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January 23, 2023

Change Your Bedroom for Good With a Double Bed Design

A grand bedroom means having a large bed to sleep on after a stressful day. Whether single families or families with kids, we all love a spacious bed for resting our bodies. Scroll through the different  double bed design  and choose the ideal for your bedroom. There are chic and practical designs available in the double beds for your bedroom. 


What is a Double Bed?

A bed that provides enough space for two people to sleep at night is a dual bed. There are various double size bed models available in the market. But the most typical  double bed  sizes are 60 inches in breadth by 78 inches in length. The king-size and queen-size beds are larger than regular dual-size bed. 


Points to Consider Before Selecting a Double Bed

  • Comfort is the main point when it comes to buying a dual bed. The type of  mattress  used in the  double bed  is of the utmost importance, as a saggy or too-hard mattress will exert pressure and injury to the body. 
  • The size of the  bedroom  is a practical point as the  double bed furniture  has to fit within the room. Too small a bedroom will not allow much movement when the bed is set within. Also, the other furnishings within the bedroom may have to be shifted around to make space for the dual bed. These include the  wardrobe,  chairs, if any and the  bedside tables
  • Double bed design with price  is another essential factor to consider before investing. The prices of the beds are affected by the materials used to construct them. Solid wood, metallic, particle board wood, wrought iron, etc. materials are used in thebeds
  • The design of the bed should ideally match the rest of the bedroom furniture. Like a traditional bed design will not match a modern contemporary bedroom setting. The bedroom furniture, like wardrobes, bedside tables,  chest of drawers, etc., can be bought in a matching design to the bed to bring a similar vibe. 
  • The storage capacity of the bed is also a practical point, as beds with storage are convenient and can be easily used to store household items. There are beds with storage options to buy before investing in a dual bed. Check out the  double bed designand select a bed with a storage option, as the same space can be used to place other items. Household items not being used can be packed into the bed storage and removed whenever necessary.
  • The material of the bed is another point to consider, as the beds are crafted from different types of materials. Solid wood beds and metallic beds are the common materials used. Whilst some people may want a bed in a wooden setting, others may opt for a metallic concept. 
  • Caring for the beds is also needed for long-term maintenance. A wooden bed needs a polish coat once a year, whilst a metallic wrought iron or stainless steel bed only needs a little care. A dusting of the beds may be done regularly for cleaning purposes. 


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 Double Bed Designs to Choose From

  • The dual bed design with the box is made with storage space underneath for easy deposit of blankets, pillows, other household items, etc. Storage beds also have a side drawer system for easy withdrawal and handling. Such beds are efficient and handy at all times. 
  • Dual beds with headboards are another modern concept in beds available. Whilst some headboards are only added for aesthetic appeal, there are beds available with headboards that can be used for storage too. Some have a neat rack system to hold items needed in bed, like medications, reading materials, water, etc. Some beds have elaborately carved and intricate headboards that liven up the bedroom look. 
  • The latest available variety is the wrought iron concept in dual beds in stylish designs. The intricate patterns available at the head and foot of the beds give them a contemporary look. The frame material is tough and durable and hardly needs much maintenance except for dusting with a dry cloth. Exposure to the sun and water is to be avoided for long-term use. 
  • Stainless steel dual beds are shiny concepts available in various shapes. There are simple designs available with sharp finishes and elegant appeals. These types of beds are for those who prefer simplicity and neat looks. The beds may have railings, too, in some patterns. There may also be a simple headrest available in some dual bed concepts. Stainless steel beds only need a little maintenance as they can weather through any climatic conditions and humidity levels. Some of the beds have modern finishing touches, giving an aesthetic appeal. Long rods, curved designs, flower concepts, etc., are available in the beds for an enhanced creative look.


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Double bed furniture  is a trending concept that is gaining popularity amongst single people. Due to the marked increase in space compared to a single bed, one can relax and sleep better. A good night’s sleep is a must for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding illnesses. Without an adequate area to sleep in, one can end up with pain in different body parts like the shoulders, neck and back. So a dual bed may be the solution for single sleepers who need to relax on a larger surface area. Check out the different double beds,king size beds, and  queen size beds atNilkamal Furniture and select a   double bed online accordingly. With easy online shopping availability, one can quickly scroll through the   double bed design with price,   features, size dimensions, materials used, reviews, ratings, and colours available in the beds. The care and maintenance features must also be noted before buying the beds. 


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