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March 08, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About King Size Bed Furniture

One of the most crucial elements of staying physically and mentally healthy is to have a good quality sleep of about eight hours. If sleep is an important part of everyone's life, then so should be their mattress! An ideal mattress and bed offer you so much space while providing the best surface to fall asleep in comfortably. And for a relaxed and peaceful night, what better furniture than a king-size bed! Read on to learn more about king size bed dimensions, advantages, and more, and why it might be the perfect option for you to buy king size bed from Nilkamal.

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What is a King Size Bed?

A king size mattress and bed is big furniture that can accommodate two adults and provide additional space for children or pets. It is the largest among standard king size bed dimensions, so every individual who values space should consider getting a king-size bed.

King Size Bed Dimensions

A standard king size bed- dimensions are about 76 inches by 80 inches, but there are a few version of a king-sized bed that does offer bigger dimensions like 108 inches by 108 inches. People with limited bedroom space tend to choose queen-sized beds because having a king-size bed can be an overwhelming addition in smaller rooms.

Factors to consider when buying a king size bed

Before deciding on king size bed dimensions and purchasing one, you need to consider a few of these helpful factors:

1. Accessibility

King size beds are usually recommended for bedrooms with a minimum of 12 feet by 9 feet. Getting a king-size bed for a room with smaller dimensions might take up a lot of extra space and make it very tough for adding in other bedroom furniture. For enough space for movement inside the bedroom, it is always recommended to have at least 30 inches of the area around the corner of the bed. However, if your bedroom is larger than normal, you could go for larger king size bed dimensions and even use the bed as a centrepiece to fill out the space in the room.

2. Frame Size

King size bed frames are usually 3-4 inches longer than the king-size mattress to provide enough support. King size bed frames tend to take up a lot of space and add visual weight. Therefore, if you have space problems, you could always get chic and slim metal frames or low profile wood frames with space underneath. Also, if furniture clutter is something you are hoping to reduce, you could even check out king size bed with storage to avoid getting extra wardrobes for your stuff.

3. Occupants

A king-size bed will only make sense if more occupants share your sleeping space. However, if your sleeping space is only for you, you might want to consider taking a smaller bed size.

4. Sleep style

Everyone has different sleeping styles, and a king-size bed would be perfect for people whose sleeping style requires a lot of areas. King size bed dimensions are also optimal for people who are over six feet tall and for people who loves moving in or stretching out during their sleep. If the other occupants also have the same sleeping style, then you must buy king size bed that ensures everybody gets enough space for a comfortable sleep.

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5. Type of bed frame

Different bed frames provide a different vibe to the bedroom, which is why this is another factor you need to consider before buying a king size bed with storage. The different types of king size bed frames include:

  • Platform bed frame: These are king-sized beds with mattresses on top of a platform frame that does not provide an additional support system. These beds are lower to the ground, and the bed frames are popular because they can accommodate any mattress.
  • Panel beds: A panel bed provides a four-wall frame with a base, a headboard, and two side panels. Many people consider buying a panel bed because of the stability they provide and their reliability to hold heavy mattresses.
  • Metal bed frame: Metal bed frames are a very reliable option since they can last for decades while withstanding extra weight.
  • Wooden frame with slats: Wooden king size bed with storage frames are perfect for people who like customizing their beds one in a while. Wooden bed frames, with their slats, also provide extra support to the mattress.

Reasons why you need to consider a king-size bed

Here are a few reasons why buying a king size bed with storage might be the right option for you:

  • Studies have shown that people sleeping in bed with larger dimensions have a night of better sleep than those sleeping on a smaller bed.
  • A king-size bed might seem like an expensive option when it isn't! You can easily buy king size bed and mattresses at affordable rates from Nilkamal.
  • A bigger bed will provide you with extra space to breathe while sleeping.
  • If you experience restlessness or insomnia every night, then a king-sized bed might be the solution to getting rid of them!
  • If you have a lot of space in your bedroom and have no ideas to cover up the extra area, then a king-size bed might be the right addition to create a beautiful space.

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To Conclude

King size beds are not just another piece of furniture you have in the bedroom but are an investment for your health. Therefore, check your room's dimensions and buy king size bed today from Nilkamal!

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