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May 10, 2022

Essential Bedroom Vastu Tips for Couples

Mutual love, care, and respect are the main foundations of a healthy relationship, which drive most couples. What Vastu Shastra can help is that it can amplify the energy around you and enhance the romance of a loving relationship. Vastu Shastra is based on the flow of cosmic energy in space, improving living conditions and promoting harmony. This shows that homes built and designed according to Vastu principles (both internal and external) can affect resident relationships, health, and well-being. A large bedroom suitable for a couple is just as important. 

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Vastu in the couple's bedroom plays a very important role in making their relationship and marriage happier. Everywhere in your home should be planned according to Vastu so that it begins to be associated with aggressiveness. However,  bedroom furniture,  room colour, lighting, mirrors, orientation, and bed position will directly affect your relationship. Welcome home with a nice atmosphere with these simple Vastu bedroom tips:

1) Direction of the bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra experts, the southwest corner of the house is an ideal direction for building a master bedroom. The master bedroom is reserved for the Pooja room, so do not consider building it in the northeast direction. The exact location of the  bed  in the master bedroom should be either south or southwest, but never between the two. This can lead to repeated failed relationships and a negative experience. When you reach the entrance to the bedroom, the door should be on either the north, west, or east side of the wall. The door should never be on the south side. Single doors are perfect for bedrooms. Not only the orientation of the bed but also the direction of sleep. According to Vastu, when lying down, the couple should turn their heads south or west and their feet north or east.

2) Wardrobes and Almirah's correct placement

Proper placement of the  furniture  in the bedroom is essential to the feeling of being at home. Vastu for bedrooms suggests placing heavy objects such as cabinets and almirah facing south, southwest, or west. Place the vault facing the south wall and make sure it is open to the north. This is very beneficial. Thewardrobe comes second, so it can also be placed northwest. These directions increase the flow of positive energy. Bedroom furniture is very important, but it can create unwanted clutter in your bedroom. Therefore, do not randomly pack heavy and old-fashioned  bedroom furniture.  Modular and  lightweight furniture  options are available for easy movement and placement.

3) Mirror placement in the correct direction

One of the most important Vastu tips in a couple's bedroom is the placement of mirrors. You need to make sure it is not in front of your bed. Never look in the mirror facing the bed. It leads to a conflict between the couple. The larger the mirror,  the more likely it is that the marital tension will be tense. This can also cause health problems, lack of energy, or drowsiness. The  dressing table next to the bed is useful because it prevents the mirror from reflecting off you when you sleep. According to Vastu, the mirror should be placed 4-5 feet away from the ground. Another caveat is that you should not place the two mirrors facing each other as they can attract negative energy.

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4) Colour decision of bedroom

The colour of the bedroom walls should be bright and subdued, with an attractive atmosphere. Pink or peach tones in the southwestern bedroom are preferred. The pink and red colours of the bedroom, such as red lights, red quilts, and curtains, can also be used for a short time. Our Vastu tips for couples' bedrooms recommend colours such as bright red, pink, ruby, and purple. You can also try different shades of red and pink. These two colours are related to romance and passion and are perfect for couples' bedrooms. If red and pink look too feminine to a male partner, you can also choose purple and lavender tones! Avoid grey, yellow, or dull shades as they can be over-exciting and discouraging.

5) Avoid metallic beds

Metal beds tend to interfere with sleep and cause tension between partners and should be avoided. Requires a single or queen bed with a single  mattress.  Never push two  beds  or mattresses together as they can cause discord between the couple. And according to Vastu's bedroom for couples, you have to choose a bed that is warm to the touch. So avoid metal beds! They get cold and oh so uncomfortable! The metal frame can also conduct electromagnetic fields that can interfere with sleep. According to the Vastu experts,  wooden beds  are warm to the touch and bring positive energy to the room. As humans, we are tuned to connect with nature, so the organic aesthetics of a  wooden bed  bring calm and good energy to the bedroom.  It is also known that  wooden beds  absorb electromagnetic waves. So technically, they are a better choice for your bed.

6) No "single" decorative item

To maintain a successful love life, make sure your room does not have the following "single identity" decorative items like one rabbit or a lonely duck. Must be held in pairs, which is a symbol of love. In other words, an ideal pair like a pigeon, a lover, or Lakshmi Narayan is preferred. If you have wedding photos or other couple photos, put them on the east wall. It creates positive energy in the bedroom. They do not help your intimacy and instead defeat you with other types of negative energy. 


Making sure your home follows the perfect Vastu tips can be a daunting task. However, if you follow the advice above, you don't have to feel the same. With the help of this post, it's a good time for you to bring a more positive, refreshing, and peaceful atmosphere to your room. Also, buy from a range of exquisite furniture from  Nilkamal  to amp up the look of your bedroom. 

Vastu Shastra helps to amplify the true feelings and emotions of the two partners. Therefore, it's not a big deal to follow some simple rules to improve your love life. Implementing all these ideas only helps to build stronger bonds between couples and forget about the negativity of relationships.

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