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January 25, 2023

Find the Perfect Mattress for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

A fulfilling sleep is what most of us desire at the end of the day. Sleep research indicates that we all need between eight to ten hours daily. Not getting the recommended quality sleep, which does not include hours of turning in bed due to pain and discomfort, would lead to several illnesses resulting from sleep deficiency. So having the  best mattress for pain relief  to rest on that promotes good sleep is of the utmost importance. Below are the tips which will help you buy the perfect mattress for  neck & shoulder pain relief.

Factors Causing Pain in Neck, Back and Shoulders

Several factors can eventually lead to severe pain and discomfort in a person's neck, shoulders and back when sleeping. Below are the main factors that you must consider:


  • Lack of support in the  mattressone sleeps on is one of the leading causes of pain. The right amount of support to handle the person's spine is needed in the mattress to avoid any dipping or raising position. If the neck and spine are handled expertly by a supportive mattress, there will be no agitation of the muscles in these parts. A heavier person would need a more supportive mattress with a medium firm middle layer for better neck and spine alignment. 


  • The degree of  mattress firmness  also makes a big difference to the pressure points in the neck, shoulders and back. Since these parts are not in much movement as the body's limbs throughout the day, it is crucial to maintain the muscles within by sleeping on a mattress that may be too saggy or too hard. Weakened muscles in the back can lead to shooting pains that can worsen by continued sleeping on such a mattress. 


  • Sleeping posture is another essential factor that determines how well the body rests. Side positions can be disturbing to the muscles in the neck if the mattress is too saggy. There would also be severe pain in the shoulders, as the neck will be elevated since the body has wholly sunk within the mattress. 


  • The type of  pillows  used can be equally important when addressing pain in the upper body. Even if the spine is aligned correctly, using a pillow that is too hard may cause the shoulders to be upright throughout the night leading to uneasiness. Using multiple pillows is also not ideal, as too much elevation can lead to pain in the neck. 

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Pain Relief

The level of support available in the mattress and the comfort achieved depend on the quality of the mattress. There are different types of mattresses available based on comfort levels. 


Bonnell Spring Mattress

The firmness of  Bonnell spring mattress  makes them ideal for heavy persons or older people who need more support in the back. Athletic persons who need a heavier mattress with just the right softness can also benefit from this mattress variety. There is little plushness available in these mattresses, and one can easily flop on and off them comfortably. Minimum thrust and efficient support for the pressure points in the body are some outstanding features. Single support throughout the body makes them excellent for avoiding pain, especially in the shoulders. Also, people sleeping on their backs can benefit more from these mattresses due to uniformity in handling pressure from different body parts. The medium firmness promotes better sleep patterns and relaxation throughout the day. 


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2) Foam rubber mattress

A latex mattress with a foam base is another ideal mattress for neck pain. The buoyant nature of the latex material offers body contouring like no other. There is no dipping of the body within, which prevents the pressure points from being stressed. One can sleep in various positions without having any pain or discomfort. These mattresses are ideal for people with medium or less weight and thus suit people of all ages. The proper contraction in the mattress allows a painless experience as the spine is aligned correctly. 


3) Orthopedic memory foam mattress 

A memory foam layer coupled with innerspring support is the definition of an orthopaedic mattress. Not only is the spine aligned straight at all times, but one can also adopt a comfortable side sleeping position on such mattresses. The neck and shoulders are also evenly supported, which removes any pain or discomfort when sleeping. These are  medium-firm orthopaedic mattresses  with an orthopaedic core and surrounding memory foam. The  memory foam mattress  offers a soft cushioning to the shoulders whilst the firm core offers a straight posture to the spine. The  pocket coil orthopaedic mattress  is best for handling shoulder and back pain very well. 


4) Smart Profile Foam Mattress

A cube grid technology is used in the Smart Profile foam mattress,  which maintains an agreeable spinal posture. The comfort level experienced is superior due to the loosened muscles. There is an improved flow of blood throughout the body too. The mattress may be flipped and used on the reverse side also with the same effect. 


Choosing the right firmness in a mattress is essential to avoid any pain in the spinal column.  The ideal firmness for pain in the neck and back is medium firmness in the mattress. This is because the necessary support is given in the best possible manner to the back. The muscles and the vertebral column are allowed to rest comfortably on this level of softness; therefore, any stress on the muscles can be alleviated efficiently. People of different age groups can benefit from this medium-firm  mattress  variety. On the other hand, a firm mattress is beneficial for those with a heavy body. 


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Stretching the shoulder blades by bending the arms from a right angle and leaning forward for ten seconds in a doorway is a helpful shoulder exercise. Trying to touch the chin with the head tilted forward and holding the position for ten seconds is another beneficial neck exercise. Check out the various  spring mattress  and orthopaedic mattress types available on  Nilkamal Furniture and find a suitable one to ease neck and back pain. 


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