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March 07, 2022

Unique Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom

Does walking into the same bedroom and seeing the same things every day bore you? That means your bedroom is really in need of a makeover, and it is time to start thinking about brilliant ideas to change your space! It is not just about checking lamps and wardrobes online but knowing what your room lacks and what needs to be different. Have no idea where to start? Then read on and explore some amazing things and techniques that can change your bedroom completely in no time!

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Tips to reinvent your bedroom!

Here are some brilliant ways to revamp your bedroom with Nilkamal!

1. King size bed with hydraulic storage for more space!

Want to create more space in your bedroom while sleeping like royalty on a large bed? Then look no further than a king size bed with hydraulic storage! This way, you will create a lot more space in your room by taking the wardrobes off while having a lot more storage area.

2. Look for new bedding

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your space is to begin with changing the bedding! Look for a king size bed with hydraulic storage for more space. In most bedrooms, the bed takes up most of the space in the room, so focussing on jazzing up the bedding will make sure your room now has a fresher vibe. You could also try something different in such cases- meaning that if you always went for monochrome colours, then make the space look different with colourful bedding with patterns!

3. A rustic headboard!

If you have old wood lying around, do not throw it away and reuse it as your headboard for your bed. The weathered and worn look of the board will provide the perfect rustic feel in your bedroom, making it seem cosier.

4. Check out a sleek platform bed

If a king size bed with hydraulic storage is what you already have, switch to a platform bed with a sleek frame for a newer look! Platform beds are supported on the leg, and the space underneath will make the look room more spacious. Moreover, these beds have sleeker frames and look good in smaller rooms. If storage is an issue when bringing in this type of bed, you could always add a few storage boxes or drawers that can neatly fit under the bed. Look for a wardrobe online for suggestions.

5. Bed on pallets

Wooden pallets are very cheap, and you can always get them online or in your local stores. Therefore, it is very easy to get your hands on a few of them to create nice bed frames. Otherwise, if you prefer having a lower bed, you will only need wooden pallets. Make it look more beautiful and unique by painting on the sides of the wooden pallets, and this way, your bedroom will look as trendy as possible!

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6. Play with mirrors!

A mirror can be a very simple yet efficient way to increase the depth of your room by making it look larger. The mirror may be small, large, or a combination of many sizes, and to make it look amazing, you can add mirrors with fun frames! Another added benefit of having mirrors in the room is that it can increase the natural light in your space by reflecting from your window or your in-room lighting. If you like this idea but have no space to add mirrors, go for wardrobes with mirror fronts! There is so many mirror wardrobe online, and you will be able to find one with dimensions that suits your space.

7. 4 door wardrobe

If space is all your room has, add a 4 door wardrobe to make your room look less vacant. It is a chic way to jazz up your space, especially now that you have a different wardrobe front to decorate while increasing your storage space. If you are not happy with the all-wooden 4 door wardrobe front in the corner of your room, then you could always attach a mirror or get a four-door mirror wardrobe online that will provide you more space, both internally and externally!

8. Add a bench!

Nothing beats the charm of a small bench at the end of your bed because this is sure to provide you with an organic and cosy feel, elevating the ambience of your room! Moreover, a bench or a 4 door wardrobe can easily be bought online and provide more space when needed!

9. Populate those blank walls!

It does not necessarily have to be paintings- you can use posters, photo frames, frameless pictures, or even prints of patterns and designs on the walls to add more personality. Creating a trendy gallery wall or hanging a huge poster above your headboard is very easy for a more retro feel. If you have very few free walls in your space, you could always decorate your wardrobe online, fronts or shelves! Use standing curios or hanging ornaments or even hang your guitar - the best thing about wall décor is that it allows you to personalize your space based on your interests and tastes.

10. Finish with a rug

A patterned and bright rug might be what you need to update your bedroom’s look! Take it a step further by adding complementary sets of curtains, beddings, and wardrobe online. Another benefit about rugs is that while being a cosy addition to your bedroom, they can also be a great floor seating when it gets crowded in your room!

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Revamping your space does not always have to be time-consuming or costly. With a few brilliant ideas and furniture like the 4 door wardrobe, you can easily reinvent your bedroom with additional and less expensive décor options with Nilkamal!

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