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November 14, 2023

Top Wooden Bed Design to Complement the Theme of Your Bedroom


Wooden beds are a durable choice for investment, as they can elevate any modern or traditional bedroom interiors while exceptionally catering to specific sleeping needs. Apart from paving the way to achieve a sound sleep, a  wooden bed design  can also contribute to the feel and design of your bedroom. The  wood modern bed design  has come a long way from being simple to stylish, with advanced features to maximize comfort and elegance. You can  buy wooden bed  with or  without storage  options and in any style to meet your sleeping needs. When referring to the  wooden bed designs catalogue,  you can find several options ranging from minimalist wooden beds, modern wooden beds, and platform beds to bunk beds to ensure quality sleep. 




Wooden beds are aesthetically pleasing, look classy, and are the first choice of every homeowner who prefers comfort over other factors. These beds are a one-time investment, and their sturdy frame lasts long enough to be handed down to the next generation. Choosing a  wooden bed design  for your bedroom not only offers a luxurious touch to your bedroom but also elevates your comfort when sleeping. It complements the various décor elements present in the bedroom and creates a relaxing ambience and a restful vibe. 

Modern  bed design  provides optimum comfort when paired with a soft foam-filled mattress to enjoy a restful sleep. You can choose any design from the  wooden bed designs catalogue  to find the right one that complements the theme and décor of your bedroom. When you  buy wooden bed  online, you can choose between beds with storage and beds without storage to cater to your  bedroom storage  needs. Read on to learn about the trending  wooden bed design  to add to your  bedroom furniture  collection. 


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Top Trending Wooden Bed Design for A Restful Sleep

If you are on the lookout for the perfect  wooden bed design,  choose from any of the following options, which are regularly featured in the  wooden bed designs catalogue.


1. Wooden Platform Bed with Modern Design

Platform  wooden bed design  emits a classy vibe, thanks to the ideal combination of functionality and style to complement bedrooms with a modish theme. The robust construction with solid wood gives this  bedroom bed  excellent sturdiness and strength. You can also find platform bed design in traditional styles like  Dexter Solid Wood King Bed  featuring a footboard and headboard to add a touch of elegance to a rustic-themed bedroom. The contemporary style  wood modern bed design  like the  Orion Meta Bed  comes with geometric patterns or side panels for a trendy look. Choosing the platform bed from the  wooden bed designs catalogue  will help in pairing it with other  bedroom furniture  pieces. 


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2. Wooden Bed Design with Storage

Opting for a  wooden bed design  that incorporates a storage option is a great choice to take care of your  bedroom storage  woes to maintain a clutter-free look. If you wish to have some extra storage space to organize your bedding, pillows and blankets, this  bedroom bed  can fulfil it and double up as the centerpiece to grab attention. 

Apart from being decked with storage boxes beneath the sleeping area, this  wood modern bed design  lends a touch of sophistication and style to your bedroom. There are various types of storage  wooden bed design,  which include: 

  • Wooden Bed with box storage 
  • Wooden bed with semi-hydraulic storage with lift-up mechanism
  • Wooden bed with full hydraulic storage with lift-up mechanism


When referring to the  wooden bed designs catalogue,  you can find these beds made of solid wood, flaunting a stylish headboard that is often decorated with carvings or inlays to create an ornamental effect. You canbuy wooden bed like the  Electra Max Solid Wood Bed  with storage featuring a modern  wooden bed design and  a headboard with subtle grooves for a sleek look. Choose  Zion Prime Bed  with a semi-hydraulic  bedroom storage  option comprising three storage compartments, which can be accessed by lifting the top panel. 


3. Wooden Bed Design with Upholstered Headboard

To enjoy a tactile and cosy sleep time every night, investing in an upholstered  wooden bed design  is beneficial. These beds have an upholstered headboard to help you sink into softness when leaning against the headboard while working on a laptop or reading a book to cushion your spine and neck.  

This  bed design  looks charming and stylish, as it is upholstered with PVC or quilted padding for comfort. The  Alps Premier Bed with Full Hydraulic Storage  flaunts an upholstered headboard with quilted PVC for elegance and comfort. The  Noir Meta Bed  looks stylish and charming with a PVC upholstered design to complement the  wooden bed design  in white and walnut brown shades. 


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4. Wooden Bed Design in Cottage Style

The cottage-style  wooden bed design  is a timeless addition to your bedroom with a farmhouse or modern theme to bring in an aura of style and comfort. Flaunting a solid wooden construction, impressive detailing, and distinct design elements, this  wood modern bed design  adds instant character and charm to your bedroom. It exudes a rustic or cosy charm with its bold wood-themed shades and flaunts intricate carvings on the headboard to add texture. 

Pairing this  bed design  with a comfortable mattress and pillows will give you sound sleep for long hours. Choosing one from the  wooden bed designs catalogue  with timeless design and unique appeal with help in creating an inviting bedroom. Go for the latest  wooden bed design  crafted in cottage style like a  Relaxo Solid Wood Queen Bed  or  Ornate Meta Bed  to create a charming focal point to your spacious bedroom. 


5. Wooden Bed Design with Shelves

If you are an avid book lover and love to read before going to sleep, then this  wooden bed design  is just for you. Commonly referred to as a bookcase bed, this  bedroom furniture  flaunts an innovative design combining a bookshelf and a  bedroom bed  in a single frame. This bed style is always featured in the  wooden bed designs catalogue  for its updated look. 

This  bedroom bed  helps in organizing your books from  bedroom storage  to give a neat and mess-free look while seamlessly blending with any bedroom décor. Whether it is books from your favourite author, study material, or magazines, stack them neatly on the shelves on the headboard. Sporting an efficient  wooden bed design,  choosing a bed with shelves like  Slew Meta Bed,  Ornate Premier Bed,  and  Mozart Queen Bed  come with bookshelves integrated with headboards. 


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Concluding Thoughts

To enjoy a good night’s sleep, it is essential to choose the right  wooden bed design  that goes well with your bedroom theme and style. Whether you prefer a cottage-style bed, storage bed, bookcase bed, or modern bed, you can  buy wooden bed  online by shopping at the website of  Nilkamal Furniture  within your budget.

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