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April 21, 2023

Glass Tables For Living Room - Pros And Cons

The elegance and sophistication of a  glass center table  are unparallel. Their irresistible beauty makes them the coveted  modern living room center table  choice. It’s not that wooden or metal center tables are not beautiful or elegant. But, the beauty and elegance of a  glass center table  are superior to all other tables. Whether a traditional living room or a modern one, a  glass table  fits perfectly into the aesthetics and enhances its manifold; however, the fragility of glass may deter some people from buying a  glass table.  If you are about to  buy table online  for your living room and are confused about whether to choose a glass  living room table,  then don’t fret. Read the blog to know the pros and cons of the glass  center table


Pros Of A Glass Center Table

For every living room, the center table is the focal point of the décor, and the design of the  table  can elevate or lower the style quotient. Therefore, everyone wants a stunning and stylish  living room table  for their home. And the most popular style of  modern living room center table  is the glass table. Here are some benefits of glass center tables:

Visual Appeal

Glass tables are glamorous and gorgeous. Their stunning visual appeal makes them a stylish addition to any living room. Glass tables blend perfectly with any aesthetics. With a simple addition of a glass living room table, you can elevate the overall appeal of your living room. Also, the glass surface is perfect for displaying your treasured collectables or family pictures. You can put anything on your glass table without worrying about looking out of place. When you have a tiered glass living room table, the books or other decorative items on the shelf below are visible. This is not possible with other materials. And when you switch on the lights, your glass table will look especially eye-catching with light shining on its smooth surface. 


Less Expensive

Compared to other center tables, glass tables are less expensive. Glass is less costly than metal, marble, or solid wood. Therefore, getting glass tables in stylish designs at a much lesser cost than similar tables in other materials is easier. 

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Easy Maintenance

Glass tables are easy to maintain. They don’t get stains easily, so you can serve eatables and drinks without worrying about water rings or spills. Just clean them with a wet cloth afterwards, and they are done. Glass is not a porous material, so any spill doesn’t get absorbed into the surface, making it rust or damp. They also don’t get discoloured or lose their sheen. No requirement for polishing or painting every few months or years. And these days, scratch-proof glasses are available, so you don’t need to worry about scratches too. 


Airy feel

The clear glass surface makes your living room appear airy and spacious. As a glass table doesn’t block the view of other furniture placed behind it, it creates an illusion of empty visual spaces. It creates an illusion of spaciousness in a small room. So, when you have a small or cramped living room, adding a glass table makes your living room appear larger, wider, brighter, and more open. The transparent feature of the glass gives a lighter vibe to any space as it reflects lighter than any other material. 


Wider Variety

Glass tables are available in more variety of styles than other materials. It is because a glass table top can be added to any material base without compromising on its visual appeal. So, glass tables can have bases of different materials, whereas the other material center tables don’t have the same flexibility. And glass tables can be of many colours. 


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The Cons Of A Glass Center Table

Here are some cons of glass center tables:



Glass is a more fragile material as compared to other materials. The glass tables are available in annealed or tempered glass tops. Annealed are the standard glass available for everyday use. And tempered glass is toughened glass that is thermal-resistant and stronger than annealed glass. Both these types of glasses are strong and don’t break easily. Still, they don’t have the toughness of metal or solid wood. Therefore, for some households with kids or pets, the glass may not be suitable when they want a sturdy table.



Glass though easy to clean, can get scratched by pointed objects. That can be a problem, as once scratched, the glass top can’t be repaired, and it has to be changed with a new one. However, the same problem is there with wood tables. However, they can be painted or refinished.


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Regular Cleaning

Glass is prone to dust accumulation, fingerprints and smudges. Also, the transparent surface makes everything more noticeable than other tables. So, they require regular cleaning to maintain the stylish looks of the glass tables. So, to avoid marks or smudges, you can use coaters or placement mats before placing any eatables or beverages on your glass table. Though the good part is glass is easier to clean and maintain, and just a wipe-down with a damp cloth is enough.



The transparency of the glass tables is both an advantage and disadvantage. On one side, it makes the living room look brighter and bigger. But, on the other side, everything underneath is visible. So, if you have any dirt or marks on your flooring, they will all be visible under your glass table. As other tables are opaque, so nothing is visible under their surface. So, you must regularly clean under your glass table or place a rug underneath it to hide the dust and marks.


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Glass center tables are a beautiful addition to your living room. Like other materials, glass has its pros and cons; however, the pros outnumber the cons. Care and regular maintenance are needed to ensure your glass table is a valued addition to your décor. Bring home a beautiful glass center table from  Nilkamal Furniture  to beautify your living room.

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