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December 01, 2023

Explore the Ways to Selecting the Right Bed for Newlywed Bliss


A restful night's sleep can be an important step on your path to a blissful marriage. The art of choosing a suitable bed is made easier with this guide. Look for  metal beds  for toughness,  modular bed  for customisation, hardwood frames for classic appeal and storage-filled  beds  for usefulness. You can explore structures without storage for a tidy, minimalist appearance if simplicity is more your thing. This article can help you gain a proper idea about the diverse materials, styles, sizes and many other features when planning to buy a new bed for your room. Let's explore the world of bed to furnish your happiness with a comfortable retreat for a lifetime.




Excited to start your journey of love and togetherness? A peaceful and comfortable sleep is important when it comes to buying a bed. A cosy bed serves as more than simply furniture—it's the cornerstone of a peaceful marital life. You can go through everything you need to know in this guide to choosing the most suitable bed,from  king size beds  to a  queen size bed,  for your happily ever after.


Guide to Select the Right Bed


Decode Your Sleep Preferences


You can take some time to find out each other's sleep preferences before buying a bed for your bedroom. You can choose between firmer and softer cushioning for mattresses. There are a large variety of options available online to choose from. It's essential to comprehend your sleeping patterns in order to select  beds  that meet your diverse preferences.


Mattress Type


Memory Foam


Memory  foam mattresses  are valued for their capacity to conform to the shape of your body, offering personalised support. This reduces disruptions, so it might be especially helpful if one of you wanders about a lot during the night.


Spring Mattress


These  spring mattresses  indulge in the comfy option of innerspring mattresses, which provide exceptional support and a bouncy sensation. 


Coir Mattress


Coir mattresses, like  Nilkamal Cool Bond 5" Coir Medium Firm Mattress,  are a good option for people who want to sleep on hard  beds.  Since the surface is level and keeps your spine in its proper position, they also offer neutral support for your spine. Natural material mattresses are cool, ventilated, and sustainable.


Orthopaedic Mattress


Orthopaedic mattresses  come in different softness levels to suit your preferences and are particularly made to support your back and spine. These are constructed with a blend of memory foam and coir to provide the best support possible. This allows the mattress to conform to the curve of your spine while remaining solid and airy.


Size of the Bed


Consider the size of the  beds  that can accommodate families with kids comfortably, even if you need a lot of space to sleep. You can opt for a larger bed, like a  king size beds if your room has enough space to accommodate that. Or else, you can opt for medium-sized  beds.


King-sized Bed


King size beds  like  Nilkamal Riva King Bed With Storage (Wenge)  are suitable for couples since they offer plenty of room for uninterrupted slumber. For a spacious bedroom,  king size beds  are more suitable.


Queen-size Bed


One of the most common bed sizes is a  queen size bed.  A  queen size bed,  such as the  Nilkamal Arthur Queen Bed (Walnut),  is a suitable size for cosy sleeping for a couple. You can find them in various designs and styles.


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Decide the Frame


The bed frame plays a pivotal role in determining both the durability and style of your  beds.  Opt for those crafted from sturdy materials to ensure longevity. Additionally, choose designs that seamlessly complement the overall aesthetic of your room, enhancing both the durability and visual appeal of your sleeping haven.


Wooden Frame


Beds  made of wood radiate warmth and classic style.  Wooden bed,  such as  Nilkamal Maple Max Solid Wood Bed With Storage (Walnut),  provide a timeless look that goes well with many types of interior design. Solid and long-lasting, a  wooden bed  provides a natural element to your bedroom while offering dependable support for your mattress.


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Metal Frame


Metal beds  are valued for their strength and durability.  Metal beds,  such as  Nilkamal Lucas Neo Metal Single Bed (Black),  are sleek and contemporary and have elaborate patterns that improve the overall appearance of your bedroom. They are an appropriate choice with a stylish twist that is simple to maintain and clean.


Modular Frame


When it comes to customisation,  modular bed  frames are the most suitable option.  Modular bed frames  frequently have removable parts, so you can customise the arrangement of them to suit your tastes. Because of their adaptability, they are a good option for people who appreciate flexibility.


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Frame With Storage


A useful way to maximise available space is to install built-in storage drawers in bed frames. These  beds  with storage space, such as the  Nilkamal Alps Premier Bed with Full Hydraulic Storage (White),  are suitable for small bedrooms since they provide easy storage for clothes, bedding and other necessities, assisting you in keeping your space clutter-free.


Frame Without Storage


Bed frames without storage combine simplicity and functionality. These frames are suitable for people who want a more open and uncluttered bedroom style since they emphasise simple lines and a minimalist design.


Basics of Bedding for Style and Comfort


After you've chosen the most suitable bed frame and mattress, it's time to concentrate on the details.


Luxurious Fabric


Make a wise decision to invest in silky, high-quality linen or cotton for your skin. Cotton and linen are the common fabrics used in mattresses because of their cosiness and breathability. 


Comfortable Pillows


Look for pillows that complement your unique sleeping style. Whether you want a softer pillow or a firmer one, you can explore the options. Or, look into purchasing pillows with adjustable lofts.


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Wrapping Up


Selecting the right bed for your newlywed bliss goes beyond choosing a mattress and frame. It involves understanding each other's sleep preferences, choosing a suitable sleeping space and furnishing it with comfort for relaxation. The right bed not only enhances sleep quality but also sets the stage for a lifetime of comfort and happiness. As you are starting this wonderful journey together, may your days be filled with love and your nights be serene.

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