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January 26, 2023

Get the Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers at Nilkamal Furniture

Many people develop the habit of sleeping on their stomachs. If you are also one of them, you should collect some details about  mattress for stomach sleeper.  Different mattresses serve different purposes. First, you should know which mattress suits a stomach sleeper like you. Stomach sleepers should choose a mattress that supports the spine, neck, and back and provides softness to their stomach and chest. A good  mattress keeps your body in the proper alignment, which is essential for preventing any body pain. Some experts believe that  memory foam mattress  is suitable for stomach sleepers as these mattresses provide support by equally distributing body weight.

What is Foam Mattress?


The foam used to manufacture  foam mattress  is artificial and procured from petroleum. Different types of foams are used to manufacture a  mattress, including Polyurethane foam, base foam, gel foam, and memory foam are different types used to manufacture mattresses. There are mainly three types of foams regular, gel, and memory procured from petroleum. The  memory foam mattress  originated in the 1960s and was developed by a space organisation.


Many benefits of foam mattress will surprise you after going through them. Let's explore the benefits of foam mattresses:

  • Absorbs Motion
  • If you often get awakened due to the tossing and turning of your partner, bring home memory foam today. Its ability to absorb motion will never allow you to feel that you are sleeping with someone else. Therefore, many couples consider foam  mattress for good sleep.


  • Protect You From Allergies
  • Foam mattress resists dust mites and other elements causing the allergy. In addition, these mattresses are made of inorganic fibers that prevent allergens that are considered the best for those prone to allergies.


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  • Suitable for all Types of Sleeping Positions
  • The foam mattress is the only one suitable for all sleeping positions. Because it fills the gap between the mattress and your body, irrespective of your sleeping position, whether you want to buy  memory foam for stomach sleepers,side sleepers, or back sleepers, this mattress will never give you a chance to regret. If you are a stomach sleeper, it will prevent strain on the back by preventing pressure on the spine.


  • It is Durable
  • Once you invest in a foam mattress, you won't have to worry about mattresses for many years because it is durable compared to other mattresses. However, the quality and other factors also depend on its lifespan. But, its comfort remains intact with its lifespan.

    To explore a good quality  mattress for stomach sleeper,  you can checkNilkamal Furniture, where you can find one of the most suitable mattresses for yourself.


    Foam Mattresses Available in Nilkamal


    Nilkamal offers various mattresses, including high-quality foam mattresses of different designs and sizes. In addition, each mattress is featured some special properties. Explore the additional features and properties of these foam mattresses. 

  • Ultrabliss 8-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress

    Nilkamal Ultrabliss 8-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress is specially featured with equal pressure distribution, which is helpful for proper spinal alignment. Its ultimate blend of hybrid ortho, ultra-soft, and high-density HR foam will provide multiple benefits. One of these is that these are reversible on both sides with perfect anatomical zones. This mattress also features memory foam and soft foam quilts at the top and bottom. 


  • Pure Foam Mattress

    Nilkamal Pure Foam Mattress is made of PU foam. You can easily lift from the bed due to its lightweight. Its 4-inch thickness with single-side quilting will provide enough support to your body. In addition, its maroon colour fabric will add a new look to your bedroom.


  • Soft Bond 5" Foam Soft Mattress

    The milky white colour ofNilkamal Soft Bond 5" Foam Soft Mattress is perfect for those who want their bedroom to look clean. Due to being fully bonded, it provides ultimate support to your back. Its soft fabric will comfort you ad allow you to spend a cosy and comfortable night. It is a perfect  mattress for astomach sleeper  because it can provide both support and comfort while sleeping in any position.


  • Amazzze 5” Foam Mattress

    Nilkamal Amazzze 5" Foam Mattress is a blend of bonded EPE and PU foam with 5 inches in thickness. Its high-density bonded foam is suitable for any sleeping position, and its golden colour fabric will add an elegant look to your bedroom. This mattress is neither too light nor too heavy, weighing 7 kg. 


  • Cushy 5-inches Foam Medium Firm Mattress

    This blue-coloured mattress combines bonded foam, EPE and foam with a 5-inch thickness. The outer layer of the  Nilkamal Cushy 5" Foam Medium Firm Mattress is made of polymesh. Due to being medium firm, it is also suitable for all types of sleeping positions. Whether you are a stomach or a side sleeper, these mattres will provide ultimate comfort and support.


  • Well Bond 5-Inches Foam Medium Firm Mattress

    One of the main advantages ofNilkamal Well Bond 5" Foam Medium Firm Mattress is that you can use the mattress on both sides. In addition, its appealing fabric will add more functionality to the mattress. The speciality of this mattress is that one side is firm and the other is soft so that you can use it as per your requirement. In addition, it provides the ultimate body support, which is suitable for preventing body pain.


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    Adequate body support and comfort should be the main priorities when  buy mattress online. If you are a stomach sleeper, you should examine a mattress's features carefully because stomach sleepers need more body support than side and back sleepers. Since foam mattress is considered ideal for all sleeping positions, it is also recommended for stomach sleepers. The advantage of using a foam mattress by a stomach sleeper is that it fills the gap between the mattress and the body, allowing you to keep your body in the proper alignment. If you want to explore  memory foam for stomach sleepers,  you can check Nilkamal Furniture

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