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April 07, 2023

Discover Amazing Modular Storage Beds to Redesign Your Bedroom

Multipurpose furniture, such as a  modular bed with storage,  is becoming more popular as our homes become smaller and more compatible. A  modular bed  having storage can save you space, money, and time! From its luxurious premium look to its spacious storage areas, it can limit urban home space and make your life easier. In addition to a  modular bed design  with storage, beds with drawers beneath the bed have become increasingly popular.

Storage Bed Types

Various  storage bed  designs with storage are available, which can complement a variety of bedroom sizes and decors. Below are a few examples of beds with built-in storage:


  1. Box Storage Type: Box storage type beds have two compartments to access each compartment's mattress and cover individually.
  2. Hydraulic beds: Hydraulic beds allow you to open the top of the bed completely, thanks to an easy-to-use lifting and closing mechanism.
  3. Beds with Drawer Storage: Beds with drawers can also come with drawers on the sides or at the front.
  4. Headboard Storage Type: Headboard storage features shelves, cabinets, or niches built into the headboard.


Nilkamal's Modular Storage Bed Collections


Nilkamal Galaxy Max Bed with Box Storage (H3)

Make your bedroom look beautiful with  Nilkamal Galaxy Max bed with storage.  The Galaxy headboard features a stunning  modular bed design  and routing panel, adding elegance to your modern décor. The engineered wood used in its construction is durable and robust, and you will enjoy the strength and flair of sturdy MDF construction.


An LED light in the center of the headboard illuminates the bed and adds a touch of brightness to your interiors. The  mattress  is firmly held in place by a robust mattress panel, and you will sleep comfortably because of the high-quality particle board and the strong mattress panel.


There are four spacious compartments for storing your belongings securely. Maximise your cupboard space and keep things within easy reach with max storage. Thes store has two attractive shades of white frost and walnut classic to match your bedroom interior.


Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed with Semi-Hydraulic Storage

Adding a Galaxy Prime Bed with semi-hydraulic storage  to your bedroom will enhance its appearance. With its striking routing panel and gorgeous marble design, the galaxy headboard complements any modern décor. This semi-hydraulic storage setup has strength and flair thanks to its sturdy MDF construction, and its LED light in the centre also brightens up your interiors. The mattress is held in place by a robust mattress panel.


The Prime Base is an attractive and sturdy storage unit with a capacity of three-fourths hydraulic cylinders. There are three spacious compartments in the three-fourths hydraulic storage. With its hydraulic panel, you can store apparel, bedding, and kid's toys in three large compartments. Behind the base, you can find a two-box storage space to store any other accessories you need quick access to. You can choose from two colour options. a stylish white or walnut finish.


Nilkamal Galaxy Premier Bed with Full Hydraulic Storage

With the  Galaxy Premier full-hydraulic bed,  you can add a touch of class to your bedroom. It features a gorgeous marble design and a striking routing panel at the headboard that adds aesthetic appeal to your modern décor. Like the other two types mentioned above, the LED light at its centre also brightens up your interiors.


Engineered wood provides durability and strength to this product. While sleeping, a metal mattress panel supports you. A solid particle board construction makes up the premier base, a complete hydraulic storage unit. It has two compartments, two drawers, and whole hydraulic storage. You can store clothing and bedding in two spacious compartments by lifting the hydraulic panel, while essentials are easily accessible in two easy-pull drawers in the front.


Like the other two types, it is also available in classic walnut and attractive white shades. Choose the one that blends well with your bedroom decor.


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Advantages of a Modular Bed with Storage


Below are some advantages of having a  modular bed with storage  in your bedroom.


Get the Most Out of Your Living Space

Nowadays, most people live in studio apartments or have small bedrooms. Even in a small space, clutter can accumulate quickly. People do not like cramped spaces. Beds with storage are a great way to maximise your space and save on functionality and ease in your home.


You Can Utilise Small Space Effectively

A bed, especially a wooden bed, is a large, clunky object you use only while asleep. Invest in a single or double-size  storage bed  to provide your guests space.


Make Your Closets and Wardrobes More Spacious

People usually store seasonal items like blankets,  pillows,  duvet covers, etc., in  wardrobes  and cupboards. During winter, you can quickly shift them to any storage-equipped king-size bed. Since this shifting opens up much space, you can keep your daily use items, such as clothes, etc., in wardrobes.


Enhances Your Bedroom's Ambiance

Including even a single bed with storage in your home can enhance its ambience. People store unused and old clothes wrapped in clothes or bedsheets on open shelves, and their home looks cluttered with clothes. The smartest thing is to keep all those clothes safely inside that bed.  King-sized beds  with storage are ideal if you have much-unused stuff, but  double beds  with storage are equally effective.



Buying a new house without furniture can save money for couples, students, or new employees. For instance, the queen bed with storage has large spaces that meet most of their needs. All Nilkamal full beds with storage come with much space and are made from engineered durable wood, making them long-lasting.


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Beds with storage have become increasingly popular due to the ample and often unused space under your bed. Store all those rarely-used bulky objects underneath the mattress and bed base to free up your ever-loved closet. You can  buy beds online  in many configurations, like storage, from single to  queen beds.  Nilkamal Furniture  has developed technologies that make these beds reliable and cost-effective. You can certainly check out and invest in  Nilkamal's bedroom furniture  for a spacious one.

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