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August 17, 2021

Make your furniture shine and smile - all about oiling wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture ages gracefully, but as it ages, it may begin to lose its shine and freshness. Therefore, it is important to maintain its shine by oiling it. Regular waxing or oiling your wooden furniture pieces will help retain its look as well as prevent it from getting damaged. Just like how we need grooming, our wooden furniture needs grooming, too.

In this blog, we’ll discuss all about oiling your wooden furniture. From furniture oil polish to the best oil for wooden furniture to the types of oils - we’ll go through all of it.

Should you use oil on wooden furniture?

The answer is yes, you should oil your wooden furniture regularly. Your wooden furniture needs care and maintenance and oiling is an important part of it. Applying oil or wax on wooden furniture is common and there’s no need to hesitate. All you need to do is do it well.


Key features:

● Made of 15 mm thick particle board with PU finish.

● Shelf for keeping DVD player.

● Can accommodate upto 32 inch TV.

How does oiling wooden furniture help?

Dust and dirt can settle on wooden furniture easily, making it look old and worn out. Oiling wooden furniture can help to make it shine and enhance its look. By oiling your furniture, you can put off polishing the furniture for a long time.

What oil is best for wooden furniture?

Most food-based oils such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, tung oil, and walnut oil, among others, are good for wooden furniture. Most of these oils are safe to use on wooden furniture. They help in protecting the furniture, naturally enhance the shine on the wood, and also help in hiding damages such as chips and small cracks.

What are the benefits of oiling furniture?

Oiling wooden furniture has many benefits. When you apply oil on wood, it seeps into the wood and enhances the natural patterns and colors of the grains. It also protects wood from the impact of weather and the environment. You can get a natural non glossy look with the help of oil. Moreover, oiling is easy and can be done by anyone.

How to apply finish oil on furniture?

Applying oil on wooden furniture should be done carefully. First, make sure your furniture is dust free, cleaned and dried properly. Then, start polishing in parts so that it becomes easier. Avoid using too much oil as it can result in build-up. Be patient as polishing may take time. Do it slowly. Rushing might mess up your efforts.

Is it better to oil or wax wood?

Whether you should use oil or wax for your wooden furniture depends on your personal preference. Both these products have their own effects on wood. For example, oil finish gives wooden furniture a natural finish but is not too resistant to stains. Wax is preferred more compared to oil because it gives both a natural look and protects wood against stains.


Key features:

● Made of particle board. It has 2 shutters and 1 large drawer & storage space below the TV panel.

● 8 shelves (4 each side). It has dedicated space below TV for DVD player

● Maximum 43 inches TV can be fitted in this wall unit

● Ample storage space. Two tone colour combination as shown in image

Which oil is best for specific wood types?

Different oils have different properties and are suitable for specific types of wood. Here are some good combinations: Teak oil works well for bamboo, linseed oil for cedar wood, and these two oils (teak and linseed) can also be used for mahogany wood.

Over to you

We generally spend a lot of money on buying good quality wooden furniture and so it’s a must to spend a little more, invest a little time and maintain the quality and shine of our wooden furniture. Make oiling furniture a routine, every few months. That way, it can stay with us for generations. If you’re looking for good quality wooden furniture, check out the widest range from Nilkamal.

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