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June 30, 2022

Choose The Center Table Designs Perfect For Your Home

Is your sitting room looking incomplete? Check if you have placed a centre table to tie it all in. No sitting room will look complete till you don't have a quintessential coffee table to match your decor. A perfect centre table will be big enough to place snacks on and on your plate when you pause while eating. It should be able to take the weight of books, of feet as people relax, and of the food spread for when you entertain guests. No house should be without acentre table since there is no convenience like the one that a centre table provides. 


Centre Tables That Will Be The Talk Of The Town

If you have a small room, the  centre table for your living room  should also be small, much like this  marble beige table  on casters from Nilkamal. This two-tiered piece provides added space that helps to keep the clutter off the surface and the required items still within reach. Its colour and the overall look are of rich stone, yet it is lightweight and can easily be moved around from room to room. As the ideal placing of a coffee table is, this piece should cover the gap left by the seating furniture and leave walking space around it that will enable people to have leg stretching room, too. In case you have a large seating area, think of keeping more than one such coffee table to cater to all the people who can be seated in the room. Remember that you prefer to keep a space of 18 inches between thecentre table and the furniture.

Check out  the circular  Nilkamal centre table in pear wood finish.  This double-decker will add character to a sitting room and break the monotony where the rest of the furniture is straight-lined. It has casters that make it easy to move around.

If you are looking for a classic, rich look, then you must be good for the oldest material used for making coffee tables, none other than wood. Check out this  wooden masterpiece.  It will add character to the room yet not be bulky. Its clean, straight lines will tie up any furniture together. The double shelf design will help keep the surface clutter-free and provide ample space for all sorts of activities. There are various options in wood in the Nilkamal range that you can choose from, such as the  Nilkamal Aspen Coffee/ Centre Table,  which is small in size but comes with three decks that provide a lot of shelf space.

If you wish to make the coffee table in your room a conversation starter, then surprise your guest with this extremely aesthetically pleasing  Nilkamal Center Table.  This double-decker has a beautiful cane finish, and the top is protected with glass. It spells luxury while being easy to maintain. You will find it in various colours, from deep ones to light ones.  Explore  @Nilkamal furniture  now and pick the one that will go with your room's drapes, upholstery, and furniture tone.

For a modern, designer-style coffee table, you need to look no further than the elegant yet strong walnut creation. The  Morley Coffee Table  from Nilkamal is a stunning piece of art. This triple-decker also has two shelves on the side that can serve various purposes, such as holding newspapers and magazines, table mats, game boxes, and such. This product does not attract fungus, so you do not have to deal with that problem. 

If you are going in for a clean, no-clutter, contemporary look that makes your space look larger than it is, here is an elegant option. The  Derry Centre Table  is a compact, sleek, oval coffee table. Being oval, it moves away from the regular straight line tables. It has an 8mm thick tempered clear glass table top and a bottom shelf made with 5 mm thick glass. The structure is made of chrome finish metal. Ah! The luxury of glass and metal.  Drew Centre Table  adds another dimension to the glass and metal table by finishing the metal legs with wooden flanges, a great combination of the modern and traditional. Another glass, wood, and metal option is the  Mississippi Centre Table  which is rectangular and comes with a glass top.

If you are looking for a coffee table that will provide ample space to hold all the various things you need in your sitting room, then this  Avia Centre Table  from Nilkamal is a great option. This rectangular wooden piece comes with a tabletop and two shelves under it, plus side storage on both small sides covered to the base, which will not allow small items to fall out.

Are you looking for the elegance of stone? You could buy the  Amelia Center Table,  which comes with a 17mm thick marble top, wooden understructure, two drawers, and other storage space. 

Metal, wood, stone, steel, and tempered glass are all materials that look elegant and provide strength to the table. Choose your centrepiece for its power and how it will combine all the other elements in your room to give a seamless look. It can be classic, traditional, contemporary, modern, or any different look that you might be going in.


We believe that everycentre table for living room must make a subtle statement while efficiently functional. It hears laughter during celebrations, sees various emotions during times of seriousness, holds umpteen cups of tea and coffee over the day, and supports the occasional victory dancer. Therefore, it is only right that you choose a piece that will compliment your décor, be an eye-catcher, and be functional. The online marketplace is teeming with various types of coffee tables, and here are some that have especially been chosen for their form and function.  Buy  @Nilkamal furniture  to decorate your home with a beautiful centre table.

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