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April 20, 2023

Elevate Your Living Room With 5 Types of Chairs

In every house, the living room carries the most memories. The memories of playing games, enjoying with your family, partying with your friends, or just sitting together and sharing each other's feelings. It is the place where families spend moments of love and laughter. 

This comfortable abode of happiness, memories, and laughter deserves unique decoration. Right? When it comes to elevating the living room's look, what is better than some beautiful chairs?  Chairs  add a kick of sophistication and spice up the whole ambience of the room. 

Here are some of the most beautiful  chairs  that you can use to elevate your comfortable space and add a spark to your room.


Types of Chairs to Spice up Your Living Space


Recliner Chair

Want to add a chair that adds a sophisticated look and Comfort to the living room? A  recliner chair  is a perfect choice. The  recliner chair  will allow you to sit upright or recline back to the best of your comfort. The chairs are perfect for watching TV or relaxing because of their reclining feature. 


Rocking Chair

Do you have the habit of constantly moving your body, even when sitting? If yes, a rocking chair will be your best buddy in your comfortable space. Give your living room a pendulum-like swing with this rocking chair. 


Lounge Chairs

Comfort is essential thing when it comes to deciding the perfect chair for your living space.  Lounge chairs  are generally suitable for a larger living room that can perfectly accommodate the size of the chairs. These chairs let you spread your legs comfortably without using an  ottoman


Slipper Chair

A slipper chair has shorter legs with no arms. This type of chair adds a cute charm to your living space, making it perfect for the ones who love to add appealing textures to the room. Also, slipper chairs are small, so you can easily accommodate them even if your  living room  is small. 


English Rolled Arm Chair

An English-rolled  armchair  is known for its traditional design and will add a touch of luxury to your living room. The rolled arms, deep and plush cushioning and slight angles back make them the perfect option for diving into the sea of comfort and softness.


How to Select the Perfect Chair


Measure the Size

You do not want a stuffed living room with no balance of sizes and proportions that will not look inviting. Right? So, before going for any  chair,  Measure the space available in your living room to add chairs and then buy the one that elevates the living room and does not make it look stuffed.



A mismatched living space with colours not complementing each other will make you feel stressed. Right? So, assess the colours and textures of your living room and decide the perfect colour that complements those colours and makes your living space look more attractive and inviting. 


Decide the Type of Chair

Do you want to add a vintage feel to your room, or modern touch or a mix of both? Decide on these points and then choose the type of chair that goes well with what you have in mind from the many options available in the market, like a  plastic chair outdoor chair,  and much more available in the market. So, decide on the type that will best complement the space in your mind and give that comfy and charming spark to your room.


Keep Comfort in Your Mind

When adding chairs to the living room, it is necessary to prioritise Comfort. After all, the living room is made to keep you comfortable. Try different types and styles of chairs and select the one you feel most comfortable in. 


Decide on the Budget

Living room chairs are available in different budget ranges. So, take time and decide the price range you can afford. This will reduce your confusion and help you narrow down the numerous options. Remember that the living room is your space; you should never break the bank to indulge in the trend. Buy the ones that suit both your style and your budget. 


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Choose the Ones That Reflect Your Style

The living room creates the first impression on your guests. It reflects your style of living and makes them familiar with your choices and preferences. So, choose the chairs that best reflect your living style and preferences. 


Consider the Material

Chairs are something that is bought only a few times a week. So, keep in mind to buy quality material. Choose a durable material that adds sophistication to your living room for a long time.



Maintenance is another factor that should be considered when buying chairs for the living room. If you have a busy schedule and need more time to maintain the chairs, go for chairs requiring low maintenance.


Choose Complementary Furniture

A living room is not just about chairs; it is about all the furniture that makes it comfortable and inviting. From sofas to entertainment units and from ottomans to side tables, the living room accommodates every piece of furniture to create that comfortable and calming experience for you. So, remember that you also go for other complementary pieces of furniture to design your haven. 


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The types of chairs mentioned above and the tips for choosing the perfect chair will help elevate your comfortable space and make it more calming and relaxing. You feel like you have entered heaven whenever you enter your living room. The comfortable hub of memories deserves a unique and stylish elevation that makes it more inviting and attractive. So,  buy a chair online  and elevate your living room with the most comfortable and modern chairs from  Nilkamal Furniture.

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