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May 05, 2022

Complete Guide to Using Comfy Lounge Chairs for Living Room?


A home is a comfortable place where you can be yourself. What makes it comfortable? Perfect furnishings create the ambience and vibe. It is important to make the correct choice while buying furniture for your personal space at home. The living area is the place in the home where you spend maximum time. It needs to have the perfect furniture. One piece of furniture you will never regret buying is a comfortable lounge chair.  Lounge Chairs  are stylish, chic and comfortable. They can completely transform the look of your living area. It can help fill the space, and it is a piece of furniture that does not take up much space. It is space-efficient furniture that can beautify an awkward corner of your living area. It is also not a very heavy piece of furniture; you can easily move it around your home and restyle it.  

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Why invest in comfy lounge chairs for your living room?

Want to read a book? Snuggle with your partner? Watch the rain pouring? Drink coffee in comfortable seating? A  living room lounge chair  is an all-rounder seating that you need to have! Here are some ways in which you can use comfy lounge chairs in a living room.

  • Perfect Partner for Binge watching

The TV area of your living area should be comfortable; it is a place which you look forward to after a tiring day of work. By having a perfect lounge chair in your TV area, you can add comfort and style to it. Pair it with a perfect ottoman to keep your bowl of popcorn or rest your feet.

  • A Reading Partner

If you are fond of books and have a personal library in your living area, a lounge chair is ideal for that space. While reading, you need a comfortable chair that is minimal yet chic. 

  • Near To Balcony for Views

What could be a better way to spend your time watching the rain or sunrises in a comfortablechairon your balcony! When placed near your balcony in the living area, a lounge chair can give you a chance to explore the views outside of the home.

  • Lights Up the Fireplace

Often people go for a rocking chair near their fireplace, but switching to a lounge chair can add a lot of comfort and stability to your space. It will keep you warm and cosy in the winter. 

  • Pairs with All kinds of Sofas

A lounge chair can go well with all  types of sofas in your living areas.  A poppy or subtle lounge chair can give balance to the look of your living area. A right lounge chair can add a lot of elements to your living area.

  • Coffee Companion

Nothing feels better than having a cup of tea or coffee before starting your busy day. A lounge chair in the living area is perfect for preparing your to-do list while sipping your beverage.

  • Unwinding Place

A lounge chair is a perfect companion after a long tiring day. You can snuggle up with a blanket and relax for the rest of the day. It gives you immense happiness and relaxation to come to your favourite spot and unwind. 

Styling your living room with comfy lounge chairs

A Stylish lounge chair can help notch up the decor game of your living area. It improves the aesthetics and gives your space a very cool vibe. If you like quirky things, you can go for a printed lounge chair with a lot of colours. It will add a lot of poppiness to your space. If you are someone who prefers soft and subtle looks, then you can go for different shades of brown for the lounge chair to keep the space simple. You can choose a fabric and pattern of your choice. Fabrics like velvet, silk, linen and many more can be used to make the covering. Some fabrics give a very royal look to the chair or  sofa 

Here are some tips on how to pair up your lounge chair with other items. 

  1. You can use an ottoman or footrest to go with your lounge chair and  coffee table.  You can get a matching piece with your lounge chair which will amp up your space beautifully. It is one of the most multipurpose pieces of furniture that goes anywhere and everywhere in the living area.
  2. You can add planters near the lounge chair. Planters in the home are an excellent way to add freshness to your area; they have health benefits. But if you want to save yourself from the hassle of maintaining plants, you can go for artificial planters. Many brands offer planters that look very real. Planters can add a subtle amount of pop and colour to your lounging area.
  3. Buying a handcrafted stool can never go wrong. You can keep it with your lounge chair, and it can become a perfect stand for your current book or cup of tea. 
  4. Having a lamp near your lounge chair can accentuate the look, but it also provides proper lighting. Correct lighting can do magic to your space. 
  5. You can add cushions to your lounge chair. They provide extra support to your back and help with a better posture. They look good too and give a very complete look.
  6. The above items were based on utility. A vase is one piece that is just a decor item. You can add a vase to your stool near the lounge chair. It will play a game-changer in the aesthetics of your living area. You can put fresh flowers or pampas in the vase, and it will make a beautiful impact.  


It is very difficult to plan the aesthetics of a living area. The placement of every piece of furniture requires careful consideration. All the furniture should be pointing towards a focal point. A focal point could be a fireplace or television; it makes a huge impact in maintaining the symmetry of the living area. A lounge chair is a beautiful addition to your living area that can entirely change the vibe of your living area. So without any further ado, buy your favourite lounge chair from  Nilkamal  today.

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