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June 09, 2022

Indulge in Snug and Splendid L-Shaped Sectional Sofa Designs

The traditional sofa has been transformed into a  sectional sofa  which is an L-shaped extension at the other end. Streamlined with contemporary designs and so comfortable that one cannot afford to compromise on the luxurious feeling of settling into one. Liven up your living room with an L sectional sofa to have friends or family over and lounge and watch your favourite movies or sports on tiring weekdays. They make excellent sofa cum beds too with their extended attachments available. Make your living room complete with a suitable ottoman or footstool. Check out the variety of sectional sofa designs in sectional couches and modern L shaped sofa sets on  Nilkamal  and place an order right away. High-quality fabric, solid wood or PVC, choose a desired L shaped sofa with the required dimensions. 


Types of Sectional Couches

1)An L shaped LHS sofa with an attached lounger

The attached lounger is on the left side. The longer side of the sofa will be on the right. This makes it best suited for a room with the door on the left. 

Nilkamal Protean Plus Lounger Left Hand Side Sofa (Brown)

This is a fabric upholstered couch with a solid wood and plywood framework. The seating has 28 density foam, whilst the back has a 25-density foam present. The legs of the sofa are made of PVC. This is a five-seater sectional couch that comfortably fits into a small, medium or large-sized room. With elastic webbing on the seater cushioning, it is super comfortable and elegant. 


2)An L-shaped RHS sofa

This sofa has a smaller arm on the right. If it has an attached lounger, it will be on the right. Hence this sofa is best suited for a room with a door on the right.

Nilkamal Adorn 3 RH Seater Corner Sofa (Brown)

This is made from rubber wood and fabric upholstery. The six-seater sofa has 3 seats on the left-hand side, one in between and two on the right-hand side. t has an intricately crafted wooden framework with wooden legs 


3)Corner sectional couch

A corner sectional couch has an equal seating space on either side. Hence this type of sectional couch can be placed in the corner or middle of the room.

Nilkamal Tripoli Corner Sofa (Brown)

This is a six-seater fabric upholstered sofa with 36 density foam in the seat and 28 density foam in the back. The basic frame is made from hardwood and plywood. The LHS of the couch can be restructured and converted into RHS by interchanging the centre seat. 


Ways to Use an L-Shaped Sofa in the Living Room

A sectional couch is one of the best investments to save space within the living room. One sleek continuous couch can fit more people at a time. How you can have family and friends visit more often and host more occasions. Finding an appropriate sectional couch for your type of living space is important. The sofas may also be placed in the bedroom, drawing room or study room. Since these sofas cost more than the traditional ones, it is very important to choose the right one. 

  • Measure the room size: to find the best fit of the desired sectional couch model, take the measurements of the living room. Measure the length and breadth of the space where the sectional couch will be positioned. Then select a sectional couch with the right dimensions that fit in the living room space. 
  • Decide on the orientation: Since these couches come in an L shape, deciding on the orientation is crucial. n LHS (Left Hand Side) sofa is to be placed when the door is on the right side of the room. They have a longer side towards the left and so will be best positioned on the right side facing the door. RHS (Right Hand Side) sectional couch is to be placed when the door is on the left of the room. These have a long side on the right and are appropriate to be placed on the left facing the door. 
  • Find the right colour: To select the best sectional couch for the desired room, decide on an appropriate colour. The type and design of the room decide the colour to be selected. The types of the other furnishings within the room also have to match the colour of the couch. The colours of the curtains, walls, rugs, etc. all have to complement the sectional couch. Neutral colours work best for a living room with colourful lighting, a beautiful coffee table and a matching rug on the floor.
  • Material of the sectional couch:  The L-shaped sofa's material to be positioned in the room depends on the type of room and the lifestyle.Living room couches ought to brighten the space yet be durable. Solid wood couches with satin, velvet and silky materials look best in hotel receptions and lounges. VC or leatherette-based materials are easy to clean and maintain in bedrooms and kids' rooms. Fabric sofas are easier to maintain and are best for living rooms. Leather couches do not weather easily out and can be placed in any setting. 
  • The basic framework of the L shaped sofa: The underlying framework of the sofa impacts its durability and maintenance. Nilkamal offers long-lasting hardwood frameworks. There are solid wood-based sectional couches, too, in varying sizes. Professionally crafted wooden couches with round or square legs are available. Buy a desired type of couch with a long-lasting framework from Nilkamal


Advantages of L-Shaped Couches

The couches are reasonably cheaper as they can accommodate a greater number of people. They can be managed easily due to their simple designs and can be separated and maintained hygienically. Home varieties are available with storage spaces that are convenient for storing goods. Watching television with friends or family members is more fun as it accommodates everybody in one cosy setting. Additional customization can also be done with a headrest, ottoman,  centre table,  etc. 


An  L sectional sofa  with an attached lounger is perfect for small-sized rooms. The extra attachment is suitable for lounging on a tiring day and even works as a bed. Small-sized living rooms or drawing rooms will not look cluttered anymore with these types of contemporary designs. It makes a complete four to eight-seater, with the added advantage of lounging. The added lounger can even replace the need for an ottoman and save space in the centre. Spruce up the room's ambience with a change in cushioning colour and add soft pillows with matching colour combinations. Buy an L shaped sofa from  Nilkamal  based on the required size and desired construction material. Choose a matching  ottoman,  footstool or  coffee table  to complete the look. 

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