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April 04, 2023

Find the Best Queen Size Modular Bed at Nilkamal Furniture

A queen size bed is suitable for most of the bedrooms. Queen-size  modular beds with headboard  are convenient options for any modern bedroom. You can also opt for a headboard with storage capacity. A storage headboard lets you keep your bedroom organised by offering you much storage capacity. When the headboard of your bed has storage capacity, you do not need to invest in a bedside table. You can keep all the necessary belongings within 

reach when your bed has a storage headboard. There is also a variety of designs of headboards. Some come with drawers, and some others may come with shelves. You can choose whatever design is preferable for you. You can explore the modular  queen size bed with storage headboard  given below:


Queen Size Modular Bed at Nilkamal

You can find modular queen-size beds of various designs at Nilkamal. You can choose any of these beds as per your choice. Some of these beds have been mentioned below:


  • Nilkamal Galaxy Max Beds With Box Storage
  • Nilkamal Galaxy Max bed with box storage  helps to improve your bedroom decor. It comes with four spacious compartments to allow you to store your belongings. Such a good storage capacity will help you to keep your bedroom organised. These compartments will allow you to store your valuable belongings safely. Strong construction of engineered wood will allow you to have a durable bed. 


    The bed is featured a robust mattress panel that will hold the  mattress  firmly in its place. LED lights on the headboard will illuminate your bed. This  modular bed  will enhance the bedroom decor. Its white walnut shades will add a natural look to your bedroom.


  • Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed With Semi Hydraulic Storage
  • This  queen size bed with hydraulic storage  will provide much more to your bedroom. Apart from improving your bedroom decor, this  Nilkamal Galaxy Prime bed  will unravel many more options for your bedroom. Its strong engineered wood will give you a good foundation for the bed. You will also have a headboard of marble design and a routing panel. Its robust mattress panel keeps the mattress in its place firmly. Its semi-hydraulic storage includes three spacious compartments to store anything you desire for. This bed is also featured with two-box storage at the back. It will provide additional storage and allows you to store more things in the same bedroom.


  • Nilkamal Galaxy Premiere Bed With Full Hydraulic Storage
  • It is also a  queen size bed with hydraulic storage,  which will allow you to have enough space as a storage option. The strong foundation of this  Nilkamal Galaxy Premier bed  will make it more durable. The robust construction of this bed makes it strong and sturdy. Its stylish headboard designed with marble adorns your bedroom. The finishing of this bedroom is so rich that it will automatically improve the environment of your bedroom. Its metal mattress panel will provide your body with the full support. Thus you can have a comfortable sleep. This bed comes with the hydraulic storage of two compartments and two drawers. Its attractive white walnut design will add a natural look to your bedroom. 


    Benefits of Queen Size Modular Beds

    You will enjoy many benefits when you have a queen-size modular bed. Some of these benefits are:

  • Customisable Option
  • You can customise a  modular bed  as per your choice and preferences. You can choose it and configure it as per your requirement. The customisable option helps you to choose the perfect size, design, and shape, and you can choose it according to your comfort and style. By applying modern customised options, you can decorate your bed and add an elegant look to your bedroom.


  • Storage Options
  • A  queen size bed  often comes with a storage option. The storage capacity allows you to store valuable belongings and keep your bedroom clutter-free. You can also find  queen size bed with storage headboard.  When you have a bed with a storage headboard, you do not require to invest in bedside tables separately. A storage headboard serves the purpose of a bedside table. A bed with a storage headboard also enhances the beauty of your bedroom by maximising it. A bed with a storage option is common in the modern bedroom. 


  • Assemble It Easily
  • You can easily assemble or disassemble a modular bed. Even  modular beds with headboard  allow you to build the headboard of your choice. You can either fit or open the headboard whenever you want. Due to the easy assemble option, you can carry the bed wherever you want. A queen-size modular bed can be ideal if you need to shift your home often. Due to the assemble option, you can also fix it per your choice and requirement. You can adjust it anywhere in the room, even with little space. Assemble option of the modular bed is incredibly beneficial as it saves a lot of space.


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  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • In most cases, modular beds are constructed with an eco-friendly product. Eco-friendly materials of the bed help maintain a good atmosphere inside your bedroom. You can get a natural touch in your bedroom using your eco-friendly product. Since these beds are designed with a pure natural product, you won’t come in contact with any harmful material.


  • Good Styling Option
  • You can also apply many modern decorating ideas with modular beds. These beds allow you to decorate a modern bedroom by customising the bed of your choice and using various modern styling tips. You can also coordinate other  bedroom furniture  with these modular beds, enhancing the look of your bedroom.


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    With the help of queen-size modular beds, you can decorate your bedroom. You can also use your bedroom space properly. A queen size bed with a storage headboard will serve various purposes. You do not need to rely on your  bedside table  when you have a bed with a storage headboard. Modular beds also help you to shift your bed quickly. A queen size bed with storage also adds beauty to your bedroom. Apart from giving you storage capacity, you can also have a maximised bedroom. If you want to explore a queen size bed of modular design, you can check  Nilkamal Furniture. 

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