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May 11, 2022

Wedding Decorations at Home: 9 Unique Ideas

A wedding is one of the most important events in our lives, and we try our heart and soul to make it picture-perfect. A wedding decoration should be elegant, state of the art and memorable to signify the beginning of a new journey of two souls.

Ideal wedding decoration can easily replace the destination wedding with its minimalistic charm. Bring in the vibe of a dream wedding in your intimate home wedding with smart and stunning wedding home decor ideas. From luxurious mandap to eco-friendly haldi decors with tranquillizing cocktail party decorations, we bring you the most practical list to beautify your house and fulfil your dreams for an ideal wedding. 

Before delving into decorations, we must have a theme and an outline of the decor-

  1. A stunning entrance: Fresh flowers, lamps, scented candles.
  2. A state-of-art mandap in the living room: Havan Kund, Kalash Pillars, Low seating arrangement, Royal chairs for bride and groom, rugs, curtains
  3. A fun haldi setup: Embellished curtains, fresh floral frame, wallpaper
  4. A cocktail party was set up in the dining area: fairy lights, mirrors, stools.
  5. Photozone balcony: chairs, cushions, fairy lights, plants, sheer canopy, wall hangings.
  6. Garden: Customize a pastel backdrop on a stage, seating arrangements for the audience, and dining table decor.

Explore  Nilkamal Furniture  for more decor inspirations and find items that match your style and preference. 

Highlight Your Entrance 

The foyer area of your wedding should set the party's tone since flowers are considered auspicious and are a must to elevate any decorations; use fuchsia, plum, pink and white florals and floral jewels on stone planters. A simple toran might be a tasteful addition to the decor. You can also place a Ganesha idol on the entryway to symbolize prosperity and happiness. Go for a unique Kalash decor, floral rangoli on the floor to oomph up the look. Choosing the right lamp is very important to set the mood. Go for a gold-toned Ceiling Lamp to add to the grandeur. A simple sitting arrangement, a pegboard wall with a hanger to help guests organize their bags and essentials and a shoe cabinet will be a thoughtful touch and make the foyer area more functional. Scented candles near the sitting area are more aesthetic and likeable.  

Host The Dinner Party in the Backyard 

If you are blessed with a patio at home, utilize it to redefine home wedding decor. You can spread an artificial grass rug and wooden frames covered in fresh floral decorations and hanging lanterns. Place some wooden benches and tables or  garden sofas  and decorate each sitting area with table lamps and fairy lights to create an ambience. You can also choose to set up a small bar counter in the corner with tall chairs. If you still have some space left, create a stage with a pastel shade backdrop with floral decorations, where performances can take place.  

Transform Your Living Room to Host an Ideal Cocktail Party

If you have set your mind to throw a fancy reception party for your friends, ensure the decor is chic, elegant and minimalistic. Choose lustrous silk curtains and embellish them with fairy lights and lamps. Place stone planters on either side and decorate them with fuchsia or white flowers. Add a bar unit with  bar stools  for your friends to enjoy the party with wine. You can set the whole reception stage beside a huge glass window with curtains to add to the vibe. 

Celebrate Pre-wedding Events in Your Finely Decorated Home

For pre-wedding functions, choose the rooftop or your lying space and decorate the walls with subtle green backdrops or banana leaves and floral decorations. The yellow marigold will be the best fit if you want to draw the guests' attention. Place a low-lying white bench with a storage facility to sit on it for the photoshoot. You can also place embellished curtains around a wooden frame to oomph up the decor. 

Selfie Corner In the Balcony 

Create a mind-blowing selfie corner on your balcony with a trendy white indoor swing chair with embellished cushions. Decorate the swing chair with fairy lights. Use a rattan backdrop to accentuate the wall. Decorate the selfie corner with floor cushions and pillows, and potted plants. Adding intricate wall hangings, lampshades, and floral decor to your balcony will make your home wedding the talk of the town. 

A Classy Decor for Home Wedding Party

If you are fond of sophisticated wedding decor to stand out from the crowd, this idea will be the perfect fit for you. The subtle yellow creates a breathtaking contrast against a light grey backdrop creating a state of the art decor. A  Classic sofa  with a golden accent under a white canopy with yellow curtains decorated with flowers and a chandelier will radiate an elegant vibe. You can add mirrored embellishment on the canopy ceiling for a bling reflection of the chandelier.  

Minimalistic Registry Wedding on the Balcony 

Young couples often want to arrange a low-key registry marriage within their close circle. A fuss-free decor is all they want. Place a small plush sofa with cushions at the very corner and two side benches for the guests. Hang fairy lights and sheer curtains accentuated with fresh flowers. The backdrop of the sofa should be decorated with fresh flowers or an artificial grass background. You can illuminate the whole balcony with fairy lights to reflect a subtle vibe.

Amp Up Your Wedding Decor with a Swing

This simple decor idea can instantly amp up your wedding venue. The swing adds a quirk yet fun element and a traditional vibe to your home decor. Use fairy lights and flower decorations around the hanger. Bright cushions will also add to the vibe. A subtle rose garland decoration on green turfgrass background will steal the show. 

An Ideal Mandap

For accentuating the decor of mandap in your living room, you should go for subtle colours that will make your room look spacious. You can choose light yellow and white roses to decorate the wall near the event. Add lush green decorations to lend a fresh vibe to it. The mandap should have sheer curtains and fairy lights to create a striking contrast against the backdrop. Add a low sitting arrangement in pure white to complete the decor.


Hopefully, these wedding decors will lend you some ideas to arrange your wedding at home. If you're looking for home decor inspiration, check out  Nilkamal Furniture.

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