom. Both, a  queen size bed  and the  king size bed  are super easy to transport. The length of both the beds is the same. The only difference lies in the width. When it comes to transporting, the first step is to dismantle it in an organized way. Once the parts are separate, it becomes extremely easy to transport them in a truck. 


When It's Great to Choose aQueen Size Bed

A  queen size bed  is a perfect choice if you are a couple shopping for your first bed. They're roomy and can comfortably fit two people while fitting well even in smaller bedrooms. In most cases, two people can very comfortably sleep on a queen-size bed. The length is easy for tall people. The bed is perfect for individuals as well as couples. 


When It's a Good Idea to Choose a King Size Bed

King size bed  (s) are the widest among the standard size beds that you can select. They are perfect for singles who stretch and sprawl out. They are perfect for couples who need lots of space to flip and turn. This size is the best if you love to sleep snuggling with your kids or pets together. 


Accessories that Complete Your Bedding Set Up

Now that you have chosen a bed, the next important thing you need to pick is a mattress. Nilkamal offers a wide range of mattresses. You can opt for a compatible size and choose from a  choir mattress,  a  foam mattress,  a  spring mattress,  or an  orthopaedic mattress  according to your requirement and preference. Spread your favourite bedsheet and throw some cosy pillows and enjoy the best sleep, waking up refreshed to face a brand new day. You can add a  bedside table  on both sides of your bed. They are always easy to add the midnight essentials like a lamp and a glass of water, besides notching up your bedroom decor.                            


We hope the above blog will help you be clear about the differences between a  queen size bed  and a  king size bed.  Now, taking the above factors into consideration, you can decide the size of bed you want for your bedroom. When it comes to something as important as a bed, it's wise to trust the best. You can take a look at the wide range of  queen size bed(s) and  king size bed(s)  online on the website of Nilkamal. Besides the size, you can  check out  the different designs, styles, and patterns. You can place your order and  buy  the exclusive furniture and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassles.          

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