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June 29, 2022

Inspirable Decor Ideas For An Eco-friendly Home

With the alarming increase in levels of global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, there is an onus on every human being to look after the planet. A simple and minimalistic lifestyle is a mantra being adopted by all as everyone wants to see the future generation safe. Every human is conscious of being eco-friendly, from driving hybrid cards to planting trees. While these are personal initiatives, it is time that we also look at changes to our homes and workplace. It is time we started incorporating eco-friendly steps in decorating homes and offices.

Contrary to popular belief, there are budget-friendly and eco-friendly ways that one can adopt to decorate their home and save the planet. We give you some sustainable and eco-friendly décor ideas that could transform your  living space  into a paradise and be equally good for your personal and mental well-being.  Explore  @Nilkamal furniture  now to buy these options and invest in them. A small investment could reap large returns!

Eco-friendly Home Decoration Ideas

Have you ever heard “ A good design is a sustainable one or simplicity is the best form of aesthetics”? Sustainablefurniture for home and interior designs can be recycled and reused. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the mantra for the future. You can get ideas, and products are exceptionally elegant and friendly to the environment. Redecorate and revamp your personal space with these amazing ideas below:

1. Invest in Indoor Plants Or Wall Art Made Of Fabric

Plants are a great way to add soothing vibes to your home. They cost less and are beautiful at the same time. They blend seamlessly with the existing décor and improve oxygen circulation. Pick clay pots and  glass jars  to plant indoor plants for an enchanting environment. Alternatively, you could even buy some flowers and display them in your vase until they go dry. Leave them to dry completely and make potpourri with them. You must place them in a bowl and keep it by the window sill for a captivating look. If you like pictures on the wall, try buying murals painted on fabric. By doing this, you benefit in two ways- decorating your home with earthy tones and supporting local artisans.

2. Shop For Second-hand Furniture

Instead of walking into a store or shopping for new furniture online, why not visit charity stores, flea markets or wholesale bazaars where you could find loads of stuff at reasonable prices. This way, instead of generating a whole new circle, you are just continuing the existing one by reusing it. It will reduce the amount of waste  furniture  too. If you are desperate to invest in new  furniture for home,  then opt for furniture made of bamboo, rattan or wicker cane. Organic and durable, they are also an aesthetic option and a total win. Sofa sets, dining tables and  coffee table  made of rattan are a great choice for small urban apartments.

3. Revamp Existing Furniture

Can you imagine the state of the planet each time someone decides to discard their  furniture for home  and buy new ones? Try to upscale or recycle your  furniture  if you think it needs to be replaced. E.g., an old cabinet could be useful as a  coffee table  or a shoe rack, and you can convert the stool into a tiny  coffee table  with a cloth runner.

4. Use A Beautiful Non-toxic Wall Paint

Paints, wallpapers, and colours contain toxic VOCs ( Volatile Organic Components). Opt for colours that are made from natural extracts like seed oil, lemon peels, and beeswax. They are not toxic, cost-effective and also look good while rendering an aesthetic appeal to your walls.

5. Support Local Artisans For Home Décor Accessories

It would be best if you supported local artisans who make décor accessories. They preserve the art they practice and lose out on large-scale manufacturing profits. By buying home décor accessories made of bamboo, wood, cotton, cloth and other sustainable items, we can decorate our homes with earthy tones and help small-time business owners earn a sizeable livelihood.

6. Use Eco-friendly Wallpapers

Wallpapers also contain VOCs ( Volatile Organic Components). Check out online to choose wallpapers made with eco-friendly products to live in an environment-friendly confine.

7. Avoid Carpets

Avoid carpets when redecorating your home. Full of chemicals and pollutants, rugs are not good for those who suffer from allergies. It gathers dust and mite that could be harmful to your respiratory system. Carpets harm the environment when they are manufactured. Carpets last only a decade( even the most robust ones) and need a replacement. Try to stick to real wood, mosaic or vitrified tiles. They are less expensive to install and also maintain.

8. PickThe Right Candles

Nothing can match the warm glow and essence of  candles  in a home. Many cheap candles contain VOCs ( Volatile Organic Chemicals), which are harmful to the planet and your lungs. Choose candles made from natural extracts and materials and natural essential oils to decorate your home.


If you are willing to take that initiative and go the extra mile to decorate your home and look after the planet, these ideas will help. After all, we must remember that Mother Earth does not require us; we need her. We must ensure that we are handing over a safe and secure environment for our future generations, and it is high time we make that conscious effort. By infusing eco-friendly ideas into our   home décor,   we also take that step toward the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the surroundings and people. It has never been easier to find eco-friendly home décor products. Explore and shop for the green alternatives that will help to reduce carbon footprint significantly. Do your bit and  buy  these products online from  @Nilkamal furniture  while revamping your living space.

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