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March 02, 2022

What Options To Look For When Buying A New Double Bed

When buying a new double bed, you may not be aware that there are different types of beds for every style. From beds with built-in speakers and lighting to beds that hang from the ceiling, with storage, without storage, you name it, and you are quite likely to find it. All of this makes it easy to look for a bed that suits your style. Whenever you decide to buy a new bed, first check out the types of beds and designs available and don't settle for a plain one, go for something more modern and something that will suit your home and lifestyle.

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Matching The Frame and Material of the Bed to the Other Furniture in your Room

The one place in your home where you can lie down comfortably and relax after a tiring day is obviously your bedroom and what can add to the comfort and relaxation is your double bed. You cannot rest on an uncomfortable bed, which is why choosing a suitable bed frame with a comfortable mattress is important. Another thing to keep in mind is that the furniture in the bedroom should match with the other furniture in the room. You cannot have a wooden bed and an iron bedside table; the two do not match and are not aesthetically appealing either. Ideally, everything from the double bed to the bedside table, the wardrobe, dressing table, chairs, and any other furniture in your bedroom should blend well with each other.


Upholstered Beds for a Luxurious Look

If you want a rich and regal look in your bedroom, then look for a luxury designer upholstered double bed. You can select from a wide range of upholstered bed designs. There are leather, velvet, and other fabrics with different designs and prints. If you want to stick to a simple look, then a non-upholstered bed is the best for you, and they are more reasonably priced. Another part of the bed frame is the headboard which usually comes with a wooden double bed and looks more appealing with a fully upholstered bed frame. The headboard can be quite handy to rest your back or sit up and read.


Choose a Bed that Suits your Specific Needs

Different types of beds are available for different groups of people, such as a married couple, bachelors, children and the elderly. Beds are also made according to the room type, like a master bedroom where a king size or queen size bed fits in well. A kids-sized double bed will fit better in a smaller room, whereas for a bachelor, a single bed is more appropriate, especially if you share an apartment or the house with other roommates. There are options such as single cots or bunk beds with built-in storage for a child's room. For the guestroom, a single bed or twin single beds are suitable, depending on the size of the room. If the guestroom is used for your elderly parents or grandparents, the king-sized bed would be better.

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The Different Types Of Beds Suitable For Adults And Children

A Bunk bed works great if you have a small room and want to make it look more spacious. There are options of bunk beds with storage as well and the lower bed can also be a trundle style bed, which is useful if you have more than two children. Trundle beds also save space and are suitable for kids sharing one room. Although it is more like a bunk bed, it still fulfils the purpose of space-saving and is also useful if you have guests, as the bed size is suitable for an adult. A queen size bed is a good choice if the master bedroom is not very big. It is also smaller and lighter in weight when compared to a king size bed, so it is easily movable and doesn't take up much space. The king size bed is suitable for a big bedroom and it can also have a royal and luxurious look.


The Importance of Matching a Bed to the Decor of the Bedroom

Whatever double bed you choose, you should make sure it blends well with the rest of the room décor and other furniture as well. Most people match their bed to the décor elements such as a lampshade, wall clock, lighting and rugs. Since there are different types of beds to choose from, go for a type of bed that suits the existing décor as this can make the entire room have a designer look, and all the elements in the room will be in sync with each other. Another aspect of the bed is the bedsheet and matching pillow and cushion covers that you choose. Generally, it is best to choose a bedsheet print and design that is compatible with your king size bed and the rest of the room décor.

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Choose Both Style and Comfort

Style is important, but other aspects like convenience and setting are equally necessary to consider when buying a bed. Storage is essential if you have a compact home, and there are also different storage beds to suit your needs. You can either go for a traditional drawer style storage system or a hydraulic system since both work well with a queen or king size bed. The single and double bed also come with storage options. You can have a headboard that doubles up as shelf space and you can also have sideboards fitted to the frame of the bed instead of a side table.


In Conclusion

With such a wide variety of options and styles to choose from, you can pick the perfect double bed according to your budget and needs. Explore a luxurious range of bedroom furniture to find your perfect match at Nilkamal.

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